Tea Companies

About This Page: This page contains various on-line tea companies from which we (the SororiTEA Sisters) have enjoyed tea … because, we aren’t just tea reviewers, first and foremost, we’re tea consumers!  We drink tea, therefore, we purchase it!  (Yes, sometimes we do get free samples from companies that want us to review their products.  But we still purchase quite a bit of tea too!)

We have included some personal commentary about the tea companies, based upon our own experiences with these companies.   This information might include our thoughts about packaging, shipping, customer service, etc., as well as MUST TRY teas from those companies.

If you are a company that would like to be listed on this page, please contact us at sororiteasisters@gmail.com

52Teas is one of my favorite online tea vendors.  They offer a new and unique flavor every week, they offer free shipping, their packaging is resealable and easy to store, and their prices are very reasonable.  Did I mention they have free shipping?  Many of their teas are ‘limited edition’ teas – available for only a short time, so it’s hard to solidly recommend a tea from them, but my all-time favorite from 52Teas is Chelsea’s Chocolate Banana Rooibos.”  ~LiberTEAS

“The reason I LOVE 52 Teas is because the owner FRANK is not only creative with EVERY blend – he’s also very active online, markets his products awesomely, is very friendly, has a great sense of humor, and responds to customer questions in a timely manner.  I have enjoyed most of the teas I have tried from 52 Teas thus far.” ~TeaEqualsBliss

Adagio Teas

Adagio is a FUN company to interact with online!  They have great customer service!  I really LOVE they give their customers the chance to try their hand at blending teas.  The Signature Blend Page offers ENDLESS possibilities!  I especially like Zack Luye’s TeaV webisode.  There are also many ways to save and earn “free” tea.” ~ TeaEqualsBliss

Ahmad Tea has some nice, bold bagged teas!  Their Media and Press Kit Information is very nicely put together.  The deep green color they use in their logo, labels, and press kits is very eye-catching.  The art work on their Exclusive English Teas is wonderful!  The new packaging is great!  I really like the fact they support orphanages in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus.  They have also supported Tsunami Relief in Sri Lanka and support educational and medical projects in African and Asia.  A very nice company! ~TeaEqualsBliss

“Ordering from Andrews & Dunham Damn Fine Tea is a bit like an adventure – a FUN adventure!  The packages arrive quickly, I love the funky designs on their labels and with my order of series 3, I got a cool patch!  Like I said, fun!  But all the fun really wouldn’t matter much if the teas weren’t amazing.  Fortunately, the teas are beyond amazing!”  ~LiberTEAS

“Altho I cannot find these teas locally – I have been blessed with wonderful Tea Friends that have sent me some from their stashes and I think all of their teas are wonderful!  The logos and tins are neat, too!” ~ TeaEqualsBliss

Art of Tea

Art of Tea is very fine company.  Very prompt and courteous in their emails, and very fast shipping.  Plus, they give free samples based upon your order – that is to say, that they select your free sample based upon what you ordered, based upon what it appears you’d like.  I like that attention to detail.”  ~LiberTEAS

Boston Tea Company has a user-friendly website with MANY options for tea lovers.  Their customer service is wonderful and their employees are very “in-to” tea and promoting their products!  They are also very charitable and generous!” ~ TeaEqualsBliss

Byron Bay Tea Company

Byron Bay Tea Company is a great Australian Tea Company who has a nice, clean website and shop for all to enjoy!  The respond to my email questions very quickly!  I love the vibrant colors and labels for each tea and their packaging is eco-friendly!” ~ TeaEqualsBliss

Canton Tea Co. has great customer service and a wonderful variety of quality teas.  Many of them award-winners!  Canton Tea does a wonderful job marketing their company and their teas and really reaches out to the online tea communities and fans!  They have some of the best Oolong and Black Teas I have tried to date! ~TeaEqualsBliss

Chad’s Chai & Tea Company

“Chad over at Chad’s Chai & Tea Company is REALLY NICE!  Their Tea and Chai is highly scented and flavored and they have some really great gift ideas including their ALL-STAR Sample Sets!” ~TeaEqualsBliss

Chado Tea



“I have been continuously impressed with the quality of tea that I receive from Cloudwalker Teas.  I have enjoyed every single tea that I’ve tried from them thus far!  My favorite would have to be the Oriental Beauty.  Fabulous!”  ~LiberTEAS

Compass Teas has a great website!  They also have an amazing selection of teas – many with very creative names!  Their flavored teas are REALLY flavored!  Both the Taste and Aroma are memorable in many if not all of the teas I have tried from them so far!  If you are looking for some really nice and creative blends try Compass Teas! ~TeaEqualsBliss

Dammann Frères gives tea in Paris a good name.  Their website, packaging, quality, and names of individual tea are sophisticated and Classy.  They have many delicious and memorable offerings. ~TeaEqualsBliss 

Den’s Tea

Den’s Tea specialize in Japanese Green Tea and their Matcha is Darned Good, too!  Their Flavored Sencha’s are like NO OTHER.  Den’s Tea is a great company with quality products.” ~ TeaEqualsBliss

Design A Tea is based out of Darien Center, NY, near Darien Lake.  As a Western New York Native, I am somewhat partial to this company.  But it’s also justified because they are truly unique…you are able to literally Design your OWN tea on their website.  They also have several of their own blends and popular blends to choose from that are already blended.  They also sell custom tea favors for all occasions.  You won’t want to skip over this company!  Their correspondence is great, too!” ~TeaEqualsBliss

Domo Tea really DOES think outside the bag…and outside the leaf!  They have a charming website!  Their flavor-enhanced Matcha is unlike anything I have ever tasted and their new products that have been reviewed here at SororiTEA Sisters completely blew me away!  This is one of my favorite Canadian Companies! ~TeaEqualsBliss

Drink T is a great Tea Company!  Their Customer Service and Communications are top-notch!  Their website is crisp, clean, and user-friendly.  Their labels and packaging are simple yet classy.  If you are looking for some really awesome Estate Teas or lovely blends and flavored teas – give Drink T a try! ~TeaEqualsBliss

Drink The Leaf

Ducky Life Tea has a fast response time to customer questions – I like that.  Plus, I absolutely LOVE their packaging.  Order one of their sampler packages and you’ll see what I mean!”  ~LiberTEAS

“I completely agree with LiberTEAS in saying Ducky Life is a wonderful company.  Their packaging is AWESOME and the names of their teas/tisanes are truly their own.  I love their logos, packaging, and website…not to mention their interaction online via social networking sites AND blogging and email.  A very memorable tea company, indeed!” ~ TeaEqualsBliss

East Pacific Tea


Element Tea is another company that has impressed me time and time again!  Once you try one of their teas you will want to try more right away!  Their selection is diverse and memorable!  There are so many teas I enjoy from this company it’s impossible to pick a favorite! ~TeaEqualsBliss

Empire Tea has a very extensive website with LOTS of Tea information, education, photos, food, tea products of all sorts, tea tours, a Tea Room, Private Labeling and much more!  Their selection is great and they have more than most companies when it comes to Flowering Tea.” ~ TeaEqualsBliss

Enjoying Tea

“Enjoying Tea or EnjoyingTea.com has an UNBELIEVABLE selection of tea!  Their prices are competitive but the draw is the selection and choice.  But choice I mean they have sampler sizes available, too, and they come in tins that are jam-packed!  Ask about FREE Teabags with purchase over $35, FREE Shipping with purchase over $60 or flatrate shipping of just $3.98.  They also give you FREE Tea with purchase of tea pot or set.  Many ways to save!” ~ TeaEqualsBliss

ESP Emporium – I really can’t say enough about this company!  They have a great website, TONS of teas to choose from, awesome customer service, an amazing online presence, and do so much to educate people on tea and spread the word about the history, benefits, and regions they come from.  Their Samplers are an excellent deal and perfect for tea beginners as well as veterans wanting to stock up!  And FREE SHIPPING on orders over $30!  Awesome! ~TeaEqualsBliss


eteaket Tea Boutique is a company I hadn’t even heard of until very recently, but, am I ever glad that I was ‘introduced’ to them – their teas are fantastic!” ~LiberTEAS

Georgia Tea Company is a great tea company with wonderful customer service.  The owner, Daniel Mann, is very knowledgeable with each tea and the ingredients and health benefits of each tea.  He goes above and beyond to connect with his customers.  The teas I have had so far from Georgia Tea Company are intensely scented for the most part and of very good quality and taste.” ~TeaEqualsBliss

Golden Moon Tea is top-notch!  Their customer service is the best, and their teas are of the finest quality.  I am astonished at how quickly orders arrive from them!” ~LiberTEAS

Grace Tea Company

Green Tea Pros/GreenTeaHP

Harney & Sons

Imperial Tea Garden

In Nature

Jennifer’s Tea Garden

Karma Blends

“I love KTeas!  Friendly, fast service, and they really care about their products and especially about their customers.  When I drink tea from KTeas, I feel like I am spending time with a good friend.  And that, ultimately, is what tea should be about!”  ~LiberTEAS


“Hey, that’s me!”  ~LiberTEAS



Life in Teacup


Lupicia Fresh Tea

“I am very impressed with Lupicia‘s fast shipping.  Plus, they sell my FAVORITE Earl Grey!” ~LiberTEAS


Mad Pots of Tea

Mad Pots of Tea is one of the coolest tea vendors I’ve encountered online.  Madam Potts blends truly unique tea blends, based upon her customer’s personaliTEA profile!  I’ve had one of my own blends made, and I love it!  Everything is completely customized according to what I like – from the name of the tea, it’s ingredients – even the tissue paper that the tea is packaged in was PURPLE… my favorite color!  If you love tea, you’ve gotta have Madam Potts create a blend for you!”  ~LiberTEAS


McNulty’s Tea & Coffee is located in New York’s Greenwich Village and has been around since 1895.  It’s full of history and tradition and quality.  They have a tea for everyone…and then some.” ~TeaEqualsBliss

Mellow Monk imports Green Tea directly from the Artisan Estates in Japan and are committed to Family-Based Agriculture.  All of their growers are 100% family owned and operated.  They care for the environment and offer some really great greens!” ~ TeaEqualsBliss

Metropolitan Tea Company

“This is a wholesale tea company only.  However, you can find Metropolitan Teas at many fine retail establishments.  They are one of the largest suppliers to tea retailers out there, so chances are, if you’ve had tea from more than one or two places, you’ve already tried a Metropolitan Tea but just didn’t know it!”  ~LiberTEAS


Monterey Bay Spice Company offers many things on their website but I am very impressed with their loose leaf tea selection – a well rounded selection of teas including black and green teas, hand crafted herbal teas and fruit tea blends.  They have good customer service and a easy-to-navigate website.” ~ TeaEqualsBliss

My Sweet Honeybush is a new company founded by the mind that brings us Zoomdweebies and 52Teas.  Nobody makes honeybush blends quite like ’em!  These teas are fantastic!”  ~LiberTEAS

Old Wilmington Tea Co.

“I like to order from Old Wilmington.  Their customer service is top-notch and they’ve a very quick response time if you have a question.  They include free samples with your order, their shipping is super fast, and they package the order beautifully!  I feel special when I receive an order from them.”  ~LiberTEAS

Rare Tea Company


Red Leaf Tea

Red Leaf has a wonderful selection of exotic and unique teas from around the world!  They offer a deal of the week on their website.  One of my favorite things about this company is their WINE INFUSED Tea.  They are awesomely flavored and many companies can only DREAM of pulling off a similar product.  If you like Tea and you like Wine…don’t overlook this company!” ~ TeaEqualsBliss

Rishi Tea

“Rishi’s Marketing Department is wonderful!  Their Customer Service is great!  Their online presence is remarkable!  They come out with some pretty interesting offerings!  Many people praise them for their herbals but I think their Black, Green, Oolong, and Flavored Teas are what I like best, personally!” ~TeaEqualsBliss




“Shizuokatea.com is a great company who focuses on Green Tea Teabags, Loose Leaf, and Powders and their quality is excellent!  Top-Notch!  They offer FREE World Wide Shipping with orders over $30.  Yes!  World Wide!  I was surprised to see their large selection of Shincha!  Exceptional!” ~TeaEqualsBliss

“I recently placed an order with Simpson and Vail – their shipping was so fast, and everything was packaged very well.  They not only have a wonderful selection of teas, but lots of yummy tea-time treats too!” ~LiberTEAS




Special Teas, Etc.


Starwest Botanicals


t Leaf T offers quality teas from around the world but the company itself is based out of New Zealand.  And let me tell you…they do New Zealand PROUD!  Their White Peach and New Zealand Breakfast are my favorites so far! ~TeaEqualsBliss

Talbott Teas

“The first time I tried a tea from Talbott Teas was over a year ago and it was their Chocolate Almond Allure and I instantly fell in LOVE.  A while back I was corresponding with Dr. Steven Nakisher from Talbott Teas on Facebook and he ended up sending me a few samples to try and possibly review.  I was so excited!  This was the customer service all other companies should take notes on!  They are so nice to customers and potential customers!  AND they have some really awesome ways to promote their products!  Their website is wonderful and their labels and tins are clean, crisp, and tastefully done!  Overall, Talbott Teas, is probably one of my favorite tea companies!  They seem to have the complete package!” ~ TeaEqualsBliss

“Tea Forte offers some really wonderful Tea Accessories including the their infamous KATI and lovely Gift Sets.  They have some interesting blends – many of which are fruity or tart.  I think their signature tea pyramids are very identifiable and creative!  Their email correspondence is great!” ~ TeaEqualsBliss

Tea Frog is another nice Canadian Company that puts customer service first!  Mike also does a lot for the tea community both online and off.  He founded It’s All About The Leaf.  It’s a review site reviewing all sorts of teas – not just TeaFrog.  Mike understands healthy competition but more importantly networking!  TeaFrog has some really wonderful Specialty Teas! ~TeaEqualsBliss

“I am incredibly impressed with Tea Valley.  Their website is beautiful and easy to navigate, but even more importantly, their teas are incredible!  They’ve mastered the art of excellent customer service.  They have an active online presence and treat their customers like friends.  I really like that!”  ~LiberTEAS




Teahouse Kuan Yin is one of those Tea Companies that makes me wish I lived near Seattle!  The stay competitive yet true in the tea world and have some really good loose leaf teas from China, Japan, and India.  Most of what I have tried from them is their Green and Oolong Teas and they are very tasty. ~TeaEqualsBliss


Teas & Tapestries



Teatulia was one of the very first companies I had the chance to review!  I really like this company overall because of their eco-packaging, the charities they support, them being organic, and their Single Garden Direct stance.  Their website and labels are eye-catching but clean and clutter-free! ~TeaEqualsBliss

The Simple Leaf

The Simple Leaf is quite simply one of my favorite tea vendors.  They offer tea – unflavored and unfettered – that is of extraordinary quality and flavor.  They carry my ultimate favorite black tea:  Dawn!” ~LiberTEAS

“Thepuritea has a large selection of teas for any palate.  Their liquor colors are vibrant and their quality is excellent.  They provide a tea sample with ever order and customer service is their top priority.  Most of the teas I have tried thus far have been wonderful both hot and cold.” ~TeaEqualsBliss

“I love, love, love Townshend’s Tea Company!  They have a tea shop in Portland, OR (and in Bend, OR, although I haven’t been to that one!) on Alberta Street (I LOVE Alberta Street!) and … imagine going into a coffee shop (you know the one I’m thinking of, don’t you?) … now imagine it cooler, with lots of lounge chairs and sofas and COLOR… and now… imagine them serving TEA instead of coffee!  That’s Townshend’s.  One of the coolest places in Portland!”  ~LiberTEAS

Here at SororiTEA Sisters we were among the first people to write reviews about Trump Tea!  Yes, Trump…as in Donald.  I was overly pleased with the flavors, aroma, taste, quality, and concept of Trump Teas!  I will not lie…I AM a Trump Tea Fan!  I really hope they come out with additional teas very soon!  The flavors are of the best in a bag that I have tried! ~TeaEqualsBliss

Two Leaves and a Bud has fast shipping and very cool packaging… plus they have great products!” ~LiberTEAS

Upton Tea Imports

Upton Tea Imports offers unbelievably fast shipping and I get a FREE sample with every order!   They carry some very unique teas (I recommend their Chocolate Earl Grey – YUM!) and their samples are very reasonably priced.”  ~LiberTEAS

“Utopian Tea specializes in Green and Oolong Teas…I especially like their Iron Goddess of Mercy.  Of course, the name of their company, is my most favorite part!  Their customer service is good, too!” ~TeaEqualsBliss


“So far, I have tried a few of WhiteAugust‘s teas and I must say that I am incredibly impressed with them.  The teas are appealing to the nose and the eye as well as the palate.  They’ve a beautiful, easy-to-navigate website and they are incredibly nice too!  Everything one could want from a top-notch tea company!” ~LiberTEAS


“Zhena’s Gypsy Tea is a wonderful company!  They focus on health and charities which I always like to support!  They have some wonderful holiday selections.  I LOVE their tins…I never throw them away!  They go Beyond Organic.  Their Biodynamic Green Tea is break-thru!  They offer organic and Fair Trade Teas!  Loose Leaf and Bagged!  The have Aromatheraputic Teas that are truly unique, too!  This is a very nice tea company!” ~TeaEqualsBliss

Every time I think of Zhi Tea I can’t help but think of their impressive selection of flavored teas and white teas!  Those, for me, are what stand out about this company and the ones I keep visiting time and time again!  AND, of course, their tea being ORGANIC…that’s always a PLUS.  Their website has some really great info and tricks when it comes to loose leaf iced tea, too! ~TeaEqualsBliss

4 Responses to “Tea Companies”

  1. Linda Villano Says:

    Great space! We’d love to send some SerendipiTea your way. Please let us know how we go about doing so. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • teaequalsbliss Says:

      Hi Linda! Thank you for the note! We would love to take you up on the sample offer! What is your email addy – I will send you our press release! Thanks again!

  2. John-Paul Swoboda Says:

    Hi there,

    I’d like you to review our Java Tea please. Would you be able to? We’re based in the UK. Where are you based?

    Kind regards,

    John-Paul Swoboda
    Kuching Herbal

  3. liberteas Says:

    Hi John-Paul! Thank you for your comment. We would be happy to review your Java Tea. I have forwarded your information to Jennifer and she will send you the information you need.

    We are based in the United States, I live in Washington state while Jennifer is in Pennsylvania (in other words, we’re on opposite sides of the country!)

    Thanks again, I look forward to trying your tea!

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