Majestic Darjeeling from mhai diva

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: mhai diva

Product Description:

There isn’t much for product description on their website about this individual tea but here is some general info about their company…

Mhaidiva Tea

In general: the highest grown tea offers the best quality. Mhaidiva is premium quality tea from the highlands of Sri Lanka (Ceylon). In particular Nuwara-Eliya, known as the ‘champagne’ area of original Ceylon tea.
After plucking, the green tea leaves of Mhaidiva are immediately processed and freshly packed in Sri Lanka. We only pluck the tea leaf and bud. The green tea leaves are then dried and smoothly rolled (not cut) to achieve our premium quality tea. Our tea has a bright colour and infuses perfectly every time.
The result: a refined tea with great flavour and lovely after taste.

Tasters Review:
Sometimes you just NEED…you just CRAVE…you just WANT a quick and easy bagged tea!
This Majestic Darjeeling from mhai diva is a mighty fine and good old stand-by Darjeeling in a bag!  It’s pretty tasty!  It’s fairly simple but good!
We all need a little more of that in our lives, don’t we?

Gunpowder Mint Tea from Jennifer’s Tea Garden

Tea Type:
Green Tea/White Tea Blend

Where To Buy:
Jennifer’s Tea Garden

Product Description:

Gunpowder Mint
Type: Green Tea
Caffeine: Low
Flavor / Aroma: Smoke and Mint
38-50 servings
4.0 oz

Ingredients: Green Tea, White Tea, Mint, Jasmine, Natural Flavorings

Tasters Review:

The dry aroma of Jennifer’s Tea Garden’s Gunpowder Mint Tea is  Smoky, Minty, Green Tea, White Tea, Floral…yes…I can smell all of those things with a single sniff!
The wet aroma is more of a stereotypical gunpowder tea smell…with a little extra something…maybe it’s the combo of the Jasmine and Mint I am smelling.
The color: is a light Yellow-Green.
As for the taste…this has a unique gunpowder type taste.  It’s not a gunpowdery-grass-smoky as some are but the mint is very nicely done and not too over the top and the Jasmine gives it a little extra something too!  I think the addition of the white tea is also a nice touch!   It’s smoother than I expected…it was a pleasant surprise, indeed!
The aftertaste is NOT grassy…it’s slightly floral-sweet with a very small hint of smoke trying to hide underneath.  There is a lovely smoothness to the aftertaste too.

I really like this tea!  Great job and a THUMBS UP to Jennifer’s Tea Garden!

Snow Jewel from Lahloo Tea

Tea Type: White Tea

Where To Buy: Lahloo Tea

Product Description:



The Story:
Snow Jewel white tea is the true queen of teas! Pure elegance! This rare wild Dai Bai silver needle tea grows high in the Fujian mountains.
♥ Downy buds plucked in the spring just before they open
♥ Exquisitely refreshing and delicate
♥ Ripe fruits- peaches, lychees, pear

“Oh my! It’s an absolute revelation! I’m greeted with this amazing peachy flavour. It’s light and sweet and delicious, making me gulp down the lot.” teatunes

PS Perfect chilled over ice

Tasters Review:

Pure…as the driven snow!

Clean…as the whistle!

Crisp…as crisp can be!

Mouthwatering Masterpiece!

This White Tea – Snow Jewel – from Lahloo is a pure delight!  I mean…this is REALLY nice!  It’s sweet and I can taste a hint of fruitiness!

If you are a fan of white tea or looking for something different to dive into…try Snow Jewel from Lahloo!


Apricot Kernel Tea from Sanctuary T

Tea Type: Rooibos

Where To Buy: Sanctuary T

Product Description:

The first tea in our Autumn Special Edition Tea of the Week Collection makes its presence known with a strong burst of ripe fruit overtones. The apricot mixed with flower petals and whole almonds makes for the perfect rooibos mix!

Tasters Review:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again!  I LOVE apricots!  Ever since I was a toddler!  Yes, I was a weird kid…my favorite foods were dried apricots, lima beans, and fresh sprouts.

I actually bought some dried apricots the other day at the herb store, too!

I think almonds go well with Rooibos!

This smells incredible…both of apricot and almonds!  When I saw that there were HUGE WHOLE Almonds I was VERY impressed!

This infuses a little darker than most Rooibos(es)…I’m excited about that as well!  Plus…there is a hint of floral aroma coming thru too!

Just when I think I can taste more almond than apricot – I then taste more apricot than almond. They seem to flip-flop as I continue to sip!

This is a great tasting FUN flavored Rooibos!  It’s Juicy, Sweet, and Slightly floral.  What a LOVELY group of flavors!  This exceeded my expectations!

Superior Pouchong from Drink T

Tea Type: Oolong

Where To Buy: Drink T

Product Description:

Pouchong tea is a type of oolong closer to a green tea than a typical oolong. This is due to Pouchong tea being oxidized 15% or less while most Oolongs are oxidized about 30-70%. Pouchong means “the wrapped kind”, referring to the practice of wrapping the leaves in paper during the oxidation process.

Our Pouchong brews a golden green liquor with mild sweetness and delicate floral notes. It has a smooth flavor, making it a perfect everyday tea.

Bring water to just under boil (185-195)
Steep Time: 3 – 4 Minutes
Number of Infusions: 1 – 2
Sweetener: Optional
Cream: No
Caffeine: Moderate

Tasters Review:

Superior Pouchong from Drink T is really lovely!  It’s Part Sweet – Part Floral and Completely Buttery!

Below is the original log of this tea from my Steepster TeaLog and normally I don’t post these here…but…I thought it was too silly NOT to post!

I know “mouth feel” is a technical/official tea tasting/reviewing term but it’s one of those words I don’t personally use a lot because it drives me nuts…sort of like the way the words “panties” or “shindig” drive me nuts and the way the word “chunk” drives my sister crazy and a friend of mine cringes every time he hears the word “moist”.   I really don’t know what it is…I just don’t really like the word…I guess you could say it creeps me out.  ANYHOW…I don’t know how else to describe this tho!  Other than the “mouth feel” (eeeeekkkk cringe at the word) of this is TOP NOTCH!!!

This is a great Pouchong…totally lives up to it’s name!  As for a little more on this specific tea to add to my original review…I really DO like this!  It’s great hot, iced, with just about any kind of food, and anytime of day!  This is probably one of my top 5 favorite teas from Drink T.



Fireside Blend from Compass Teas

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Compass Teas

Product Description:

This elegant citrus and spice black tea blend will have you imagining cozy, snowy nights cuddling up to the fire, and days that you can actually relax. Brew yourself a cup and enjoy the comforting scents of citrus, cloves, and cardamom.

Tasters Review:

Fireside Blend from Compass Teas is Intensely flavored!   It reminds me of walking into a Folk-Artsy-type/Home Decor type store with woodsy, cinnamony, old-time-country flowers, spices from wall-to-wall, or a festive/Holiday Booth at a craft fair…I think you got the picture I was trying to make for you!

It infuses fast and dark. The woodsy, cinnamon, floral smells are more in front after infusion.

The Black Tea is the more intense flavor when tasting which I LOVE.  I’m so happy this is flavored the way it is and not overly so.

This is quite delicious. I wouldn’t normally be attracted to a tea like this but am so glad I gave it a whirl.  Just goes to show you you should judge a tea based on what you THINK it’s going o be like!  Everyone once and a while you get one that surprises you!  This is just another tasty offering from Compass!



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