Plum Black Tea from McNulty’s Tea & Coffee

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  McNulty’s Tea & Coffee

Product Description:

I was not able to locate a description of this tea on McNulty’s website.

Taster’s Review:

I love plums, so I was very excited to try this flavored tea from McNulty’s.  The dry leaf smells like a juicy plum!

The black tea base is a fairly mellow tasting tea with a mild astringency.  Based upon the evenness of the flavor, I would say it’s probably a Ceylon.  It is brisk and smooth.

The plum flavor doesn’t overwhelm the black tea, and I like that.  The plum is sweet with just a whisper of tartness to it.  It tastes like a fresh, plump plum that’s just been plucked off the plum tree!  (Can you say that three times fast?)

What I like best about this tea is that it tastes like tea that’s been flavored with the essence of plum.  It doesn’t taste like an overly sweet, artificially flavored drink with a hint of tea flavoring in the background.  It is delicious hot, but I think I prefer it chilled!  It is very refreshing!

Cinna*Plum Tea from American Tea Room

Tea Type: Herbal Tisane

Where To Buy: American Tea Room

Product Description:

A delightfully warming organic caffeine free blend of cinnamon, plum, currants and licorice root. The herbal infusion is organic naturally caffeine free. Cinn*Plum is American Tea Room’s Holiday Tea for 2010.

Tasters Review:

Dry Cinna*Plum Tea from American Tea Room smells like Plum and Cinnamon and MAYBE a little licorice – but not too much licorice to the nose.

When I finished infusing this – I saw the color and freaked because I assumed it had Hibiscus in it…BUT…it doesn’t!   I give this Extra Points for that on my personal preference meter, indeed!

This was quite smoother than I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong – I am thankful for that – as I am not overly fond of intense tarty or fruity teas and tisanes, usually!

I could taste Plum and maybe the currants, too…they’re very wine-like.  The cinnamon isn’t an intense cinnamon type taste – I can smell it more than taste it…and the licorice is pretty much the same way…together they knock down the tartiness of the fruit and it works out VERY nice!!!  This is very warming and comforting and fruity and fun but not overly tart and I like that.

Eventho American Tea Room markets this as their Holiday Tea for 2010 – I think it would be lovely iced, as well!

Plum Berry from Rishi Tea

Tea Type: White Tea

Where To Buy: Rishi Tea

Product Description:

A blend of white teas combined with succulent plum and wild forest berries. It’s juicy with a deep ruby colored infusion that’s tart, fruity and naturally refreshing.

Tasters Review:

If you have followed this blog for a while now you may have noticed I tend to make special notes about plums from time to time.  They aren’t necessarily my favorite fruit but they are on my top fruits list!  The reason I mention them here on SororiTEA Sisters is because I sometime find an ingredient that I am on the constant search for that perfect taste or flavor or aroma or feel IN a tea.  Plum is one of those flavors!  Each time I see a tea with Plum in it – I will most likely try it.  With Plum – specifically – I am looking for a plumpiness to it even in my tea!  So I am looking for a plump and juicy plum flavored tea.  Not one that is artificial tasting or barely there.  I guess my plum tastes are quite specific one could say.

I’m not going to tell you that Plum Berry is my favorite Plum tea because it isn’t.  BUT…I am going to tell you what I do like about this tea and why it’s different and why I would have another cuppa!

The first thing that came to mind when I smelled this DRY and prior to infusing was KOOL AID!  Once infused it does smell more like plum and maybe a hint of raspberry.  I prefer the infused aroma better than the dry.  It is pretty juicy smelling!

Thumbs up to Rishi for creativity!  It’s quite plum and berry like and it’s juicy but you can also taste the white tea a little underneath.   It might be a little too flavored for some white tea purists but I think it’s alright!  If you are looking for a plum or berry fix and need something a little different – you might want to try this one!


Plum Lov’en from Design A Tea

Tea Type: Rooibos

Where To Buy: Design A Tea

Product Description:

We saw the way these two were looking at each other in the blending room. So we introduced them, although shy at first, vanilla did make the first move. Mixed in a Rooibos base, we’re sure you will love this combination. Is great cold.

Tasters Review:

I will fully admit it…I have been in a PLUM Mood Lately.  The more Plum Flavored Oolong Teas and Plum Flavored Rooibos Tisanes I taste the more I think they are made for each other!  Speaking of being made for each other…get a load of this one from Design A Tea!  It’s Plum Lov’en and I just have to say…This is just awesome!

Yes I can taste the natural sweetness of the Rooibos but more importantly an even 50/50 of Plum and Vanilla. It sort of reminds me of a mixed drink for a split second.

This is a wonderfully flavored Rooibos and it smells great too!  It tastes just like you would expect – based on the aroma!

The SororiTEA Sisters have many great reviews on tap from Design A Tea and MANY other great companies so please say tuned.  In the meantime…check out the Design A Tea Website…it’s a goodie!!!

Plum Flavored Black Tea from McNulty’s

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: McNulty’s

Product Description:
(There isn’t a detailed description of this tea on their website so below you will find some info about McNulty’s and their history)

Since 1895, McNulty’s has been this country’s leading purveyor of choice coffees and rare teas. Our tradition of careful selection of only the finest is still true today.

A visit to our store is like a journey into another age. Located in the heart of New York’s Greenwich Village, the aura of a century long gone is timelessly preserved. Immediately upon entering the shop, one’s senses are delighted by the many aromas of coffees and teas from around the world. Sacks of coffee and chests of tea with obscure markings from far away lands are visible everywhere. Even the bins, chests, and scales, with which these products are stored and handled, date back to the previous century.

Tasters Review:

When I was young…I had a Great Aunt Francis.  I remember my mother, sister, and I visiting her often.  Every time we stopped by Aunt Francis would ask me if I wanted a FRESH PLUM.  I almost always said YES.  While we visited with her there I sat with my plum and black tea enjoying every minute of it!

This Plum flavored black tea sure does bring me back to the Aunt Francis visits!  This tea is awesomely juicy…fragrant, sweet, fruity but not tart – and VERY YUMMY!!!! It’s a nicely flavored black tea.  I have yet to try it iced but I know it will be good!

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