Hibiscus Berry from Rishi Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Fruit/Herbal Tisane

Where to Buy:  Rishi Tea

Product Description:

Luscious currants and delicious forest berries complement this fruity and balanced blend with a wonderful scarlet red infusion that refreshes and rejuvenates.

Taster’s Review:

As I’ve said on several occasions, I’m not a big fan of hibiscus.  Generally speaking, it is too tart for my personal taste.  But, I know that some people out there love the stuff (otherwise, the tea companies wouldn’t be selling it, right?) so when I decided to give this tisane a try, I did so on the premise that I would be fair and objective about the tisane and try not to let my own personal feelings get in the way.

But you know what?  I’m actually enjoying this!  I am surprised that I am actually enjoying it.

I steeped it for just five minutes.  I find that steeping hibiscus-laden tisanes any longer results in a very thick, syrupy, tart cup.  But, five minutes is just long enough to extract flavor and a little bit of body out of the hibiscus without going overboard on the tartness.

And while this IS a tart tisane, it isn’t too tart.  I don’t pucker up when I take a sip, but I do feel that sourness hit the back of my tongue – and its ALMOST a pucker.  I did add a dollop of honey and I am sure that helped to curb the tartness a bit, but it also did something else too; it added definition to the blueberry, currant and mango flavors.

I love that I can taste the sweetness of the mango, and the thickness from the hibiscus makes the mango flavor almost nectar-like!  I can also taste the blueberry peeking through.  It’s a very flavorful, fruity cup and it is one that I am sure kids will LOVE (and this is much better for them than soda pop, even with the honey!)

So, it just goes to show you, don’t let the name of a tea affect your decision to try it.  If I had done that, I wouldn’t be drinking this tea right now, and I am liking it!

Signature Positiv-A-Tea Blend from Positiv-A-Tea

Tea Type: Herbal

Where To Buy: Positiv-A-Tea

Product Description:

100% Organic
USDA Approved
Naturally Decaffeinated

Hibiscus, Lemon Balm, Rose Petals,
Orange Peel, Cinnamon, Lavender

Tasters Review:

I’m not going to lie…when I was finished infusing this the color of it frightened me!  I was also worried about the Hibiscus – many of you know my trials and tribulations with that ingredient…BUT…

This IS pretty pleasant! I’ve VERY shocked and surprised that the level of hibiscus is what it is!  As it cooled – I could taste more tartiness so I will drink this HOT!  If you are after the fruitier or tartier flavor you might like it cooler.   The Lemon Balm follows it as far as ingredients that pop out a little more than the others but the one that lingers is the Lavender and it’s a pretty lavender as well as a little chewy…if you can picture that!!   The rose and Orange are about equal in taste-intensity and that is subtle.

This is pretty and sassy and different all in one…I think it’s a neat blend and tastes alright!  If you are looking for a positive blend and something that is positively unique…give this one a whirl!

A Girl’s Best Friend from WhiteAugust Tea Company

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  WhiteAugust Tea Company

Product Description:

You’ll be distracted by this bright and shiny Tea.  A luxurious strand of Sri Lankan black tea, faceted with blueberries, elderberries and hibiscus gems.

Taster’s Review:

Some girls consider diamonds to be their best friend; me, I’d much rather have tea!  So this tea from WhiteAugust really interested me.  The name says just the way I feel when it comes to tea!

The dry leaf is quite beautiful and smells strongly of blueberry.  As it brews this berry aroma intensifies – filling the whole kitchen with the delicious scent of blueberries!  Yummy!

The flavor is quite pleasing.  The black tea base is the strongest flavor and it tastes rich and brisk.  Not at all bitter but there is some astringency that leaves the palate feeling clean, dry and ready for another sip.

The berry flavors are tart, but I am not finding it to be an undesirable flavor in this cup.  There is a light sweetness from the blueberry, and the hibiscus does its part by adding a slight reddish hue to the brewed liquor as well as a bit of its signature tartness.   And while I am not one who normally enjoys tart teas, I am finding that the level of tartness is just right for this particular tea.  I actually like the tartness in this tea!

This tea is delicious hot or iced.  I find it to be most delicious, though, when it is warm … not tepid or lukewarm; but at a nice, drinkable temperature that is warm enough to be a “hot” tea but not so hot that it burns the tongue.  At this point, I find that the flavor of the hibiscus has not yet “popped” so it is still at a pleasant tart level, and the flavors of the blueberry really shine through nicely while still allowing the black tea to be the star of the show.

So far, I have tried a few of WhiteAugust’s teas and I must say that I am incredibly impressed with them.  The teas are appealing to the nose and the eye as well as the palate.  They’ve a beautiful, easy-to-navigate website and they are incredibly nice too!  Everything one could want from a top-notch tea company!

Health Juice from Shui Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Herbal

Where to Buy:  Shui Tea

Product Description:

Herbal blend of freeze-dried orange, grapefruit, tangerine, apple, blackberry and carrot, mixed with lemongrass, hibiscus, eucalyptus, and beetroot. This blend is a harmony of sweet and tart flavors. A poet would describe this blend as a “mélange of fruit ecstasy”. We stick with delicious. Great hot or iced.

Taster’s Review:

Now that the holiday season is pretty much over, it’s about the time that most of us are starting to think “healthy” to compensate for our holiday indulgences.  Well, this tisane will get you on your way!

And you know what?  This is a tisane you’ll want to drink not because it’s healthy, but because it tastes good!

When I first opened the package, I could smell eucalyptus which can come off either as a pleasant smell to some and medicinal to others.  I happen to like the smell of eucalyptus so long as it’s not an overpowering scent, and while this tea smells primarily of eucalyptus, it doesn’t overwhelm the nostrils.

I had planned on steeping this for 5 minutes, but, at 4 minutes, I noticed that the tisane had taken on a very deep red color, and I feared that this would be a strong hibiscus-y tea.  Since I’m not terribly fond of hibiscus, I stopped brewing at this point.

And at 4 minutes, the results of the steeping is quite pleasant.  The hibiscus notes are very faint, the liquor is not thick or syrupy, and only the occasional tart note.

This tisane is citrus-y with a pleasing background of smooth, sweet apple, beetroot and carrot.  These ingredients lend more to the surface of the tea than they do to the flavor – giving it a little bit of sweetness and body so that the citrus tones do not come off as too acidic.  The overall effect is that of a refined, pulp-free juice like you might enjoy at a juice bar.

The eucalyptus is not as strong in the flavor as the aroma would suggest, but I do get the sharp, fresh taste of eucalyptus trying to peek through the citrus notes.

Overall, a very pleasant beverage – that is is healthy is just a bonus!

Tropical Lime Yerba Maté from Maté Factor

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Yerba Maté

Where to Buy: Maté Factor

Product Description:

Tropical Lime Yerba Mate Tea Bags (formerly Hibiscus Lime)
80% Organic Ingredients

Our Tropical Lime tea box contains 20 large tea-bags. All of our tea-bags contain 3.5 grams of tea, DOUBLE the size of most tea-bags on the market, so you can enjoy more of the flavor, nutrition, and energizing effects of Yerba Mate!

Ingredients: Organic Green Yerba Mate, Organic Hibiscus Flowers, Sun-Dried Lime

High in Natural Vitamin C

This amazing, fruity blend is not only refreshing hot or cold, but is an amazing booster to your body’s defense system.

Taster’s Review:

As I’ve said on numerous occasions, I’m not that fond of hibiscus.  Some hibiscus in blends is OK so long as it’s not overdone – it provides an interesting tart flavor and a little bit of body to a tisane – but, when there is too much hibiscus in a blend, it becomes too tart and too thick and syrupy.

In drinking this tea, I’m not sure if there is too much hibiscus here, or if it is just a tart tisane.  The lime and hibiscus together create a rather sour pair.  Nice if you enjoy sour or tart tastes, I’m not one of those people, though.

That being said, this isn’t thick or syrupy, which leads me to believe that it’s not too much hibiscus, it’s just the combination of lime and hibiscus that creates such a tart experience.  It has a nice body to it.  And I found that a drizzle of agave nectar helped to turn this rather tart cup into something quite good.

Interestingly enough, the earthy quality of  the Yerba Maté in this blend cuts through some of the tart hibiscus taste, so I am getting more lime than I am hibiscus.  Both the hibiscus and lime are still rather strong, but, the earthy nature of Yerba Maté saves this blend.

And who’d have thought I’d ever be happy for the earthy characteristic of Yerba Maté?   Certainly not me, not until now!  But somehow, the blending of earthy and tart work together quite nicely.  The tart cuts through some of the musty flavors of the earthy tones while the earthy flavor smooths out some of the tarter edges.  It works together well.

Now, I am not about to say that this is my favorite Yerba Maté blend, because it isn’t.  But it is quite good and appealing in its own way.  It is one that I would recommend to all you lovers of tart/sour tastes out there.

Signature Positiv-A-Tea Blend from Positiv-A-Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Herbal

Where to Buy:  Positiv-A-Tea

Product Description:

100% Organic
USDA Approved
Naturally Decaffeinated

Hibiscus, Lemon Balm, Rose Petals,
Orange Peel, Cinnamon, Lavender

Taster’s Review:

I was a little confused when I read the packaging – the list of ingredients on the card that came with this sample of tea doesn’t include cinnamon, but I was certain it was in there.  I could smell it and taste it.  I was a little worried that somehow my olfactory nerve and taste buds were off.  After visiting the website I see that there is, indeed, cinnamon in the blend.

So at least my nose and tongue aren’t so off after all.  But I still worried that this tisane would be very hibiscus-y since it was the first ingredient listed.  But really, the hibiscus isn’t very dominant here.  It adds some much needed body (without it, I think this would be a dismally thin cuppa) and color, as well as just a hint of flavor that enhances the citrus-y tones of the cup.

That being said, as this tisane cools the hibiscus flavor does start to become more aggressive – so if you like the taste of hibiscus, drink this iced.  If you’re not a fan of hibiscus, I suggest drinking it hot!

The primary flavors of this cup are the citrus-y tones (most notably, orange) and the cinnamon, and it makes for a very nice, warmly spiced orange-y tisane.  I can taste the rose and the lavender also, but, these are not particularly strong in this cup.  The lemon balm adds just a hint of lemon-y flavor, but without lemon-y pucker.  It is a very charming balance of tastes.

A beautiful herbal blend that is just as good for you as it is delicious to drink!  Cheers!


Crimson Nectar from Tea Forté

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Fruit/Herbal Tisane

Where to Buy:  Tea Forté

Company Description:

A vibrant, fruity, hibiscus-based herbal with a naturally sweet and surprisingly buttery finish. A limited edition holiday tea.

Taster’s Review:

Of the five teas that are included in the Winter Collection, this one is my least favorite.  It’s the hibiscus.  I just think that there is way too much of it in this blend, and I’m not particularly fond of hibiscus.

That being said, this tea isn’t that bad.  Or, at least, not as bad as I thought it would be.  The trick with this one is to not let it steep too long (because then the hibiscus becomes very thick and tart), serve it cold and to use an ample dollop of honey to sweeten it.  (Or perhaps you might use this tisane to make a holiday “punch” – just add some ginger ale!)

The honey serves two purposes, really.  It not only curbs some of the tartness of the hibiscus, but it also adds some definition to the overall cup.  With the honey in there, I can taste the lovely apple and citrus notes.

And then there is the buttery finish.  Yes, I get some tart that lingers on the tongue, but, there is also a sweet, creamy buttery taste in the finish … which nicely offsets the tartness.  It’s really quite pleasant, and perhaps the one thing that keeps me sipping this tisane.

As I said, this is not my favorite tisane and probably not one that I’d buy on its own, but it is certainly not so bad that I would choose not to buy a collection just because it happens to be part of that collection.  And I know that there are those people who have a greater appreciation for tart teas … this is the tea for you!

Premium Gourmet Tea Sachets Set from Talbott Teas

Type: Gift Set/Tea Product

Where To Buy: Talbott Teas

Product Description:

Our top 4 luxury blends are now available in sachets. Just drop one in your cup, and you’re good to go. Plus, Talbott Teas sachets are made of eco-friendly Soilon, which is 100% biodegradable.

Tasters Review:

One of the first things I tried from Talbott Teas was their Sachets.  I received one of their Premium Gourmet Tea Sachets Sets – more specifically their Orange Creme Dreams Sachet Set.  We should have an Orange Creme Dreams tea review coming up within the next few weeks so stay tuned for that!  In the meantime, I would love to show you this set!

What’s neat about this set from Talbott Teas is that you can choose from their top sellers and they only cost $12!  That AND they are eco-friendly!  That’s always a PLUS!

Again, I really love how simple yet stylish these gift boxes are!  And when you open it up it smells heavenly!

You close your eyes and let the heavenly aroma of real orange peel and vanilla carry you away. In this dream, you can be anyone. But you choose to be you.

And as a teaser for the Orange Creme Dreams, specifically – check out these ingredients: All natural premium ingredients: rooibos, orange peels, apple pieces, rosehips, hibiscus, calendula petals, safflowers, natural orange and vanilla flavors.

Just another look at why I think Talbott Teas made the Oprah’s Favorite Things list this past week!  Quality, Style, Taste, Fun, and Great Customer Service…Talbott Teas!



Blissful Blueberry from Talbott Teas

Tea Type: Fruit/Herbal Tisane

Where To Buy: Talbott Teas

Product Description:

Still warm from the sun, the blueberries melt in your mouth with an abundance of fresh-picked flavor. Comforting notes of apple and black currants unfold in this antioxidant-rich herbal blend.

All natural premium ingredients: Blueberry fruit, apple pieces, rosehips, hibiscus, cornflower petals, black currant leaf, natural blueberry and strawberry flavors.

Tasters Review:

The guys over at Talbott Teas are still “on Cloud Nine” from being on Oprah’s Favorite Things Yesterday and here at SororiTEA Sisters we thought we would continue to celebrate with more Talbott Tea Reviews this week!

Today I would like to talk about Blissful Blueberry from Talbott Teas.  There are many reasons I would like to chat about this one, actually.  One being the name connection…BLISSful.  BLISS is not only part of my screen name but also part of my real name and I use that play on words quite a bit.  I have a Craft Blog called Blissful Place and it’s located HERE.

I was intrigued by this tisane because of the blueberries, too!

I remember the first time I sampled this tisane from Talbott Teas…I’ll admit…I was afraid!  The post infusion color is what ‘got me’.  The color was so vibrant I KNEW their was Hibiscus in it and if any of you know me you know my troubled relationship with hibiscus!  I was thinking it was going to be Hibiscus and NOTHING else!  BUT I was thankfully wrong!  This is a wonderful mixture of fruit, folks!  Mostly Blueberry BUT the strawberry and apple flavors are noticeable to the tongue as well!  It’s quite tart and fruity but mostly from the actual fruit and not as much from the hibiscus.   I can tell there is hibiscus in there but not nearly as much as I assumed!

For those who aren’t crazy about Hibiscus – try what I did…under infuse!  It does make a difference!  AND…I have found this one I enjoy COLD or ICED more than the Hot Cup Equivalent!  I really do think it’s the Blueberries!  They make this work ICED!  It’s VERY Nice!

Just another offering from our friends at Talbott Teas who are still celebrating their products being featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things yesterday!  Continued success to you!

Fruit Blend Tea from Sahara’s Supplies

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Herbal

Where to Buy:  Sahara’s Supplies

Company’s Description:

A pleasantly fruity and minty blend of herbal ingredients. Delicious and caffeine-free!

Description: Fruit Blend Tea
Origin: United States, House Blend
Uses: Tea

Taster’s Review:

This tea presents a challenge to me, because I’m not really crazy about it.  It’s not necessarily a bad tea though – it’s just not my favorite tea.

Let’s start with the obvious (as far as my palate is concerned).  This blend has a lot of hibiscus in it.  Hibiscus is not my favorite herb in teas because it offers a very tart flavor and has a rather thick body, so if there is a lot of hibiscus in an herbal blend, it can brew up to be rather thick and somewhat syrupy.

I know that there are a lot of people out there who love hibiscus.  I’m just not one of them.  That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy some blends with hibiscus in them, but, I am just of the opinion that it needs to be added lightly.  Too much hibiscus is well… just too much.

And for me, this blend has a little too much, and it interferes a little bit with the other flavors.  I can taste the fruit flavors of lemon and orange – and these flavors are quite pleasant, and I think they would be even better if there were less hibiscus in this blend.  The hibiscus tends to highlight the sour qualities of the citrus fruits, and much of the subtle sweetness seems lost.

My favorite part of this tea is the peppermint.  I really do like how it seems to be peeking out of the other herbs in this blend.  It’s like a little tease of peppermint, and it does entice me to keep drinking, if for no other reason than that little hint of peppermint.

This makes a much better iced tea than a hot tea, and I do recommend a drizzle of honey or agave nectar or some sugar to help curb some of the tartness of this unless you really like tart.

As I said at the start, this is not a bad tea, it is just not my favorite tea.  I know that my palate tends to be overly sensitive when it comes to sour/tart flavors.  So, I do encourage you to try it for yourself… and if you like it, please stop by and let us know – I’d love to hear from you!

Mountain Berry Tea from SpecialTea Brew

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Fruit/Herbal Tisane

Where to Buy:  SpecialTea Brew

Company Description:

Hibiscus flower, rose hips, orange peel, cornflower petals & blueberries

Taster’s Review:

Wow… this tea is tart!

Now, I am not ordinarily a fan of tart teas, I prefer things on the slightly sweeter side.  But I’m not going to let that stand in my way of offering my thoughts on this tea.

The union of hibiscus, orange peel and blueberry creates a unique flavor – it doesn’t quite taste like blueberry, it doesn’t quite taste like hibiscus.  It is like a new berry… is it mountain berry?  I think that perhaps “tropical berry” might be more appropriate, but that’s just my opinion.

This new berry – Mountain Berry – has a pungent tartness with an underlying sweetness, it has a very juicy flavor that is very vibrant.

It has been suggested to try blending this tea with other “teas” – such as a white tea or a green tea.  I think it would also be quite good with a bit of honeybush.  But I think it would be even better as a “cooler” – adding a little bit of lemon-lime soda (or ginger ale!) to it along with a wedge of orange.  Doesn’t that sound refreshing?

I didn’t have any lemon-lime soda, nor did I try blending it with other teas… but what I did try is chilling it.  It is pretty good as an iced tea, the chill tones down the tarty quality of the tea just enough to make it somewhat energizing.

This is not my favorite tea – but it isn’t a terrible tasting tea either.  It is one that I welcome your thoughts on – please try it for yourself and let me know (by writing a comment on this post) what you think of it.  I’d love to hear from you!

Burgundy Blast from Simpson & Vail

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Herbal

Where to Buy:  Simpson & Vail

Company Description:

This refreshing blend brews to a bright cherry red color with a sweet, tart taste. Comprised of hibiscus flowers, mango, papaya, lemongrass, safflower, mallow blossoms and acai and pomegranate flavors, this tea is fabulous both hot and iced.

Taster’s Review:

I’ll be honest, this tea scared me a little bit… a quick look at the ingredients made me think that this would be just a little too sour for my taste buds.  So I put off trying it until now…

Yes, it IS a bit tart … BUT… it is also very tasty!  It has enough sweet fruit flavor to it that it smooths out the tart edge just enough so that it’s agreeable.

The key, I think, is to not allow it to steep too long.   I steeped it for just 5 minutes.  This is enough time to extract flavor from the herbs and fruit without allowing the hibiscus to offset the delicate balance of this cup.  Another important factor is that I served it iced.  The chill allows the flavors to mellow out without dulling them too much.  When it is hot, the flavor is much more potent.

But… let’s get on to how this tastes, because it is really quite tasty.  I can taste mango and papaya, pomegranate and açaí.  The lemongrass offers just a hint lemony taste, and it is just the right touch to the sweet-tart blend of fruits.

The hibiscus offers some body to this blend – but because I only steeped it for 5 minutes, it isn’t a thick, syrupy consistency.  It is also not overwhelmingly sour.  It offers just the right level of tart to create a very delicate balance between tart and sweet. 

Simpson & Vail has a very intriguing recipe for this tea – Burgundy Blast Fizzy Drink – which can be found here.  It looks absolutely delicious!

I enjoyed this tea very much and it was just the right tea for today, because even though the calendar says it’s autumn, the weather is very summer-like.  It was HOT today!  Drinking this as an iced tea was very refreshing!

Skala from da.u.de

Tea Type: Rooibos

Where To Buy: da.u.de

Product Description:

The aroma on this tisane is undeniably sweet. Medium bodied blend inspired by the berry colors of my room at Dar Skala in Asilah.

Green Rooibos, Cranberry, Apple, Rhubarb, Red Currant, Hibiscus, Blue Mallow Blossoms.


Steeping Time: 7 minutes

Afrasian Blends you secretly love

Tasters Review:

The dry ingredients smell Marvelous!

Most of these ingredients I wouldn’t normally choose in an herbal because I usually don’t care for full flavor tarty herbals…but…this one was so much different than the others I have tried!

Based on the ingredients and being able to see everything obviously when looking at it…and the powerful smell I really thought this would be tart, but, altho it’s quite juicy and fruity it’s more of a smooth and pleasant herbal and it just maybe because of the green rooibos pairing!?

Not sure…but what ever da.u.de did with this blend I sure do like it! So much so that I might just have to say this is my FAVORITE Fruity Herbal I have ever had…and guess what…it has hibiscus in it! BUT…it doesn’t seem to be bothering me!

I’m so surprised with this one!  They really did a great job on this!  It’s great both HOT and COLD!

Again…I just can’t get over how much I like this one (based on the ingredients and my previous attempts with other brands and ended up being not so good).

2 Thumbs Up!

Citrus Appeal Tea from Talbott Teas

Tea Type: Green Tea

Where To Buy: Talbott Teas

Product Description:

Product Description: Bright top notes of fresh pineapple and mango awaken your palate. The tart sweetness of passion fruit stirs your curiosity. Made with premium Japanese Sencha green tea, this blend is pure sunshine.

All natural premium ingredients: Full leaf Japanese Sencha green tea, hibiscus, grapefruit peel, pineapple pieces, calendula petals, lemon and natural grapefruit flavor

Tasters Review:

Citrus Appeal from Talbott Teas – I must say the aroma is delightful before, during, and after infusing!  The Pineapple Pieces in this are HUGE and delicious!  The taste is a flavorful fruity and tantalizing tropical-sweet yet sugary.  This is a good tasting green. There is VERY LITTLE Hibiscus in this which is MUCH appreciated! Thanks Talbott Teas…you know me too well!  And these are just my findings on the first infusion!

For the 2nd infusion the post infusion color is drastically different…It’s a grey-purple green the first attempt was more of a green-yellow. I could also taste the Lemon, Grapefruit more where as the 1st attempt I could taste the Pineapple more-so.

Regardless I really enjoyed BOTH infusions!  So if you your taste buds are tempting you for something green and something citrus with a twist – give this one a whirl!

Super Fruit Tea from TeaPigs

Tea Type: Herbal

Where To Buy: TeaPigs

Product Description:

We can’t get enough of our blueberries and cranberries since we were told they’re packed full of super powers. To get more of your daily antioxidants, try this blend of real berry pieces, which deliver a punchy, fruity taste unlike any fruit tea you’ve tasted before. Again, we’ve looked after the berries, not crushed them.

Compare our whole berries in our tea temples to the crushed up bits in your regular tea bag; whole is best.

Super fruity, this cheeky drink is a little tart.

Try it:
With honey, if you like your fruit sweeter. Or cream.

Good if you’re feeling:
Slow and lifeless. The antioxidants in our super fruits will help stave off “Squashed Hedgehog Syndrome” (i.e. “feeling run down” – get it? Sorry).

To buy our super fruit herbal tea packed with berries online, select the quantity of loose leaf tea, temple teas or sample tins you would like and then add to basket.

Hibiscus, elderberry, blackcurrant, raisin, flavouring, lingonberry, blueberry.

Brewing Instructions:
One tea temple per person, infused in boiling water for at least 3 minutes. Don’t rush – just relax and watch the berries swirl.

Average Customer Reviews
based on 34 reviews
Write an online review and share your thoughts and tastes with others.

Tasters Review:

Well, Colored Me Surprised!

I’m not sure what made me think of that phrase…maybe it was me reminiscing of a friends cat the other day…her name was COLOR ME RAINBOW…anyhow…on to the tea review, eh!?

I really thought this was going to be pure hibiscus! I’m glad I was wrong!

I could taste mostly elderberries and currants and then the blueberries sneaked their way in! THEN there was the slightest hint of cranberries towards the end of the sip!  VERY interesting!

The website said this has raisins in it but the wrapping doesn’t mention it…just for the record I cannot taste raisins. The Hibiscus is accompanying the berries but really isn’t much of a tangy and/or tart factor in the taste.  It’s more fruity and berry like than hibiscus…thankfully!

This was very good!  And it totally surprised me!  Nicely done TeaPigs!

Raspberry Green Tea from Rishi

Tea Type: Green Tea

Where To Buy: Rishi Tea

Product Description:

Raspberry Green, Organic Fair Trade Green Tea

Smooth, steamed green tea blended with tart hibiscus and succulent raspberries. This blend is sweet, jammy and rich with a character that lends itself to tasty hot or iced tea. Goes well with a squeeze of lemon or pomegranate juice.

Water: 180°F / Leaves: 1 tablespoon per 8 oz / Infusion Time: 3-4 minutes / Ingredients: Organic green tea, organic raspberry, organic Fair Trade Certified™ hibiscus and natural raspberry flavor. Origin: Rishi blend.

Tasters Review:

Rishi is introducing 12 new teas!  I’m so happy to share my experiences with their BRAND NEW Raspberry Green Tea!

When I opened the package the Raspberry seemed to be of the dried fruit variety and a little sticky…which then seemed to make the green tea leaves sticky and/or seemed to give it a texture. The aroma was a wonderful raspberry. I think there are more Raspberry bits than actual green tea and ONE little Hibiscus sliver in the bit that I infused!

Some of you know my love/hate relationship with Hibiscus.  Most Hibiscus attempts are a fail…mostly because the hibiscus is WAY over done (too much in the blend) or I find it unnecessary altogether.  PLUS it’s too tarty and puckery for my liking most times.  NOT this time around…the very little Rishi used of the Hibiscus seemed to assist the other flavors and worked very well with it.  It didn’t interrupt the wonderful raspberry at all.

The taste of this tea is sweet and fruity and has the slightest tart to it – but like I said before…it’s very slight and actually makes sense!  This infuses to a very light pinkish color. It has a nice juicy and mellow type taste with fruity highlights and I really REALLY like it and think it would be wonderful iced, too!

I’m very happy with this one and very honored to be able to try this so quickly after it’s release.  Be sure to check out their other releases…you might just be surprised at what you find!  AND please visit SororiTEA Sisters again soon…there are more Rishi Reviews on Tap!

Cherry Bomb Tea from Compass Teas

Tea Type: Green/Herbal/Yerba maté

Where To Buy: Compass Teas

Product Description:

Blast away that bad mood! This delicious cherry flavored tea is full of goodness and is sure to lift your spirits (especially since it tastes kind of like fruit punch when sweetened)
This blend contains Yerba Mate, which is a natural and nutritious stimulant that is said to help provide mental clarity, improve digestion, burn fat, relieve pain, enhance memory & immunity, and has a reputation for being a great energy & mood lifter.

Yerba Mate- Mood lifter, weight loss aid, immunity booster
Green tea- Antioxidant rich, helps keep body hydrated, may help reduce your daily calorie intake which can lead to weight loss
Rose-hips- Vitamins A, C, D, E, antioxidants, immunity booster
Dandelion leaf- Mood lifter
Hibiscus- Vitamin C, immunity booster, weight loss aid
Cherry flavoring- Perfectly enhances the natural goodness of this tea
Rose petals- Accenting feature

Tasters Review:

Cherry Bomb Tea from Compass Teas smells great before, during, and after infusion…just like Cherry Candy or Juice, even!  This is really good if you like Cherry and I do…so ROCK ON!  Speaking of ROCKIN’ – I could resist adding a song/video to this post so don’t don’t forget to scroll down.

The Hibiscus is barely there and thank the tea gods for that – as many of you know my feelings about Hibiscus! It seems to be more there to just open doors for the rest of the ingredients and isn’t the leader of the pack!  Eventho this is VERY Cherry tasting – you can still taste the GREEN TEA.

I couldn’t post this review without accompanying it with a very fitting song…ENJOY your tea and ENJOY a little John Cougar Mellencamp!

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