Sunset in Seattle Tea from Market Spice

Tea Type: Herba;

Where To Buy: Market Spice

Product Description:

One of our sweetest and most popular herbal teas, Sunset in Seattle is a blend utilizing a myriad of herbs that are soothing and mellow. Ingredients: Rosehips, Vanilla, Chamomile, Spearmint, Raspberry, Lemon Grass, Hyssop and herbs. Contains no sugar and is caffeine free.

Tasters Review:

Sunset in Seattle Tea from Market Spice looked much like the picture above  thru the see-thru bag it came in but there was white powder heavily throughout the blend.  For me not knowing too much about this tisane before trying it I was confused by the powder ingredient but quickly released it was the vanilla within the mix.
The vanilla ‘powder’ is powerful and very nice smelling.  The overall aroma consists of Chamomile, Mint, and Vanilla.  The color post-infusion is a cloudy gray-orange-yellow type color.  The taste is minty but floral…Herbally yet smooth…lemony yet vanilla….this is odd but lovely.  It’s interesting and surprising!  I ended up REALLY liking this one!  The aftertaste is minty yet sweet! Opposites completely attract in this case…and it makes me grin from ear to ear!

I especially liked the vanilla and minty notes!

American Classic Rockville Raspberry from Charleston Tea Plantation

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Charleston Tea Plantation

Product Description:

Whether you brew by the cup or the pot, tea lovers will enjoy the subtle nuances and fresh-from-the-farm flavor of full leaf loose American Classic Teas.  Reminiscent of a bygone era, our Rockville Raspberry tin contains 1.6 oz. of flavored premium black tea.

Taster’s Review:

There aren’t a whole lot of teas grown in the United States.  In fact, to my knowledge, the Charleston Tea Plantation is the only commercial tea farm in the continental United States.  So I feel very privileged (and even a little proud!) to be able to try this tea.

The black tea base is remarkably smooth.  There is very little astringency to the tea.  There is a slight starchiness that is somewhat drying toward the tail end of the sip, but it isn’t “pucker-y” like some other teas astringent quality, and even that slight dry feeling is, indeed, slight.  It is a rich tasting tea, bold but not particularly aggressive in this cup.

Which is just fine!  I like the way the raspberry flavor reveals itself here.  The flavor is sweet with just a bit of berry tartness that lingers in the aftertaste.  It isn’t overwhelmingly “fruity” – this is a black tea that has been gently flavored with the essence of raspberry.  It isn’t overdone or too sweet.  It is just right.

This is a tea that is delicious served hot – it’s perfectly cozy on a chilly day like today.  But I suspect it would make an even better iced tea!  A light drizzle of honey or agave nectar will bring out some of the more delicate flavors of both the tea and the raspberry, but, it really isn’t necessary.  It’s quite delicious without, too.

I like this one a lot!

Black Tea Peach Raspberry Passion Fruit from Marley’s Mellow Mood – Marley Beverage Company

Tea Type: Black Tea

(Bottled Iced Tea – Decaf)

Where To Buy: Marley Beverage Company

Product Description:

  • All Natural Botanical Ingredients That Calm Mind, Body and Spirit Leaving You Relaxed And Refreshed.
  • Reduces Stress and Relives Tension.
  • Gluten Free and Caffeine Free.
  • A Partnership with the Family of Legendary Music Icon and Pioneer, Bob Marley.
  • Portion of Proceeds Go Towards Chartible Foundation.

Ingredients: Decaf Black Tea, pure cane sugar, citric acid, natural flavor. Valerian Root Extract, Lemon Balm Extract Leaves, Chamomile Flowers Extract, Hops Extract, Passion Flower Extract.

Tasters Review:

SororiTEA Sisters was one of the first Tea Review Blogs to review a bottled tea from Marley Beverage Company and we are proud to say that we have a 2nd review to share!  This time around we have All Natural Relaxation Marley’s Mellow Mood Black Tea – Peach Raspberry Passion Fruit.  It says it reduces stress and relieves tension.  It’s decaf, too!  To check out the review we posted back in November for Marley Beverage Company’s Green Tea and Honey CLICK HERE!

As far as a bottled iced tea this is pretty tasty!  As far as a decaf-sweetened-bottled-iced-tea this is pretty awesome, I must say!  Yes, it’s sweet and it’s fruity but here is a lengthier review of this groovy product…

Upon opening the bottle I could smell peach followed by passion fruit with a little berry tied in.  It almost smelled wine-like.  It was a glorious aroma! 

My first sip was an eye-opening one!  It was much flavorful than I expected!  A nice-sweet-fruity bottled iced tea is certainly what we have here!  The black tea taste isn’t in the forefront – it seems to be hiding in the background – but with all of the other flavors going on here there is a lot of others to keep me interested and busy!  I could taste the Passion Fruit first and then the Raspberry and the peach isn’t as strong as I thought it would be but that is ok!  It doesn’t leave a funky aftertaste which I appreciate!

This is another pleasant surprise from Marley Beverage Company.

Now…I’ll leave you with another of my favorite Bob Marley songs…

Ahhh!  But there are so many to choose from…

Today I choose…

Three Little Birds


Cranberry Rose from Praise Tea

Tea Type: Green Tea

Where To Buy: Praise Tea

Product Description:

Sencha green tea delicately flavored with delicate rosebuds, fresh cranberries and sweet raspberries. An enchanting rhythm of flavors.

Tasters Review:

I love the look of this dry mix as well as the aroma both dry and post infusion! I think it’s just Beautiful!

I will saw when I first start getting into flavored teas I wasn’t NOT a fan of floral teas but they have grown on me.  I think way-back-when I was basing the floral taste on lavender and jasmine.  I think Rose is probably one of the ones I do enjoy most times.  Which is ironic because I am not much of a flower-person outside of tea either.  I mean yeah, I like them, appreciate them, and take photographs of them, but I am not one of those girlie-girls that just NEED flowers, ya know!?  This Cranberry Rose Tea from Praise Tea intrigued me!

As for Cranberries…I LOVE THEM!  Again – my history with cranberries is a bit “odd” since I was led to believe the only thing cranberries were used for was cranberry sauce.  I’m not really a fan of Cranberry Sauce but since have found all sorts of things to do with Cranberries.  My favorite is to put dried cranberries in salads!  Easy-enough, eh!?  I have found I really enjoy Cranberry-Flavored Tea…but the tea actually HAS to have cranberries IN it!  Lucky for me…Praise Tea’s Cranberry Rose DOES!  Nice, large, plump cranberries!  YUM!

The green tea has a very ‘clean’ green tea taste.  The Cranberry is the flavor that pops thru the most of the 3 flavors. Then there is the raspberry!  It comes in 2nd and seems to tone down the natural bitter cranberry flavor…they meet in the middle nicely.  The rose is hanging out in the background and gives it just enough floral hints that make everything come full circle.  This is very unique and creative and I think it’s just terrific!  I must say I really like the addition of the Raspberry as well!  Lovely!


Raspberry Champagne Tea from Octavia Tea

Tea Type: White Tea

Where To Buy: Octavia Tea

Product Description:

Lush and inviting, Raspberry Champagne blends the floral, honey-like notes of champagne with fresh, blushing berries. White tea is said to be the healthiest of all teas and is picked only a few days each year.

Tasters Review:

Raspberry Champagne from Octavia Tea smells like Raspberry and Flowers!   The taste is Raspberry and floral but very champagne-like and juicy.  The aftertaste is a sweet floral taste. The berry notes are wonderful!  I can even taste a bit of honey as well!

I tend to over infuse my loose leaf teas.  I infuse more of the actual loose leaf but for a little less time to avoid bitterness or overly grassy or mossy tastes in other teas.

When I over infused the amount of this specific tea here is what I found different from the original infusion…

The aroma was of Honey, Berries, White Tea…it was very nice!  The taste was pretty much the same as before but even more so.  The Raspberry really came out when I attempted this!

I also tried a 2nd infusion when I over infused the amount of loose leaf and the taste is a bit on the lighter-side…but still very tasty and satisfying.  I really enjoyed each attempt!  And I really thought this was a great flavored white tea!


Cranberry Rose from Praise Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Praise Tea

Company Description:

Sencha green tea delicately flavored with delicate rosebuds, fresh cranberries and sweet raspberries. An enchanting rhythm of flavors.  Delectable both hot and cold. Try some with white crystal sugar. Indulge your taste buds.

Taster’s Review:

This green tea blend is FABULOUS!  Cranberries aren’t really my favorite fruit, but I really love how they enhance this blend.  The flavor is sweet, a little tart, floral, and berry-licious!

The first thing you’ll notice when you open a package of this tea is how beautiful it is.  HUGE, whole pink rosebuds, little bits of dried raspberry and dried cranberry halves with long, elegant spears of Sencha green tea.  And it smells just as lovely as it looks!  Lightly floral, sweet, and fruity!

But, it really wouldn’t matter how beautiful the tea looks or smells if it didn’t taste good – this one DOES.  The green Sencha is fresh and has a light, creamy buttery taste to it.  The grassy tones are faint. There is no bitterness, and only a very slight astringency to this – it is very pleasant and relaxing to sip.

The added flavors of this tea are a little lighter than the green tea flavor, but all of the flavor components co-exist in perfect harmony.  The cranberry is lightly sweet with a nice, tart, cranberry taste that lingers long after the sip.  It’s quite delicious!

The raspberry offers a pleasing sweetness that curbs some of the tarty flavors of the cranberry just enough so that it isn’t pucker-y.  The rose flavor is very soft, but distinctive.  It adds a nice contrast to the berries.

This is a WINNER from Praise tea!

Champagne Raspberry White from Georgia Tea Company

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  Georgia Tea Company

Company Description:

A fine white tea flavored with champagne raspberry.

Taster’s Review:

There is no mistaking it – this tea definitely smells like raspberries and champagne.

And it tastes like it too.  There is a pleasant sparkly taste that glistens over the palate… no it doesn’t actually have the “bubbly-ness” that champagne has, but I can taste that sort of fermented, sparkly taste in this.  It definitely tastes like champagne!

The berry flavor is there too:  bright, juicy, ripe raspberries.  I can taste them here.

These two flavors really complement each other well; the taste of the champagne seems to bring out some of the sweetness and flavor of the berry, while the berries seem to heighten that sweet, fermented grape taste of the champagne.  It is really a delightful marriage of flavors.

And let’s not forget about the white tea, because the flavor of the white tea does not get lost amid these strong flavors – in fact, it seems to enhance some of the more delicate qualities of the champagne and the raspberry flavors… something that I doubt a tea with a stronger presence could do.

I recommend keeping the brewing water temperature low (my water was about 165°F) and steep for a longer period of time (5 minutes or more – with brewing temperatures so low, you needn’t worry too much about bitterness if you steep it for 6 or 7 minutes, but I wouldn’t go further than that), and use a little more leaf than you ordinarily would (I use a tablespoon of white tea leaf rather than a teaspoon).  This will – in my opinion – help you extract the most flavor as possible from this tea without worrying about having an overly delicate tasting brew.  And… brewing it this way will also ensure that if you choose to ice it, your tea will still be just as flavorful iced as it would be hot.

Westchester Tea from Trump Tea

Tea Type: Herbal Tea

Where To Buy: Trump Tea

Product Description:

Antioxidant-rich organic blueberries bring priceless elegance
to this assortment of soothing herbs and delectable fruits.
The delicate flavors of rosehips, hibiscus and elderberry add
depth and character to this wonderfully luxurious blend. (caffeine-free)

Ingredients: Organic hibiscus, raisin, elderberry, blueberry, strawberry, mango, raspberry, natural organic extracts of strawberry, vanilla and cherry.

Tasters Review:

This is my 3rd Trump Tea and I must say I am overly pleased with Trump Tea as a whole!  As for Westchester Tea from Trump Tea the aroma of the dry blend – prior to steep smells like Blueberry, Strawberry, and Raspberry.  Once steeped I can smell the Elderberry, Mango, Cherry, Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry – in that order as I sniff.  From a distance (across the room as a matter of fact) this smells like a fruity candy!  The color – once steeped – is a Purple/Red and very vibrant!

I can taste the flavors in this order – Blueberry then Strawberry followed by Raspberry and Cherry and the Hibiscus jumps in and then jumps out (just enough to say HELLO) and then moves on to Elderberry and Mango…the Vanilla and Raisin flavors are subtle and add more to the aftertaste than anything else.

This bagged tea is jam-packed with ingredients and they all seem to mesh well!  There is so much going on it thankfully overpowers the hibiscus and makes it tolerable. Many of you know how Hibiscus is usually a turn off in teas for me but NOT in this! It works and it works VERY well!

I do prefer this one hot but here is what I found trying it iced…

The Strawberry and Hibiscus pops out more in the ICED Version. I like the Strawberry notes but think overall I like the HOT over the ICED because of the lesser Hibiscus flavors in the HOT…regardless this is still pretty darned yummy!

I’m very pleased with this one and very surprised I like it as much as I do! 3 for 3 for me on Trump Teas!

Park Avenue Tea from Trump Tea

Tea Type: White Tea

Where To Buy: Trump Tea

Product Description:

Exquisite orange and raspberry artfully blend with the
most precious of white tea leaves. Naturally sweet with
asilky texture, the whole-leaf white tea in this blend is as rich in
antioxidants as it is in splendor and sophistication. (mild caffeine)

Ingredients: Organic white tea, organic marigold flowers, natural organic
extracts of raspberry, orange and vanilla.

Tasters Review:

This AMAZINGLY reminds me of Orange (or peach) Schnapps – both to the nose and on the tongue!  That was the first thing I thought of while tasting it for the very first time!

Park Avenue Tea from Trump Tea is a VERY flavorful WHITE Tea. The orange over powers the raspberry but it turns out delish! The after taste is a little floral but also fruity and the vanilla helps smooth everything out so it is NOT bitter or too tangy or tart!  This is great hot AND iced!

I’m very happy with this one because it is a bagged tea and it’s a very good bagged tea.  It’s also a highly flavored white tea which is sometimes hard to find in a loose leaf white – not to mention a bag!  I really like this!

Trump Tea is 2 for 2 so far in my book!

Raspberry Green Tea from Rishi

Tea Type: Green Tea

Where To Buy: Rishi Tea

Product Description:

Raspberry Green, Organic Fair Trade Green Tea

Smooth, steamed green tea blended with tart hibiscus and succulent raspberries. This blend is sweet, jammy and rich with a character that lends itself to tasty hot or iced tea. Goes well with a squeeze of lemon or pomegranate juice.

Water: 180°F / Leaves: 1 tablespoon per 8 oz / Infusion Time: 3-4 minutes / Ingredients: Organic green tea, organic raspberry, organic Fair Trade Certified™ hibiscus and natural raspberry flavor. Origin: Rishi blend.

Tasters Review:

Rishi is introducing 12 new teas!  I’m so happy to share my experiences with their BRAND NEW Raspberry Green Tea!

When I opened the package the Raspberry seemed to be of the dried fruit variety and a little sticky…which then seemed to make the green tea leaves sticky and/or seemed to give it a texture. The aroma was a wonderful raspberry. I think there are more Raspberry bits than actual green tea and ONE little Hibiscus sliver in the bit that I infused!

Some of you know my love/hate relationship with Hibiscus.  Most Hibiscus attempts are a fail…mostly because the hibiscus is WAY over done (too much in the blend) or I find it unnecessary altogether.  PLUS it’s too tarty and puckery for my liking most times.  NOT this time around…the very little Rishi used of the Hibiscus seemed to assist the other flavors and worked very well with it.  It didn’t interrupt the wonderful raspberry at all.

The taste of this tea is sweet and fruity and has the slightest tart to it – but like I said before…it’s very slight and actually makes sense!  This infuses to a very light pinkish color. It has a nice juicy and mellow type taste with fruity highlights and I really REALLY like it and think it would be wonderful iced, too!

I’m very happy with this one and very honored to be able to try this so quickly after it’s release.  Be sure to check out their other releases…you might just be surprised at what you find!  AND please visit SororiTEA Sisters again soon…there are more Rishi Reviews on Tap!

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