Grand Earl Grey from Mhai Diva

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Mhai Diva

About Mhai Diva Tea:

Mhaidiva is pure quality tea. In general the following applies: the higher the tea is cultivated, the better the quality. Mhaidiva comes straight from the plateaus of Sri Lanka, the Nuwara-Eliya district, known as the ‘champagne area’ of Sri Lanka.

99% of the Mhaidiva tea is picked by women at the tea plantations, the women control the picking of the tea leaves with the fingertips in perfection. Mhaidiva is made by 100% Orthodox picked tea, qualitative the best way of picking.

Taster’s Review:

In her review of this tea, TeaEqualsBliss aka Jennifer states that this doesn’t taste like a bagged tea.  And I must concur … this is a very full-flavored, robust Earl Grey and if I hadn’t brewed it myself, I wouldn’t have guessed it was a bagged tea.

The black tea is brisk and energizing.  It has a remarkably smooth flavor without bitterness and very little astringency.  There is a hint of sweetness to the black tea – slightly caramel-ish.  This is a black tea that would be delicious on its own, made even tastier with the addition of the flavor of the bergamot orange.

The bergamot is citrus-y and lightly floral.  It doesn’t taste overly floral or perfume-y, just enough of a flowery note to add dimension to the overall cup.  The flavor is bright and slightly sweet with a nice tangy finish.

I can’t get over the fact that this is a bagged tea.  This is a bagged tea that will win over the loose leaf purists out there!  Yes it’s that good!

Earl Grey Lavender from Tea Addiction

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Tea Addiction

Product Description:

Ingredients: Blended black tea, lavender, jasmine, and flavoring.

Is the stress of life getting to you?

Enjoy a cup of Earl Grey Lavender with its relaxing lavender scent and flavor. The beautiful purple flowers are said to ease headaches, insomnia, and stress. The addition of jasmine flowers is thought to relieve stress, elevate the mood, and aid in digestion. This steep is definitely not the typical Earl Grey!

Taster’s Review:

As the above description suggests, this is not the typical Earl Grey – but it is an excellent Earl Grey!  Superb!

When I opened the package, my nose was greeted with the beautiful fragrance of bergamot, lavender and a hint of jasmine.  I did not expect to see so many flower blossoms and petals in the tin – this is definitely a tea that you need to shake gently before opening to redistribute the flowers evenly throughout the tea.  A small amount of effort to exert for one of the very best lavender flavored Earl Grey teas I’ve ever tasted!

The black tea flavor is pleasantly brisk and offers a nice background flavor.  While it lends its strong flavor to the cup, it seems perfectly content to allow the flavors to really come through and express themselves fully.

The lavender is strong, but it doesn’t overpower the blend.  Instead, it is masterfully balanced with the bergamot, giving just enough of its flavor to the bergamot to accent some of the flowery notes of the fruit.  I can also taste a hint of the jasmine.  It isn’t a strong jasmine presence but that little note of jasmine adds a very interesting dimension to the cup.

As I’ve already eluded to, this is a well-balanced cup.  The bergamot does not try to overwhelm the lavender just as the lavender does not overpower the bergamot.  And somehow, the addition of the flowery flavors not only enhances the flowery taste of the bergamot, but, it also allows the citrus flavors to shine through.

The overall cup is sweet, feminine and juicy!  I love this!

Earl Grey from Hampstead Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Hampstead Tea

Product Description:

Aromatic, smooth and sophisticated but never overpowering. We use only the true fine oil from the bergamot fruit to flavour our blend.

Fairtrade black tea, natural oil of bergamot

Taster’s Review:

I have often declared my love for Earl Grey tea, so I am sure it’s no big secret by now.   But it never ceases to amaze me at how different one Earl Grey tea can be from another.

Take this organic, fair trade Earl Grey from Hampstead Tea for example.  The black tea is brisk and strong (not unlike many other Earl Grey teas I’ve tried), and there is a smooth, malty note to this tea (again, not unlike some Earl Grey teas).  But something that does make this unlike other Earl Grey teas is that that malty note melds so well with the bergamot flavoring that it presents a somewhat creamy note.  Not like an Earl Grey creme type of creamy, but, more of a smooth, comforting creamy taste that makes it taste as though I added a splash of milk to the cup (but I didn’t!)

Hints of malt, notes of smooth, creamy texture and taste.  This is an invigorating Earl Grey that is also rather soothing.  The bergamot flavor is much juicier than a typical Earl Grey bergamot – this has not so much of the sharp floral notes (although there are some).  This Earl Grey tastes much more like an orange than an exotic fruit, although there is enough of that exotic-esque quality to this bergamot to make it an Earl Grey rather than an orange flavored black tea.

So, you’re probably thinking by now:  Just what is LiberTEAS going on about?  I seem to be talking in circles.  Basically, what it comes down to is that this is a high quality black tea blend that has been flavored with an exceptionally high quality bergamot flavoring – it doesn’t taste artificial, it doesn’t taste like perfume.  It doesn’t taste like aunt Martha’s soap.

So then, what does it taste like?  It tastes like a little bit of perfection right here in my teacup!  Hampstead Tea got this Earl Grey spot-on!

Wild Grey Green Tea from ESP Emporium

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  ESP Emporium

Product Description:

Earl Grey is the most popular flavored tea. This classic has been known for ages as a black tea, and green tea lovers have long waited for the Sencha variation. But now, your waiting has come to an end. We introduced this blend very successfully some years ago. Our exquisite Sencha base was flavored with high-quality bergamot flavor and richly decorated with lemon peel and orange blossoms. Earl Grey friends can now finally discover green tea – and vice versa.

Taster’s Review:

As many of you are well aware, I love Earl Grey black tea.  However, I’m not always so keen on Earl Grey green teas.  Sometimes, I find that the bergamot and green tea just don’t jive, but, occasionally, I’ll find one that gets it right.  Well, ESP Emporium got it right!

I suspect that it is the addition of the lemon peel and the orange blossoms that make the difference here, as well as the lightened flavor of the bergamot.  ESP Emporium didn’t go heavy on the bergamot with this blend.  It is light and crisp with a hint of tangy citrus flavor.  The taste is clean and delicate enough to let the sweet, fresh taste of the Sencha tea to come through.

The Sencha tastes refreshing, with nutty notes and a hint of butter.  There is a faint astringency that doesn’t completely dry the palate, but, cleans it enough so that the buttery sensation doesn’t linger and allow the tongue to become sodden with a buttery taste that muddles the other flavors of the tea.

I really like this Earl Grey variation.  It is a delicious twist on a familiar taste for me.   It is a tea that can be enjoyed hot or iced, and if you like a little sweetener in your Earl Grey this one would take well to that addition (but be light-handed with it, or you may overwhelm the cup), but I don’t recommend adding milk to it.  This tea is far too delicate for such an addition.

I would recommend this to all Earl Grey fans out there!  It’s a winner!

Earl Grey Tea from Joy’s Teaspoon

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Joy’s Teaspoon

Product Description:

The embodiment of the finest English tea.

In 1833, Earl Grey, the Earl of Howick Hall, at that time British Prime Minister, suspended the price monopoly which the East India Company had over the tea trade with China.  The originally pure Chinese tea was lightly flavored with bergamot oil.  This additional fragrance, provided by the Chinese, was intended to protect the tea from the taste of mold and tar which could arise from the long voyage at sea to royal England.  Now, you’ve learned a little something!

Ingredients: black tea, natural bergamot flavoring

Taster’s Review:

I can’t begin to describe the JOY that comes over me when I am offered an opportunity to taste an Earl Grey tea that I’ve not yet tried.  I get almost giddy and sometimes I even start dancing the happy dance.  Yes, I love Earl Grey that much.

For some, Earl Grey may not be that incredible because, as the saying goes “Earl Grey Teas are like…”  well, never mind, I probably shouldn’t say that here.  But, basically, everyone (that is, nearly every tea company out there) has got at least one Earl Grey tea.  Some of them have several!

But, after having tried so many Earl Grey teas, I have learned that not all Earl Grey teas are created equal.  And, interestingly enough, after trying so many Earl Grey teas, I have yet to grow tired of trying one that is new to me.

This Earl Grey from Joy’s Teaspoon is delightful.  It has a nice balance between black tea and bergamot.  The bergamot flavoring is strong, but it does not oppress the delicious black tea base.  It is a brisk, flavorful Earl Grey that takes well to the addition of milk and honey – if you want it – but also tastes wonderful without it.

The bergamot here tastes like bright, tangy orange with just a hint of a floral quality.  It doesn’t taste overdone nor does it have that cheap perfume kind of taste to it.  I know that I’ve said this before, but this is one of the very best Earl Grey teas that I’ve encountered.

Very little astringency to this cup, which is surprising, because I’ve come to expect a little more from Earl Grey.  It’s a nice surprise, though, and I think it is one of the main reasons why I am finding this Earl Grey to be so remarkable.  There is no bitterness, just a clean, vibrant taste of black tea and bergamot.

This is a great example of the classic Earl Grey, one that Earl Grey aficionados would want to not only try, but probably adopt as one of their tea cupboard staples.  As this is the first tea that I’ve tried from Joy’s Teaspoon, I’d say it’s a very encouraging sign of what I have to look forward to from this new company!  Well done!

Classic Earl Grey from Butiki Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Butiki Teas

Product Description:

Classic Earl Grey is blended with Chinese, Indian, and Sri Lankan teas and is enhanced with a touch of natural bergamot oil. The character is distinct with a citrus flavor.

Taster’s Review:

This is a very well-crafted Earl Grey!

It is not often that I come across an Earl Grey that is as well balanced as this one.  The flavor of the bergamot is strong – but the black tea is just as strong and the two compliment each other well without competing with one another.

The black tea base is brisk and bold.  It is a toothsome black tea with a deep, complex flavor.  There are notes of malt and even some distant spice notes in there!  There is a light astringency to this – lighter in astringency than I ordinarily experience with a citrus flavored tea – and no bitterness.  A very delicious blend of black teas!

The bergamot is fragrant and crisp.  Citrus-y tart but also pleasantly sweet.  This has very few floral notes to it – the bergamot here prefers to exhibit its citrus tones rather than its flowery qualities which is perfectly fine with me.  It has a clean, authentic taste to it.  It doesn’t come across as perfume-ish.  Just delicious.

This is an Earl Grey that would work nicely as a hot or iced tea, although I generally prefer my Earl Grey teas hot … with just a tiny drizzle of honey, if you please!  I don’t usually add milk to my Earl Grey so I didn’t here, but it should take it very well if you prefer Earl Grey with milk.  A good “anytime” tea, this Classic Earl Grey from Butiki!

Earl Grey White Tip from TeaSource

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: TeaSource

Product Description:

Made from fine Chinese teas with a large portion of white tips (the most prized leaf of the plant) and blended with the finest oil of bergamot available. Incredibly aromatic and flavorful.

Tasters Review:

Earl Grey White Tip Tea from TeaSource!  Very Nice!

The draw for me on this one is the wonderful bergamot…it’s delightful!  It’s the perfect amount for me and it tastes REAL not artificial.  There is a good deal of that Earl Grey Floral aroma and taste as well which is strong but true.  There is an interesting mellowness or smoothness even tho it’s strong…maybe more towards the end of the sip…regardless it is good and does stand out to be a memorable Earl Grey!

This is a great cuppa for those rough mornings…and this morning…was a rough morning!

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