Earl Grey Vanilla Almond Tea from TeaScapes

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: TeaScapes

Product Description:

Earl Grey Vanilla Almond black loose leaf tea leaves are mixed with almond pieces and vanilla flavoring. The brewed liquor offers a pleasant flavor of bergamot mixed with the nutty tones of almond and creamy undercurrents of vanilla. This loose leaf black tea is perfect for desserts or for just a pure indulgence.

Tasters Review:

This is unlike anything I have EVER smelled in my life!  It’s powerful and has attitude!  And I like that!

The DRY Aroma – I can smell Almond right off the bat!  Right after that scent follows the Earl Grey!  I can smell both – both together and separately!  It’s very intense!  And VERY Unique!

After infusing – the almond tones down quite a bit and the Earl Grey comes thru even more.

The color of the infused liquid is that of a medium brown.

The taste is out of this world!

I can taste the bold black tea wonderfully!  Then I can taste the nicely done Earl Grey flavors and THEN the Almond barges thru!   The vanilla slides in towards the end of the sip and smooths it out pleasantly.

This is such a FUN tea!  I think it’s just GREAT!  I’m very impressed with the aroma, flavors, and creativity of both!   This is a REAL winner!

Cranberry Mango Green Tea from TeaGschwendner

Tea Type: Green Tea

Where To Buy: TeaGschwendner

Product Description:

Green teas from China and Ceylon with cranberry and mango bits

Tasters Review:

I have to admit I am fairly new to TeaGschwendner Teas.  If it wasn’t for my fellow tea buddies and swappers I probably wouldn’t have been able to try them.  I have found that I like most of their teas that I have tried so far.  Cranberry Mango Green Tea is currently towards the top of the list of being one of my favorites so far!

I cannot express how awesome this  tea smells! If a smell could be iridescent this would be it! I could smell cranberries but then a little mango…oddly enough I was getting an overwhelming grapefruit type smell from across the room…not sure why because it’s cranberry and mango but I am NOT complaining in the slightest because this is one of the most awesome smelling green teas I have ever smelled n my life! It doesn’t even lose that much of the smell once infused!

It’s a light yellow/green in color and very pleasing to my palate. It’s refreshing and juicy and thirst quenching and fun! The Cranberry and Mango couldn’t be dancing a more perfect dance with each other.

I like green tea, and I like Cranberry and Mango.  Apparently this flavored green has all of the components and I was lucky enough to try it!

White Vanilla Grapefruit from Harney & Sons

Leaf Type: White

Where To Buy: Harney & Sons

Company Description:

White teas enriched by vanilla and brightened by grapefruit bring forth the cleansing White Vanilla Grapefruit tea. Each refreshing brew reveals light and smooth citrus tones. The indulgent vanilla aroma, pleasantly surprising and suggestive of chocolate, engulfs the white tea in its sweet embrace. The whimsical fusion of white teas, vanilla, and fresh citrus makes for a complex yet wonderful equation.

Taster Review:

Recently I tried Harney & Sons White Vanilla Grapefruit Tea.  I have heard mixed reviews on it and wanted to try it out for myself.  I LOVE Grapefruit!  I’m not a vanilla freak but am getting to where I appreciate it more when done right – in a tea, that is.  I generally enjoy white teas and flavored whites.  So, I figured I would at least find this one acceptable.

But, I will tell you – if was more than acceptable in my book!  I actually really liked it.  The scent is pretty and delicate yet refreshing. It infuses darker than I anticipated for it being a white.

I could smell and taste both the vanilla AND the grapefruit.  This is a good flavored white if you don’t mind grapefruit or if you are one of those people who try anything with vanilla in it.  I really did find the grapefruit and vanilla partnership to be a winning combination.

You’ve heard the saying…”You don’t know unless you try”…and I’m glad that Harney and Sons did.

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