Jade Prince (Tung Ting Oolong) from Tantalizing Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Tantalizing Tea

Product Description:

Jade Prince aka Tung Ting is one of Taiwan’s most prized oolongs. Sweet, floral cup. Exquisite! Great for 3 or more infusions.

Taster’s Review:

This is a very nice Tung Ting Oolong.  The aroma is intense with fruit and flower notes and begs me to take a sip.  Who am I to refuse such an inviting request?

The flavor is complex:  sweet with notes of butter, flower, fruit and roasted nuts.  As the above description from Tantalizing Tea suggests, the fruit notes are pineapple-esque in character, complete with a hint of tartness just before the finish.  There is a creaminess which enhances the buttery notes, and a soft mouthfeel that is a bit lighter than some Oolong teas I’ve experienced, but still very pleasant to experience.

I am not getting very little astringency from this cup.  My first couple of sips, I detected no astringency whatsoever, but now as I continue to sip, there is a gradual astringent quality.  I do not find it off-putting or pucker-y though, and it seems to enhance the tart quality I mentioned before.

These tiny pellets submit to several infusions.  I brewed this tea in my gaiwan, and I managed six delicious infusions brewing it in the gongfu style.  This tea has a charming sweetness to it and I recommend not sweetening this tea – it would offset the lovely balance of flavors.

A delightful tea to be sure!  I recommend it to all the Oolong enthusiasts out there!

Premium Silky Green Tea from Bird Pick Tea And Herb

Tea Type: Green Tea

Where To Buy: Bird Pick Tea & Herb

Product Description:

Creamy with light notes of sweetness.

Entice your senses with Premium Silky Green Tea. Offering a pleasantly sweet and creamy aroma and flavor, its refreshing brew provides surprisingly light and delicate notes that easily pleases the taste buds. Try adding sugar and ice for a refreshing beverage that will surely not disappoint any palate.

Origin: Taiwan
Brew: Golden Jade
Flavor: Refreshing and creamy melodies with lightly sweet notes

Tasters Review:

Premium Silky Green Tea from Bird Pick Tea & Herb has an AWESOME aroma!  It’s like nothing I have ever smelled before!

The only way I can describe the dry loose leaf aroma is intensely buttered flavored popcorn – I think I can even smell a little naturally salted flavor – unless I just am associating the aroma with buttered popcorn so much so that my mind is playing tricks on me!  Whatever it is I have to say I would easily give the aroma on this one a 100!!!!

These are some crazy wild leaves, too, that put on quite the show as they unfurl!

The taste is also Buttery!  Buttered Veggies!  Buttered Popcorn!   It’s semi-sweet and a very flavorful green!  The more I sip it the more sweeter it gets!  This is smooth! It reminds me of a milky oolong but then it reminds me of a buttery green!  It may be somewhere in the middle – regardless I am REALLY enjoying this one!

This is probably one of the most memorable greens I have had in a LONG time!

I ended up doing multiple infusions on this one too!  I highly recommend trying multiple infusions with this one!  The 2nd infusions is completely different than the first but far from disappointing!!!!

This is MUCH sweeter and MUCH MORE silkier and creamy and sooth the 2nd time around!   It’s less buttery and more sweet with the 2nd infusion. It’s still FULL of flavor tho and a wonderful tasting green!!!

As for the 3rd infusion…

Again it’s completely different from the previous infusion!  This is still intensely flavored but this time around it’s more of a grassy green with slight buttery notes underneath. It still ends rather smooth and I would still call it silky but a grassier silky instead of a buttered popcorn silky/creamy…maybe more like a broccoli type!?

I LOVE YOU Silky Green!

Strawberry Oolong from Butiki Teas

Tea Type: Oolong

Where To Buy: Butiki Teas

Product Description:

Strawberry Oolong
This sweet high altitude oolong is infused with strawberry and originates from Taiwan. Strawberry Oolong is a refreshingly sweet and natural flavored tea. Very refreshing and light.

Recommended Brew Time: 4 minutes
Recommended Amount: 1 teaspoon of tea for 8oz of water
Recommended Temperature: 180 F

Tasters Review:

I’ll get straight to the point…I LOVE THIS FLAVORED OOLONG!  Strawberry Oolong from Butiki Teas is certainly a winner in my book!

It has the tiny pearls I have seen in some Cherry Blossom Green Teas – that I have tried in the past – and I think they are lovely and a nice touch to this Strawberry Flavored Oolong!

The aroma is excellent! The Oolong Leaves are screaming multiple infusions!   I did put this to the test and it holds up very well to multiple infusions!  This is also wonderful hot or cold!

The strawberry tastes are spectacular!  They are sweet without ANY trace of sour or bitterness. This is very sweet and very nice!

I’m totally diggin’ Butiki Teas Flavored Oolongs!

So far every tea/tisane I have had of theirs is wonderful! I really like this company!!!



Formosa Oolong from Special-Teas, Etc.

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Special-Teas, Etc.

Product Description:

This Formosa Oolong is an exceptional Taiwanese dark oolong full of fluffy white tipped leaves. An exceptional brew from an exceptional tea!

Taster’s Review:

Oh, how I adore this tea!  It reminds me of the Oolong I used to offer to my clients.  It possesses such a pleasant, deep sweetness to it!

The tea leaves are quite dark – this is a deeply oxidized Oolong from Taiwan.   This tea IS special and deserves a special brewing vessel – I recommend getting out your gaiwan for this one.  Not only will it enable you to capture the very best flavor from this tea, but it will also allow you to infuse the leaves multiple times – and each infusion will be just as extraordinarily flavorful as the previous one.  And, trust me when I say that when you taste this tea, you’ll want as many infusions as the tea leaves will offer!

This tea has a natural sweetness to it – it doesn’t need additional sweetener, and you may risk overwhelming the delicate balance of flavors by adding sweetener.  Instead, just enjoy the natural beauty of this tea unfettered.

It has a lovely peach undertone to it, as well as a soft earthy note.  But mostly, what I get from this tea is a beautiful honey-like flavor.  Sweet and smooth with a gentle mouthfeel.

Truly a wonderful Oolong!  This is one that I recommend to all Oolong enthusiasts.  Keep this one on hand!

Mint Oolong from Butiki Teas

Tea Type:  Oolong

Where To Buy: Butiki Teas

Product Description:

This oolong originates from Taiwan and is infused with mint. Mint Oolong is a fragrant tea that is sweet, refreshing, and tingles the tongue.

Recommended Brew Time: 4 minutes
Recommended Amount: 1-1 1/2 teaspoons of tea for 8oz of water
Recommended Temperature: 180 F

Tasters Review:

I have been looking for a Mint Oolong for a LONG time like this one!

Strong Mint and plump Oolong…plain and simple…well, not really plain…but simple.  It’s the classic case of K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Silly) and it works!

If you are like me and LOVE mint you will probably like this one!  The mint is intense but that is EXACTLY what I was looking for being a MINT LOVER.

Because I haven’t found as many Mint Oolongs or ones that are readily available I am rating this high…not only for those reasons but because I DO like this very much! It’s very refreshing, very mint, and very tasty!

I can check another items of my “Tea Bucket List”…I have found an awesome Mint Oolong!  Thanks Butiki Teas!


Da Yu Lin Oolong from Cloudwalker Teas

Tea Type: Oolong

Where To Buy: Cloudwalker Teas

Product Description:

One notable characteristic of high level oolong tea is a total absence of bitterness. Such is the way with this ultra high grade oolong. Da Yiu Lin is remarkably smooth and rich with natural oil. It is soft and broad, exhibiting qualities of sweet, fresh flowers. This is a high level, high energy tea which is not easy to come by in Taiwan let alone outside. It is rich, sparkling, smooth, clean and transportative. Truly a top shelf oolong. If you are looking for a particularly special fresh, high mountain oolong tea, this is the one for you; a tea to be respected.

A note on preparation: unlike most oolongs, you can get away with having too many leaves in your teapot or having water much closer to boiling when poured over the leaves because it is of such a high quality. A truly forgiving and excellent tea.

Tasters Review:

This is the very first Cloudwalker Tea I have ever tried and am very excited!!!

I have seen this referred to as both Da Yu Lin as well as Da Lie Lin.  Regardless…I must say this tea infuses to a bright greenish-yellow. It has next to no scent but if I try real hard with one eye crossed I suppose I can get a VERY subtle floral scent to it. The taste IS incredibly smooth and semi-sweet. It is fresh, clean, crisp, and quite tasty! This is very good! AND I’m looking forward to more of the Cloudwalker Teas loose leaf teas!

Flower Oolong Dong Fang Mei Ren from In Nature

Tea Type: Oolong

Where To Buy: In Nature

Product Description:

Floral Oolong (Dong Fang Mei Ren)

Dong Fang Mei Ren translates as ‘Eastern Beauty’ and is also known by the alternative name of Bai Hao Oolong, known to make women even prettier.

A very mild oolong from the High Mountains of Taiwan. Elegant taste with a unique palate and colour, very pleasing to the eye and the mind.

Pack size: 50g

Servings: 50 cups or more. Full instructions on how to prepare the perfect cup of tea inside each box

Tasters Review:

Some teas just seem to take you to a different place!  Sweet blossoms is what this reminds me of at first sniff!  Just like in a tree and/or fruit orchard with the most PERFECT weather – both in temperature and breeze.  The clouds are fluffy and there is a glowing haze that makes it feel just like a dream.  You can help but spin around in circles (like when you were a little girl) as you stroll thru the rows and rows of blossoms and trees!

The taste is gentle, sweet, yet floral at times…this is a very PRETTY tea.  Towards the end of the sip you get a little bit of the woodsy taste but oh-so-slightly and the after taste is a tad nutty but pleasant.

This is a very laid back and go-with-the-flow type tea!  Quite enjoyable!

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