Papaya & Passion Fruit Black Tea from The Tea Nation

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  The Tea Nation

Product Description:

Black tea is most commonly produced in South Asia and Africa. It has a stronger flavor than most other teas and also has higher caffeine content. Black tea is prepared from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis and it is the most fermented of all teas. Black tea from Ceylon Tea is primarily produced using the orthodox method, where tea leaves are first harvested and then rolled to small pieces and fermented. The fermented tea leaves are dried using fire kilns. This process gives black tea its characteristic strong, full-bodied flavor and deep brown color.

Papaya is a tropical fruit that originally grew in southern Mexico. Passion fruit, also a tropical fruit was originally frown in Central America. Both are now cultivated in most countries with a tropical climate, such as Brazil, India, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. While papaya is an excellent and refreshing end to any meal, the distinct taste of passion fruit makes it an essential ingredient for cocktails. We have mixed these two contrasting, but complimentary flavors in a secret blend and mixed it with Pure Ceylon high grown tea to produce an exciting and refreshing drink.

Taster’s Review:

As I sit here, it is cold outside.  Really cold.  Frost forming on the windows kind of cold.  Not exactly a tropical climate.

But, my teacup thinks it’s on an island getaway, thanks to this Papaya & Passion Fruit Black Tea.  The tropical fruit flavors in this tea are sweet and delicious, while the black tea edges in just enough of its flavor to keep the sweeter tastes from becoming too cloying.

The black tea is a Ceylon base, and perhaps it’s just the combination of flavors, but I’m finding this to be quite a strong tea for a Ceylon.  There are hints of bitterness in the background too, but not from over-steeping (I steeped just 3 minutes).  It is more of a savory kind of bitterness that does its part to keep the cup complex and interesting, and cutting through some of the sweeter notes of the fruit flavors so they don’t overpower the cup.

A nice balance between tea and fruit flavor here where the tea flavor wins out over the fruit – but not by much.

This is a good summertime tea (yeah, I know it’s not summer), one that should be brewed by the gallon and kept in the icebox.  It would be great as a sun tea too!  This is a delicious black tea blend – one that is nice served hot, but I think it’s even better chilled.  It is very refreshing and the tropical taste lends itself so well to a cool glass of iced tea.

The Girl Next Door from WhiteAugust Tea Company

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  WhiteAugust Tea Company

Product Description:

Our hidden love, a long-lasting sweet bouquet and arousing passion fruit aroma makes this a must have for any tea collection.

Taster’s Review:

Mmm!  Passion fruit has such an inviting aroma, and this tea makes the most of it.  There are also faint notes of flower and the freshness of the green tea in the scent.  It smells so nice!

It tastes nice too!   The green tea base is light-to-medium bodied, with a fresh, vibrant taste.  It has a slight buttery taste and feel to it.  There is a mild, cleansing astringency to the tea, and only a very soft back note of bitterness that sort of rests on the back of the tongue.  This is not a distasteful or a “I-steeped-the-tea-too-long” kind of bitter taste, but, rather an enjoyable note that cuts through some of the sweetness of the fruit and tea.

The passion fruit is gently flavored – it doesn’t overwhelm the palate with its sweetness nor does it overpower the fresh, slightly vegetative taste of the green tea.  The fruit flavor is juicy, delicately sweet with just a hint of tartness.  This is really delicious.

This is a tea that is delicious served hot or iced – I prefer it iced with just a pinch of sugar to perk the flavor up just a little.  It is very refreshing!   I recommend adding this one to your shopping list for summertime – the tropical flavor of passion fruit offers the taste of a Hawaiian vacation, even if you can’t take one this year!

Black Tea Peach Raspberry Passion Fruit from Marley’s Mellow Mood – Marley Beverage Company

Tea Type: Black Tea

(Bottled Iced Tea – Decaf)

Where To Buy: Marley Beverage Company

Product Description:

  • All Natural Botanical Ingredients That Calm Mind, Body and Spirit Leaving You Relaxed And Refreshed.
  • Reduces Stress and Relives Tension.
  • Gluten Free and Caffeine Free.
  • A Partnership with the Family of Legendary Music Icon and Pioneer, Bob Marley.
  • Portion of Proceeds Go Towards Chartible Foundation.

Ingredients: Decaf Black Tea, pure cane sugar, citric acid, natural flavor. Valerian Root Extract, Lemon Balm Extract Leaves, Chamomile Flowers Extract, Hops Extract, Passion Flower Extract.

Tasters Review:

SororiTEA Sisters was one of the first Tea Review Blogs to review a bottled tea from Marley Beverage Company and we are proud to say that we have a 2nd review to share!  This time around we have All Natural Relaxation Marley’s Mellow Mood Black Tea – Peach Raspberry Passion Fruit.  It says it reduces stress and relieves tension.  It’s decaf, too!  To check out the review we posted back in November for Marley Beverage Company’s Green Tea and Honey CLICK HERE!

As far as a bottled iced tea this is pretty tasty!  As far as a decaf-sweetened-bottled-iced-tea this is pretty awesome, I must say!  Yes, it’s sweet and it’s fruity but here is a lengthier review of this groovy product…

Upon opening the bottle I could smell peach followed by passion fruit with a little berry tied in.  It almost smelled wine-like.  It was a glorious aroma! 

My first sip was an eye-opening one!  It was much flavorful than I expected!  A nice-sweet-fruity bottled iced tea is certainly what we have here!  The black tea taste isn’t in the forefront – it seems to be hiding in the background – but with all of the other flavors going on here there is a lot of others to keep me interested and busy!  I could taste the Passion Fruit first and then the Raspberry and the peach isn’t as strong as I thought it would be but that is ok!  It doesn’t leave a funky aftertaste which I appreciate!

This is another pleasant surprise from Marley Beverage Company.

Now…I’ll leave you with another of my favorite Bob Marley songs…

Ahhh!  But there are so many to choose from…

Today I choose…

Three Little Birds


Peach & Passion from Ahmad Tea

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Ahmad Tea

Product Description:

A refreshing blend of exclusive quality teas enhanced with fruit flavour. A delicious cup of tea for any time of the day, which can be served both hot and cold.

Tasters Review:

There are three things I know…I like black tea, I like peaches, and I like Passion fruit…so…why shouldn’t I like this tea!?

Dry this smells great!  It smells more peach than passion fruit.  Post infusion both aromas are equally the same – or so they seem to be.

I can taste a little more passion than peach but you can still taste the black tea…which I am thankful for!  I really like this flavor combo especially for a bagged tea!

Gold Rush from Red Leaf Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Red Leaf Tea

Company Description:

Packed full of delicious tropical ingredients, Gold Rush Tea definitely tastes as good as it looks! Luscious bits of mango serve as mood enhancers while passion fruit helps revitalize your body! The colorful and aromatic brew is gently touched by delicate floral notes of cornflowers, blue mallow flowers, safflowers, and marigolds. The vigorous black tea provides soothing body and warmth to this delicious tea that is soo sweet to sip on.

Taster’s Review:

This is a pleasant tropical blend.  The aroma is very fruity and smells delicious.  The leaf cut is very small on this blend, much smaller than the photograph led me to believe – other than that, though, the tea looks very much like the photo.  With the beautiful petals scattered throughout the blend, it is bright and colorful.

The black tea is front and center with this cup, especially when first sipping.  As I continue to sip, the fruit flavors develop a little more.  The black tea is delicious and brisk.  It has a very smooth character and has no bitterness and some astringency.  It isn’t an extraordinarily drying astringency, but it does leave the palate ready for the sweet fruit finish.

The mango and passion fruit in this blend unite almost seamlessly.  The flavor is sweet and very tropical.  No tartness, nothing unpleasant, no surprises.  It is just delicious!

The flowers in the blend are there primarily for aesthetic purposes, as they do not pose a prominent flavor in this cup.  I can taste very faint, generic floral tones that kind of come and go in each sip, but, they are barely noticeable when casually sipping.

This is a very appealing tropical blend that I’ve enjoyed very much.  On a chilly afternoon like today, it transports me (mentally!) to a much warmer climate, complete with palm trees and sunny, sandy beaches!

And as I write this, I noticed that Red Leaf Tea is offering 10% off this blend – plus FREE shipping!  Yay!

Black Tea Maracuja from Drink T

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Drink T

Product Description:

Maracuja is the traditional name of passion fruit. Our Black Tea Maracuja is a blend of finest quality black tea with passion fruit, calendula flowers and apricot pulp. This tantalizing blend renders an irresistible tropical aroma and flavor.

Bring water to boil (212)
Steep Time: 3 – 5 Minutes
Number of Infusions: 1
Sweetener: Optional
Cream: No
Caffeine: Strong

Tasters Review:

If you LOVE Apricots – I think it’s safe to say you will enjoy this! Lucky for me…I do!  I have always LOVED Apricots!

The aroma 100 percent Apricot right out of the package! Once infused the Apricot and Passion Fruit meet in the middle. The taste is a very flavored black tea…mostly Apricot but I can pick up the Passion Fruit, too! I can’t taste too much a floral notes which is ‘fine by me’ and it’s a tropical fruity taste not really a fruity-floral taste like some tropical blends can be. It’s also not a tarty fruit taste or an artificial fruitiness which I am very grateful for!

I’m very happy with this tea.  Probably one of the better Apricot Flavored teas I have ever had!

Oolong Flower of Asia Tea from ESP Emporium

Tea Type: Oolong

Where To Buy: ESP Emporium

Product Description: On the one hand, this exclusive, flavored Oolong tea will strike you with the soft, spicy cup of the well-known Chinese Oolong tea and, on the other hand ,with the intense flowery soft note of the Lotus Oolong. This scented creation is rounded off pleasantly with the fresh flavors of ripe passion fruits and apples, and sweetly decorated with pink rosebuds and bright Roman chamomile.

Tasters Review:

I just have to say…Oolong Flower of Asia Tea from ESP Emporium smells awesome! Just like a mixture of Mango, Apple, Lemon, Passionfruit, Flowers.

I can taste the Oolong, Flowers, and fruity flavoring. Everything mixes well together. I’m drinking hot right now but I can see this ICED in my future!!!

I have to say that I was a little nervous with the Chamomile and Rose mentions in the product description but I am SO glad I open my mind when it comes to tea because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have found this Deeee-lish Oolong!  This is truly wonderful!

Passion Fruit Black Tea from Design A Tea

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Design A Tea

Product Description:

Koslanda – Dimbulla blend from Sri Lanka with all natural flavoring

Tasters Review:

I’ve had so much fun sampling the teas I have had the opportunity to try from Design A Tea!  Of course it doesn’t hurt that I am originally from Western New York and Design A Tea is based in Darien Center, NY.

Anyhow… I decided to post a review on their Passion Fruit Flavored Black Tea today.

Passion Fruit flavored products are gaining more and more popularity and TEA that is flavored with Passion Fruit is near the top of that list!  I think this is GREAT NEWS!!!  I have tried several Passion Fruit Flavored Teas and I must say this is probably one of my favorites!

This smells lovely…surely it’s Passion Fruit but you can still smell the Black Tea.  It infuses fairly dark brown.  The taste is juicy with hints of floral undertones to it.  This is a VERY enjoyable cup and a nice flavored black.

Another great Design A Tea Experience!

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