Raspberry Earl Grey from Zhena’s Gypsy Tea

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Zhena’s Gypsy Tea

Product Description:

The floral aroma of juicy raspberries is perhaps the perfect complement to the sweet citrus and full-bodied flavor of Earl Grey. This more exceptional version of this classic tea is artisan hand-crafted in small batches and infused with only top-grade essential oils of real fruit to brew a sweet, succulent cup.

Ingredients: Ceylon & Indian Black tea, with Italian Bergamot, Freeze-Dried Raspberries & organic Raspberry flavor.

Tasters Review:

I like Earl Grey’s that think outside the box and this one certainly does!

Raspberry Earl Grey from Zhena’s Gypsy Tea is a medium-dark brown/Black Colored Tea. It has next to no scent once steeped. Prior to the steep it’s very pleasant…both raspberry and Earl Grey aroma circle the cup – waiting to be steeped.  I used the bagged version of this tea.  It’s an average Black Tea taste with nifty raspberry and orange undertones. I have enjoyed it in the past and still enjoy and like this tea for what it is…pleasant and not pushy.

Mao Feng Mountain Green Tea from In Nature

Tea Type: Green Tea

Where To Buy: In Nature

Product Description:

Mountain Green – Mao Feng ( Alpine Tea )

Alpine Mao Feng is our premium grade green tea. Only the finest and freshest buds find their way into this outstanding product.

This tea brews to give a pale yellow-green colour with a characteristic aroma and rich flavour with a clean and refreshing aftertaste. Words are insufficient to describe its taste, the only way to truly know it is to taste it.

Pack size: 50g

Servings: 50 cups or more. Full instructions on how to prepare the perfect cup of tea inside each box

Tasters Review:

I love trying different teas from different regions and then learning about the name it’s given and what it means.  In this case Mao Feng means Alpine Tea.  Alpine just makes me think of fresh air and wonder and beauty.

And just so  you know…the box doesn’t lie…this is PURE Green Tea.  It has a nice PURE – VERY ‘clean’ and sweet taste with a very slight hint of veggie taste.

It’s more sweet that anything…I would say a SWEET Surprise!

Plum Lov’en from Design A Tea

Tea Type: Rooibos

Where To Buy: Design A Tea

Product Description:

We saw the way these two were looking at each other in the blending room. So we introduced them, although shy at first, vanilla did make the first move. Mixed in a Rooibos base, we’re sure you will love this combination. Is great cold.

Tasters Review:

I will fully admit it…I have been in a PLUM Mood Lately.  The more Plum Flavored Oolong Teas and Plum Flavored Rooibos Tisanes I taste the more I think they are made for each other!  Speaking of being made for each other…get a load of this one from Design A Tea!  It’s Plum Lov’en and I just have to say…This is just awesome!

Yes I can taste the natural sweetness of the Rooibos but more importantly an even 50/50 of Plum and Vanilla. It sort of reminds me of a mixed drink for a split second.

This is a wonderfully flavored Rooibos and it smells great too!  It tastes just like you would expect – based on the aroma!

The SororiTEA Sisters have many great reviews on tap from Design A Tea and MANY other great companies so please say tuned.  In the meantime…check out the Design A Tea Website…it’s a goodie!!!

Hong Jing Luo from thepuriTea

Leaf Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: thepuriTea

Product Description:

If you’re a fan of Golden Yunnan then you’ll be a fan of her little cousin Hong Jing Luo. The name loosely translates into the golden soft downy feathers, its young loosely rolled black tea with golden tips is reminiscent of the finest Chinese black teas. Great morning tea to get you started with your day, goes well with milk or try it with brown sugar.

Tasters Review:

When I first read the product description on this one – it ‘had me at’ “If You’re A Fan Of Golden Yunnan…”

It just so happens that I am so I was excited to try this tea!  I did two infusions while trying Hong Jing Luo by thepuriTea and here are my findings…

For the 1st infusion it tasted a little like cocoa and a rich-semi sugary. It reminded me of a Raisin-taste…almost like the raisins in a sugar cookie and CRISP.  It has a very nice scent!

For the 2nd Infusion…

I smell…sweet potatoes, YES, Sweet Potatoes! It’s an interesting taste, indeed! Maybe more like sweet potatoes with brown sugar.   And it’s still crisp and sweet!  After the 2nd infusion cools for a few minutes (at room temperature) I can taste a slight woodsy yet sweet taste at the end of the sip and into the after taste.

This is a very unique cup of tea!  That gets points in my book!  And it tastes good too!  VERY Memorable!

Plum Flavored Black Tea from McNulty’s

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: McNulty’s

Product Description:
(There isn’t a detailed description of this tea on their website so below you will find some info about McNulty’s and their history)

Since 1895, McNulty’s has been this country’s leading purveyor of choice coffees and rare teas. Our tradition of careful selection of only the finest is still true today.

A visit to our store is like a journey into another age. Located in the heart of New York’s Greenwich Village, the aura of a century long gone is timelessly preserved. Immediately upon entering the shop, one’s senses are delighted by the many aromas of coffees and teas from around the world. Sacks of coffee and chests of tea with obscure markings from far away lands are visible everywhere. Even the bins, chests, and scales, with which these products are stored and handled, date back to the previous century.

Tasters Review:

When I was young…I had a Great Aunt Francis.  I remember my mother, sister, and I visiting her often.  Every time we stopped by Aunt Francis would ask me if I wanted a FRESH PLUM.  I almost always said YES.  While we visited with her there I sat with my plum and black tea enjoying every minute of it!

This Plum flavored black tea sure does bring me back to the Aunt Francis visits!  This tea is awesomely juicy…fragrant, sweet, fruity but not tart – and VERY YUMMY!!!! It’s a nicely flavored black tea.  I have yet to try it iced but I know it will be good!

Richard’s Popcorn-And-A-Movie Oolong from Ducky Life Tea

Tea Type: Oolong

Where To Buy: Ducky Life Tea

Product Description:

We named this amazing Oolong for its distinctive buttery aroma and its fascinating taste-rich, smooth, and slightly sweet, with intriguing butter-like overtones. It reminds us of buttered popcorn. The tea, from the high mountains of Taiwan, has broad leaves that brew up beautifully to a light golden color. It’s absolutely delicious! One whiff, one sip, and you know you’ve found something special.

Tasters Review:

Recently I was introduced to Ducky Life Tea.  I really LOVE the “extra things” this company does such as the company name – CUTE, the logo – PRECIOUS, the tins – nice, convenient, handy, and durable…not to mention the packaging – unique and memorable!

Their website is user-friendly and pleasing to the eye.  They have great customer service and answered my email very quickly.  They have some really nifty gift sets and gift ideas as well!

Then it comes to the tea…

The first Ducky Life Tea I tried was their Richard’s Popcorn-And-A-Movie Oolong and my tea experience really WAS ducky!

I’m not sure if it’s because of the name or it actually smells like this or not…but…

The loose leaf ACTUALLY SMELLS like corn kernels prior to popping! The taste is buttery and the post-infusion aroma smelled even more buttery.  Not like buttered veggies like other oolongs, this really did make me think I was in a movie theatre!  The buttery scent was more of a butter popcorn – just like the name indicates.  The beginning of the sip is sweeter – then it turns a little bit vegetal but it’s a gentle veggie taste.  I am honored to add Richard’s Popcorn-And-A-Movie Oolong from Ducky Lie Tea to my stash!

Milk Oolong from thepuriTea

Tea Type: Oolong

Where To Buy: thepuriTea

Production Description:
A one of a kind tea, let alone Oolong. That’s how we sum up our Milk Oolong. The aroma is mind boggling, the taste unexpectedly amazing and you’ll be asking yourself “How is this tea?”. This very special Chinese Oolong is produced from tea leaves picked at a certain temperature, altitude, soil conditions and time which creates it’s uniquely milky and silky texture. The light yellow liquid creates a sweet smooth milk aroma and will leave a taste in your mouth that makes you yearning for more.

Tasters Review:

I have only had a few other milk oolongs so far and I have liked them but for different reasons because it seems all that I have tried have all been very, VERY different from each other.

This Milk Oolong from thepuriTea tastes like almond milk or coconut milk, almost. It’s Sweet but nutty and creamy.  The leaves really expand during the infusion so not much loose leaf is needed to infuse!  I was pleased with this Milk Oolong.  It is quite memorable.

It was screaming for a 2nd infusion so I tried it.  The 2nd infusion smelled more buttery and less sweet but also more Earthy but not as smooth. I think I prefer the creaminess of the first infusion but I certainly give a thumbs up for the differences between the two infusions and the unique texture and taste of this milk oolong!

Tie Guan Ying (Iron Buddha) from Canton Tea Company

Leaf Type: Oolong Tea

Where To Buy: Canton Tea Co

Product Description:

This classic Tie Guan Yin produces a delicious, light-coloured, medium-bodied liquor. The first infusion combines toasty, floral notes with a touch of honey and becomes more fruity with successive infusions.

The dark, lightly oxidised green leaves are rolled into small tight fists. The liquor is amber-green with a smooth, heavy texture on the tongue. The flowery and fruity profile of this tea has a touch of honey and at first releases the pleasant orchid notes – after a couple of brews it yields the soft fruitier notes and has a sweet long lasting after taste.

Tasters Review:

There are few teas that have made me say “WOW” and at the same time have FUN with my cup.  This is one of those teas.  The reason this tea was fun for me was because the tastes seem to change – almost like a twist here and a twirl there – maybe a tea roller-coaster of sorts…with a surprise at each turn and a rush of excitement when you realize you are having more fun that you should!

At first it has a Buttery Vegetable type smell and the taste is buttery THEN fruity and almost nutty. It has a sweet and buttery aftertaste and is VERY smooth.

As it cools a little I can taste the ever so slight bit of natural-salt-likeness…it seems to fit in quite nicely!

This tea is fun because it makes you think – there is so much more than the eye can see BUT more importantly…it’s darn-tasty!

Taiwan Cui Yu Green Jade High Mountain Oolong From Life In Teacup

Taiwan Cui Yu Green Jade High Mountain OolongLeaf Type: Oolong

Where To Buy: Life In Teacup

Product Description:

One of the “greenest” oolong, with leaf color and tea taste close to green tea. This tea was produced from high mountain region of Nantou, Taiwan, in spring 2009. It has very refreshing floral fragrance.

Brewing method:
1a. Oolong, ball-shaped dry tea leaves

  • Vessel: gaiwan or small teapot
  • Water temperature: newly boiled water (above 95 °C or 203 °F)
  • Amount of leaves: 5 gram for every 120ml total volume (Or reduce the amount to 3 gram for some heavy oxidation and/or heavy roast products)
  • Warm-up infusion: pour hot water in the vessel, and immediately drain it. Wait for about 1min. before starting the next infusion.
  • Time for each of the first 3 infusions (after warm-up): 20sec. (Or reduce the infusion time to 10-15sec. for some heavy oxidation and/or heavy roast products)
  • Extend infusion time based on taste for later infusions. Most oolong tea can well last for at least 5-7 infusions.

1d. Oolong, Go easy…
(recommended if you would like to go easy; not recommended if the tea is expensive to you and you expect very strong flavor in every sip.)

  • Vessel: gaiwan or use half volume of your mug
  • Water temperature: (same as “1a”) newly boiled water (around 95 °C or 203 °F)
  • Amount of leaves:
    o ball-shaped oolong: 5-10 grains of dry tea leaves
    o stripe-shaped oolong: 5-8 whole leaves
  • Steep time: 1-2 minutes
  • Re-steep: when there is 1/3 liquor left in the vessel, add hot water to re-steep.

Tasters Review:

Recently I have been fortunate enough to try a few of teas from Life In Teacup and they are lovely!  Taiwan Cui Yu Green Jade High Mountain Oolong From Life In Teacup surely follows suit!

Post infusion color is a bright yellow-green.  The taste is rich and buttery yet seemed to mellow me out and made me feel very relaxed.  It has a faint aroma but it makes up in color and taste.  This is a Oolong that is down-right tasty and I am eager to try it again!

Ice Wine Tea from Three Thousand Leaves/Special Teas Etc

Leaf Type: Black Tea, White Tea

Where To Buy: Three Thousand Leaves/Special Teas Etc

Product Description:

Site Description:
4oz Beguiling sweet pear notes with hints of berry and caramel. To enhance the natural flavors, consumption with sugar is recommended. Makes a great iced tea!

Description on Package:
Black Tea, Freeze Dried Grapes, White Tea, Ontario Ice Wine, Natural Flavors

Tasters Notes:

Last Fall My Parents, Husband, and I went to Finger Lakes Wine Region for a long weekend.  We did a lot of sampling of several wines.  One of the more trendy wines that is becoming more and more popular is ICE WINE.  ICE WINE is very VERY sweet.  You can read more about actual Ice Wine here.  When I started to see Ice Wine Tea I was very excited.  I have tried a few.

This smells JUST LIKE ICE WINE prior to infusion…as well as after infusion. The scents become more identifiable after the infusion is complete.

I can taste the ice wine comparison. There is a pear taste as well and a caramel finish on it. It’s VERY sweet just like the ice wine! I am looking forward to trying this iced but I will say it is wonderful hot!

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