Earl Grey Tea from Joy’s Teaspoon

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Joy’s Teaspoon

Product Description:

The embodiment of the finest English tea.

In 1833, Earl Grey, the Earl of Howick Hall, at that time British Prime Minister, suspended the price monopoly which the East India Company had over the tea trade with China.  The originally pure Chinese tea was lightly flavored with bergamot oil.  This additional fragrance, provided by the Chinese, was intended to protect the tea from the taste of mold and tar which could arise from the long voyage at sea to royal England.  Now, you’ve learned a little something!

Ingredients: black tea, natural bergamot flavoring

Taster’s Review:

I can’t begin to describe the JOY that comes over me when I am offered an opportunity to taste an Earl Grey tea that I’ve not yet tried.  I get almost giddy and sometimes I even start dancing the happy dance.  Yes, I love Earl Grey that much.

For some, Earl Grey may not be that incredible because, as the saying goes “Earl Grey Teas are like…”  well, never mind, I probably shouldn’t say that here.  But, basically, everyone (that is, nearly every tea company out there) has got at least one Earl Grey tea.  Some of them have several!

But, after having tried so many Earl Grey teas, I have learned that not all Earl Grey teas are created equal.  And, interestingly enough, after trying so many Earl Grey teas, I have yet to grow tired of trying one that is new to me.

This Earl Grey from Joy’s Teaspoon is delightful.  It has a nice balance between black tea and bergamot.  The bergamot flavoring is strong, but it does not oppress the delicious black tea base.  It is a brisk, flavorful Earl Grey that takes well to the addition of milk and honey – if you want it – but also tastes wonderful without it.

The bergamot here tastes like bright, tangy orange with just a hint of a floral quality.  It doesn’t taste overdone nor does it have that cheap perfume kind of taste to it.  I know that I’ve said this before, but this is one of the very best Earl Grey teas that I’ve encountered.

Very little astringency to this cup, which is surprising, because I’ve come to expect a little more from Earl Grey.  It’s a nice surprise, though, and I think it is one of the main reasons why I am finding this Earl Grey to be so remarkable.  There is no bitterness, just a clean, vibrant taste of black tea and bergamot.

This is a great example of the classic Earl Grey, one that Earl Grey aficionados would want to not only try, but probably adopt as one of their tea cupboard staples.  As this is the first tea that I’ve tried from Joy’s Teaspoon, I’d say it’s a very encouraging sign of what I have to look forward to from this new company!  Well done!

Japanese Cherry from Joy’s Teaspoon

Tea Type: Green Tea

Where To Buy: Joy’s Teaspoon

Product Description:

Cherries play an important role in Japanese culture. The cherry blossom festival which takes place every year is beautiful to look at. The exquisite Sencha base was refined with high-quality sour cherries and a tempting cherry flavor. This blend is doubtless a real classic among the flavored green teas and belongs in every assortment.

Tasters Review:

Japanese Cherry from Joy’s Teaspoon  is really great tasting Sencha and the Cherry is delightful!  I have had Cherry flavored Greens before and many other companies over do it on their flavoring! Either they overdue it or it’s very artificial tasting or in some cases it tastes like medicine…you know…like Pepto or Cough Syrup or something!  This is JUST RIGHT!  I may just say this is my FAVORITE Japanese Cherry to date!  Nicely flavored green!

A little more about Japanese Cherry and Cherry Blossoms:

A cherry blossom is the flower of the cherry trees known as Sakura (桜 or 櫻; さくら?). In English, “sakura” refers to the Japanese flowering cherry, Prunus serrulata.[1][2] Cherry fruit (桜んぼ, sakuranbo?) comes from another species of tree. 
Read more HERE.

Summer Sunrise Tea from Joy’s Teaspoon


Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Joy’s Teaspoon

Product Description:

Like a refreshing dessert with a touch of something special – a very trendy finale to the perfect dinner. An elegant decoration of fine marigold blossoms simply adds to the beautiful image of this blend.

Ingredients: tea, basil, lemon granules, flavoring, marigold blossoms

Serving Amount: 1 teaspoon/6 oz. serving

Temperature: 176-194 degrees

Steep Time: 2-3 minutes

Tasters Review:

I want to start this post off by saying I HATE WINTER.  Unfortunately for me…I live in the snow belt.  Sigh.  Yes, I know…it’s ONLY the beginning of December but I am ALREADY sick of winter!  I don’t like being cold and I hate snow!

So, when I received this SUMMER SUNRISE Flavored Black Tea from Joy’s Teaspoon – I was HAPPY for more than one reason!

I was also excited because I found out that Joy’s Teaspoon is from Las Vegas!  I LOVE VEGAS!  I have been there 3 times so far!  PLUS last year The World Tea Expo was in Vegas.  I heard for 2011 the World Tea Expo will be held in Las Vegas yet again!  I haven’t been to the World Tea Expo but I would LOVE to go someday!  In the meantime…I will enjoy one of Las Vegas’s Tea Companies here in my home!

Anyhow…on to this specific tea from Joy’s Teaspoon…

I guess I can make the connection with the name of this because it DOES remind me of a Summer field or meadow!  The pretty aroma and feeling it gives you right off the bat!

The taste is of black tea, basil, and a hint of lemony goodness…but only a hint.  So if you are afraid of lemon – you might like this because it is subtle.  If you are worried about the Basil – don’t be!  It adds to the over all cup but isn’t over powering.

This is nice…if you get the chance…try it!


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