Lover’s Lane from Indie Tea

Tea Type: Green Tea

Where To Buy: Indie Tea

Product Description:

Lover’s Lane
Ahhh…Who Can Argue Against Romance?

To Turn An Otherwise Ordinary Occasion Into A Treasured Memory Where If You Play Your Cards Right, You May Even Get To See A Full Moon.

Steeping Instructions: Measure 1.5 teaspoonsof tea to 8 oz of water. Heat water to 180 degrees, pour over the tea leaves, and steep tea leaves for three to four minutes.

2.8 oz.Ingredients: Organic and Fair Trade Dragon Well Green Tea, Organic Rose Buds, Organic Orange Slices, Organic Lavender Buds.

Tasters Review:

I was going to try and only post holiday-related teas this week but I couldn’t resist posting one of the ones I recently received from Indie Teas.  This one is lovely!

With Lover’s Lane from Indie Tea I can mostly smell Lavender prior to infusion.  After the infusion I can smell the orange a little bit, too!

The taste is very nice.  It’s a little on the lighter side but very pleasant and tasty and smooth.   I can taste the orange and the floral ingredients as well as the green tea!

I really like Indie Teas!  They are 100 percent organic!  They have nice labels and packaging that make them unique and the names and descriptions for their tea selections are fun and memorable!  They are also Fair Trade Trades!

They’re very artsy, too!  I LOVE that!  Very colorful and full of personality!  PLUS…they are in Las Vegas and many of you know how much I LOVE Las Vegas!  They’re located on Flamingo Road!

If you ever have the opportunity to try their teas – please do – not only are they memorable but they are tasty, very aromatic,  and of great quality!

Summer Sunrise Tea from Joy’s Teaspoon


Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Joy’s Teaspoon

Product Description:

Like a refreshing dessert with a touch of something special – a very trendy finale to the perfect dinner. An elegant decoration of fine marigold blossoms simply adds to the beautiful image of this blend.

Ingredients: tea, basil, lemon granules, flavoring, marigold blossoms

Serving Amount: 1 teaspoon/6 oz. serving

Temperature: 176-194 degrees

Steep Time: 2-3 minutes

Tasters Review:

I want to start this post off by saying I HATE WINTER.  Unfortunately for me…I live in the snow belt.  Sigh.  Yes, I know…it’s ONLY the beginning of December but I am ALREADY sick of winter!  I don’t like being cold and I hate snow!

So, when I received this SUMMER SUNRISE Flavored Black Tea from Joy’s Teaspoon – I was HAPPY for more than one reason!

I was also excited because I found out that Joy’s Teaspoon is from Las Vegas!  I LOVE VEGAS!  I have been there 3 times so far!  PLUS last year The World Tea Expo was in Vegas.  I heard for 2011 the World Tea Expo will be held in Las Vegas yet again!  I haven’t been to the World Tea Expo but I would LOVE to go someday!  In the meantime…I will enjoy one of Las Vegas’s Tea Companies here in my home!

Anyhow…on to this specific tea from Joy’s Teaspoon…

I guess I can make the connection with the name of this because it DOES remind me of a Summer field or meadow!  The pretty aroma and feeling it gives you right off the bat!

The taste is of black tea, basil, and a hint of lemony goodness…but only a hint.  So if you are afraid of lemon – you might like this because it is subtle.  If you are worried about the Basil – don’t be!  It adds to the over all cup but isn’t over powering.

This is nice…if you get the chance…try it!


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