Papaya & Passion Fruit Black Tea from The Tea Nation

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  The Tea Nation

Product Description:

Black tea is most commonly produced in South Asia and Africa. It has a stronger flavor than most other teas and also has higher caffeine content. Black tea is prepared from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis and it is the most fermented of all teas. Black tea from Ceylon Tea is primarily produced using the orthodox method, where tea leaves are first harvested and then rolled to small pieces and fermented. The fermented tea leaves are dried using fire kilns. This process gives black tea its characteristic strong, full-bodied flavor and deep brown color.

Papaya is a tropical fruit that originally grew in southern Mexico. Passion fruit, also a tropical fruit was originally frown in Central America. Both are now cultivated in most countries with a tropical climate, such as Brazil, India, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. While papaya is an excellent and refreshing end to any meal, the distinct taste of passion fruit makes it an essential ingredient for cocktails. We have mixed these two contrasting, but complimentary flavors in a secret blend and mixed it with Pure Ceylon high grown tea to produce an exciting and refreshing drink.

Taster’s Review:

As I sit here, it is cold outside.  Really cold.  Frost forming on the windows kind of cold.  Not exactly a tropical climate.

But, my teacup thinks it’s on an island getaway, thanks to this Papaya & Passion Fruit Black Tea.  The tropical fruit flavors in this tea are sweet and delicious, while the black tea edges in just enough of its flavor to keep the sweeter tastes from becoming too cloying.

The black tea is a Ceylon base, and perhaps it’s just the combination of flavors, but I’m finding this to be quite a strong tea for a Ceylon.  There are hints of bitterness in the background too, but not from over-steeping (I steeped just 3 minutes).  It is more of a savory kind of bitterness that does its part to keep the cup complex and interesting, and cutting through some of the sweeter notes of the fruit flavors so they don’t overpower the cup.

A nice balance between tea and fruit flavor here where the tea flavor wins out over the fruit – but not by much.

This is a good summertime tea (yeah, I know it’s not summer), one that should be brewed by the gallon and kept in the icebox.  It would be great as a sun tea too!  This is a delicious black tea blend – one that is nice served hot, but I think it’s even better chilled.  It is very refreshing and the tropical taste lends itself so well to a cool glass of iced tea.

Irish Breakfast Blend from Ocean of Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Ocean of Tea

Product Description:

Need an eye-opener? Blended from Assam and Ceylon teas, this classic Irish breakfast is full bodied and can be enjoyed throughout the day. It goes well with milk in the traditional Irish manner, but does equally well with a touch of lemon, or plain.

Irish breakfast black tea has an obscure history. Assam teas are popular in Ireland, and Irish breakfast blends are considered normal tea in that country. Popularized elsewhere as a breakfast tea, it is often served as an alternative to coffee.

Taster’s Review:

If you’re looking for a breakfast blend with the gusto to get you going in the morning, you need look no further than this Irish Breakfast Blend from Ocean of Tea.

This is a very strong, rich tea!  Robust!  One thing that I notice right away with this blend is that the Assam in the blend makes its presence known in a very profound way.  It is malty and has a very pleasing depth of flavor.  If this tea doesn’t get you going in the morning, nothing will!

The tea has a toothsome quality to it and reminds me of a freshly baked loaf of bread.  Yummy!  The malty tone intensifies this quality.  The Ceylon helps to give this blend a very well-rounded appeal.

While this tea is excellent with the additions of milk and honey (that’s sort of a tradition when it comes to breakfast blends, isn’t it?) I am finding it quite nice with just a drizzle of agave nectar to help take off some of the edge of the Assam (if you like that edge, omit the sweetener completely!) while enhancing the undertone of caramel-y sweetness.

This cuppa is warm and inviting, not to mention absolutely delicious.  I love it!


Indian Mocha Chai from

Tea Type: Chai Tea (Black Tea)

Where To Buy:

Product Description:

This Sri Lankan Chai is made from Indian spices and high-grown Ceylon tea with natural cherry and chocolate flavors. The combination of ingredients gives this tea the depth and character of those served in Chai stands prevalent in India and Sri Lanka. This tea has a superb body with mellow Indian spice notes and overtones of mocha. When brewed this chai is coppery and bright in color and is wonderful served with milk.

Tasters Review:

I was pleasantly surprised with this one…it was mellower that I expected and I am grateful for that.  I was thinking it was going to be all-spice…and nothing more but it was part cocoa and and partially spicy-E but full and a nice black chai.

I have spent 3 nice sit-downs with this chai and it is one that has made it to my favorites list.  Mostly because it is different than most of the chai I have tasted thus far.

Another reason I like this is because it’s from and I have tried several of their teas and think this is one of the many that have stood out to me.  Another reason I like is because their shipping is extremely reasonable – it’s a flat rate shipping fee of just $3.98 and if you buy $60 or more…it’s FREE.  They will also send you some free tea with the purchase of a tea pot or tea set!  AND they will even send you a FREE Tea Cup with the purchase of loose leaf tea(s) over $80!

They are a very giving company and have a nice selection as well as offer some unique tastes that I haven’t found elsewhere!

Ceylon Nuwara Eliya from Drink T

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Drink T

Product Description:

Ceylon is the former name of the island nation Sri Lanka, located just off the southeastern coast of India. The name of the country was changed in 1972 but the teas are still known as Ceylon’s.

The Nuwara Eliya region is home to the highest-situated tea estates in Sri Lanka. Teas from this district have earned the designation “Champagne of Ceylon” teas.

Our Nuwara Eliya is selected from the highest quality leaves. It brews a bright, strong and highly flavorful cup.

Bring water to boil (212)
Steep Time: 3 – 5 Minutes
Number of Infusions: 1
Sweetener: Optional
Cream: Optional
Caffeine: Strong

Tasters Review:

What can I say?  I like tea.  Scratch that!  I LOVE TEA.  By now…you already know that about us here at SororiTEA Sisters.  I mean, we’ve dedicated an entire blog to it.  A blog that has a minimum of 2 posts per day – everyday.  But recently you may have noticed 3 or 4 posts per day!  It’s true!  SororiTEA Sisters has kicked it up a notch!  We ALWAYS have 2 reviews each and every day but most days we will have 3 or 4 on the average!  That’s because LiberTEAs and I have so much to say about the teas we have been tasting and we want to make sure we pass our findings on to you!

So…without further “a due” – here is my first post of today!  It’s Ceylon Nuwara Eliya from Drink T.  It’s a very nice black tea!  And I LOVE Black Tea!  I start almost every day with at least 1 Black Tea!  Sometimes I drink 5 or 6 Black Teas a day!  This tea I have started more than one day with!

I LOVE the color of this…very vibrant!  It’s also VERY flavorful – bold and slightly tart or on the verge of bitter but a good bitter, mind you. It has a refreshing aftertaste that lingers, too, which is nice and tasty and somewhat unexpected but nevertheless appreciated!


English Breakfast aka Morning Glory from Teapigs

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Teapigs

Company Description:

About this tea:

For those of you who have bought our morning glory tea before, this is the same great blend except we’ve added even more tea to our temple. We renamed it english breakfast as some people didn’t recognise that this is our everyday blend of tea.
Our signature blend – the teapigs version of builders’ tea, if you will. Far from ordinary, it’s a skilful balancing act between three glorious teas:  a gutsy Assam, a mellow little Ceylon and a powerful newcomer from Rwanda. (Learn more about life on the Pfunda estate here)

Taster’s Review:

Since Teapigs is a English tea company, I’d expect nothing less but excellence from their English breakfast blend – and I am not disappointed.  This tea is wonderfully brisk.  BOLD!

It is an intriguing blend of three types of black tea leaves:  Ceylon, Assam and Rwandan.  You’re probably quite familiar with Ceylon and Assam teas and what they might deliver to a cup, but, maybe not so much with a Rwandan tea.  If you’re interested, you can click on the Pfunda Estate link above to learn more!

I have previously reviewed this tea on The Tea Review Blog, and my opinion hasn’t really changed much since my first tasting.  It is still every bit as pleasant.  It is delicious without any addition, but I like it with a little bit of honey to bring out some of the sweeter low tones.  It also takes the addition of milk well if you choose to add it – it will make this a very creamy delight!

Ceylon High Mountain from Drink T

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black Tea

Where to Buy:  Drink T

Company Description:

Ceylon is the ancestral name of the island nation of Sri Lanka, located off the southeastern coast of India. The name of the country was changed in 1972 but the teas are still known as Ceylon’s.

Taster’s Review:

Ceylon.  Typically, Ceylon teas are very smooth and unassuming.  By that, I mean that they aren’t particularly stout or brisk.  They aren’t particularly strong, nor do they generally possess any characteristics to them that make them stand out among other black teas such as an Assam or a Nilgiri or a Yunnan.

This smooth and unassuming nature of a typical Ceylon tea is what makes it a perfect choice for flavoring – because it won’t be too strong or brisk and overwhelm the more delicate features of the flavor being added.  It will just … be there.  Like your favorite pair of shoes:  sturdy yet comfortable.

But this is no typical Ceylon tea!  Grown in the high mountains of Sri Lanka, this Ceylon tea has some real tooth to it.  It is BRISK.  It even possesses a malty character that is quite uncharacteristic for a Ceylon!  This Ceylon tea is just too good to add flavoring to because it has enough of its own nuances to it that it doesn’t need anything extra.  It’s a fantastic stand-alone tea.

There is a bake-y quality to this tea that is deep and rich and yet there is an underlying smooth tone to it and even a sweet honey note.   There is a fair amount of drying astringency to this tea as well.

This is a very surprising Ceylon!  One that would be quite good served iced as well as hot.  When served hot, it is quite delicious served without sweetener or cream, but it is able to stand up to those additions should you wish to add them.  When served iced, I like to add a little bit of sweetener to it and a thin slice or two of lemon (or lime, or even orange!)

This High Mountain Ceylon from Drink T is a very unique, delicious Ceylon that I recommend to all tea drinkers, especially those who consider a Ceylon to be boring.  This Ceylon may change your mind!

Pearl of Fruits Tea from ESP Emporium

Tea Type: Black/Green Tea Blend

Where to Buy: ESP Emporium

Product Description:

This fruity creation will impress you with its unusual spicy influences. Notes of exotic fruits, berries and creamy soft almond endow this black and green tea blend from China and Ceylon with an exotic, oriental taste experience, and orange peels and various blossoms reflect this in its appearance.

Ingredients: black tea (55 %), green tea (30 %), orange peels, flavoring, rose petals, safflowers, marigold petals. Serving Size: 1 level tsp./6oz serving, Brew Temp: 203 to 212 degree F, Brew Time: 4 to 5 Minutes

Tasters Review:

Pearl of Fruits Tea from ESP Emporium is highly scented and very nice – to the eye, nose, and mouth!

Post infusion…everything seems to come together to create it’s-own aroma which is much different from before infusing but still VERY nice! I can smell the orange and floral tones a bit more than the others but not by much and I can smell a little something that reminds me of candy, too!

It has a very pleasant yet slightly juicy and floral taste to it but it’s certainly GOOD. I am very happy with this tea and so VERY glad I got to try it!

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