Raspberry Champagne Tea from Octavia Tea

Tea Type: White Tea

Where To Buy: Octavia Tea

Product Description:

Lush and inviting, Raspberry Champagne blends the floral, honey-like notes of champagne with fresh, blushing berries. White tea is said to be the healthiest of all teas and is picked only a few days each year.

Tasters Review:

Raspberry Champagne from Octavia Tea smells like Raspberry and Flowers!   The taste is Raspberry and floral but very champagne-like and juicy.  The aftertaste is a sweet floral taste. The berry notes are wonderful!  I can even taste a bit of honey as well!

I tend to over infuse my loose leaf teas.  I infuse more of the actual loose leaf but for a little less time to avoid bitterness or overly grassy or mossy tastes in other teas.

When I over infused the amount of this specific tea here is what I found different from the original infusion…

The aroma was of Honey, Berries, White Tea…it was very nice!  The taste was pretty much the same as before but even more so.  The Raspberry really came out when I attempted this!

I also tried a 2nd infusion when I over infused the amount of loose leaf and the taste is a bit on the lighter-side…but still very tasty and satisfying.  I really enjoyed each attempt!  And I really thought this was a great flavored white tea!


Champagne Rose from Lupicia

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Lupicia

Product Description:

Black tea flavored with sweet strawberries and champagne. Perfect as a festive gift.

Taster’s Review:


I am very pleasantly surprised by this tea.  Until now, most of the champagne flavored teas I’ve tasted has been with a white tea base and because white tea is so light and delicate in flavor, I thought it was a perfect match with the sparklingly light taste of champagne.  I was skeptical about how well the champagne flavor would translate in a black tea.

But, I am very impressed!  Not only does the champagne flavor sparkle through but it is so nicely infused with the strawberry flavor.  This is so delicious – like a New Year’s celebration in a teacup!

The black tea base is robust and bright.  There is a slight (very slight) bitterness at the tail end of the sip, but I find that it is a very intriguing contrast to the sweetness of the strawberry and champagne flavor and lends a certain savory element to this otherwise sweet tea.

The strawberry tastes sweet and offers a hint of tartness, while the champagne tastes like … well, champagne!  This is tea and not a sparkling wine, so it doesn’t have the bubbly aspect of champagne, but it does have a certain grape-like taste to it with a clean, almost tannic quality that is very representative of my limited experience with tasting champagne.  (err… that is to say, I don’t drink champagne very often!)  It is not strongly astringent, but there is a hint of that wine-like characteristic that expresses itself as champagne-like.  This is also really good iced!

This is one of the best teas that I’ve tasted from Lupicia – and I’ve tasted quite a few.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say this one is my favorite from Lupicia, but it is probably in the top 5.  VERY GOOD!

Champagne Raspberry White from Georgia Tea Company

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  Georgia Tea Company

Company Description:

A fine white tea flavored with champagne raspberry.

Taster’s Review:

There is no mistaking it – this tea definitely smells like raspberries and champagne.

And it tastes like it too.  There is a pleasant sparkly taste that glistens over the palate… no it doesn’t actually have the “bubbly-ness” that champagne has, but I can taste that sort of fermented, sparkly taste in this.  It definitely tastes like champagne!

The berry flavor is there too:  bright, juicy, ripe raspberries.  I can taste them here.

These two flavors really complement each other well; the taste of the champagne seems to bring out some of the sweetness and flavor of the berry, while the berries seem to heighten that sweet, fermented grape taste of the champagne.  It is really a delightful marriage of flavors.

And let’s not forget about the white tea, because the flavor of the white tea does not get lost amid these strong flavors – in fact, it seems to enhance some of the more delicate qualities of the champagne and the raspberry flavors… something that I doubt a tea with a stronger presence could do.

I recommend keeping the brewing water temperature low (my water was about 165°F) and steep for a longer period of time (5 minutes or more – with brewing temperatures so low, you needn’t worry too much about bitterness if you steep it for 6 or 7 minutes, but I wouldn’t go further than that), and use a little more leaf than you ordinarily would (I use a tablespoon of white tea leaf rather than a teaspoon).  This will – in my opinion – help you extract the most flavor as possible from this tea without worrying about having an overly delicate tasting brew.  And… brewing it this way will also ensure that if you choose to ice it, your tea will still be just as flavorful iced as it would be hot.

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