ConfeTea from WhiteAugust Tea Company

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  WhiteAugust Tea Company

Product Description:

The perfect Tea for putting a smile on your face.  Let’s get the party started with our Indian Black Tea blend that will remind you of vanilla cupcakes with candy sprinkles.

Taster’s Review:

What a fun tea!  And it really does smell like vanilla cupcakes!

I love cupcakes – I go positively giddy every time I see something cupcake (especially if I see a cupcake bakery!  haha!)  So I was really excited about this tea.  The cute little candy sprinkles add such life to what might otherwise be an ordinary-looking black tea.

The candy sprinkles melt during steeping, and add just a tiny bit of sweetness to the cup.  (If you like your teas sweet, you might want to add just a little more)  The black tea is brisk but not overbearing, and has a pleasant, inviting taste (and aroma!)  There is a light astringency to this cup.  It is not bitter, though, even after five minutes of steeping.

This tea has a light vanilla taste to it.  Like the black tea base, it is not an overwhelming vanilla taste.

This would be a great tea to serve to guests (a great party tea!) because it has a fairly mellow tone to it, it is not overly astringent.  It is not cloying nor bitter… a very friendly sort of tea!

Cupcake from Old Wilmington Tea Co.

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Old Wilmington Tea Co.

Company Description:

Who can resist a cupcake? Treat yourself every day with our yummy blend of black tea, natural vanilla & caramel flavor with fun colorful sprinkles mixed in! A celebration in your teacup!

Taster’s Review:

This is definitely a celebration in a teacup!

Ahh… a cupcake!  Is there any dessert that elicits more child-like delight than a cupcake?  I – being of strong sweet tooth – love cupcakes.  I’m sure that probably comes as no surprise to any of you who have read many of my reviews!  But, I must admit, my love of cupcakes is somewhat of an obsession.

So when I found this tea as I was browsing Old Wilmington’s website, I knew I had to try it.   Fortunately, Old Wilmington offers generously sized sample packages, super fast shipping, and very courteous service.

The black tea base used for this blend is very robust.  Although Old Wilmington does not reveal what black tea they use for this tea, I suspect that it is a blend that contains Assam, if not made entirely of Assam.  My reason for believing this is that this is a very strong, malty tasting tea and you just don’t really get that from an average, everyday Ceylon.  Yes, occasionally you might find a Ceylon that can pack this kind of punch, but, it doesn’t happen often.  Whatever the tea in this base, it brews to a very stout, delicious liquor.

I don’t know that what I’m tasting here in my cup actually tastes like a cupcake.  I can taste a deliciously decadent caramel flavoring, as well as a creamy vanilla note.  That creamy note is further enhanced by the addition of milk or cream, which I did add, to make it a latte.  I tried it first without the milk, but I do think that it is much better with it.  The milk gives it a real smooth, rich flavor that makes a very good cup quite extraordinary.

I strongly recommend to anyone who is trying this tea for the first time to experiment with your steeping time.  I recommend starting out at just 2 or 2 1/2 minutes.  The first time I brewed it, I brewed it for 3 minutes and quickly learned (within moments following my first sip) that this was too long.  The tea can take on a slightly bitter taste when brewed too long… and nobody wants a bitter cupcake, am I right?

Despite an unsuccessful first attempt (well, it wasn’t really unsuccessful, it just was slightly bitter, but not undrinkable), I will say that this is one “cupcake” that is worth the effort of finding the right time for your perfect cup of tea.  (I found that 2 1/2 minutes is just perfect for me)   It is a delightful treat any time of day, a great way to indulge without consuming a lot of extra calories (let’s face it, cupcakes do taste good, but they aren’t particularly waistline friendly, are they?)  Even adding just a teaspoon of sugar and a splash of milk to your cup to enhance the vanilla and caramel flavors only adds a fraction of the calories than consuming a cupcake.

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