Assam Reserve from SpecialTea Brew

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  SpecialTea Brew

Company Description:

Ingredients:  Assam Black Tea

Taster’s Review:

This is an absolutely wonderful Assam tea.

It is full-flavored with a crisp, pure taste that I don’t normally associate with Assam teas.  Ordinarily, an Assam tea is brisk with a malty characteristic and a strong, pungent edge.  This tea is also brisk and malty, and has a strong pungency, but, it isn’t quite as edgy as some Assam teas can be.  It has an undercurrent of smoothness to it that is sweet and caramel-y and this curbs some of the edgier notes that I often get with an Assam.

Assam teas – that is, most Assam teas – while they are sweet and delicious in their own way, they can become a bit bitter if they are left to brew too long.  It isn’t often that I come across an Assam with a little less of that “grumpy” edge to it.

That is not to say I dislike the grumpier, edgier Assam teas – I’m quite fond of them too, because they have their own charm to them.  But it IS nice to come across an Assam that is smoother and sweeter – and this Assam IS smoother, sweeter, and has made me rethink what “Assam” tea means!  I like it when a tea challenges me this way.

And I like this tea!

It is delicious hot or iced.  A drizzle of honey will highlight the caramel-y tones to the tea, but, it is quite good without the sweetener too.  And while I usually take my Assam tea with a splash of milk, this one doesn’t need the dairy to soften it – it’s the teddy bear of Assam teas!   It is comforting yet bold – lovely!

Union Square Tea from Trump Tea

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Trump Tea

Product Description:

Envelop yourself in the warmth of this robust blend of
whole-leaf estate Assam black tea. Genuine Madagascar
Bourbon vanilla bean for smoothness. Notes of cocoa for
richness. The perfect recipe for sheer indulgence. (caffeinated)

Ingredients: Organic black tea, organic vanilla pieces, organic
cocoa pieces, natural organic extracts of vanilla and cocoa.

Tasters Review:

I’m honored and excited to be one of the first people to not only taste but to review this tea!  TRUMP TEA.  Yes, it’s true!  TRUMP as in Donald Trump…THE DONALD…Donald Trump has his own line of teas now!  Trump Tea is a sister company of Talbott Tea.  Any friend of Talbott Tea is a friend of mine!

Over the past few days TRUMP TEA has been popping up all over the internet for their new line of teas and their website!

The blends over at Trump Tea are named after some of Mr. Donald Trumps favorite places including Union Square, Mar-a-Lago, Park Avenue, and Westchester.  The Trump Tea Website is sophisticated, professional,  and user friendly.  These 4 teas are their debut teas and they are available now on their website.

Union Square Trump Tea smells WONDERFUL and the taste is just as good!  The bold Assam Black Tea is the back-bone of this blend and is very tasty.  The vanilla is strong yet creamy and pairs perfect with the cocoa flavors.  Even though I can pick out each of the ingredients individually I wouldn’t say any one flavor is overpowering and that they all work perfectly together.

Donald Trump is quoted on the back of this tea saying…

“Living richly is about enjoying the best of the best.  You won’t find a more lavish tea-drinking experience in the world than with my exclusive collection of premium blends.”

Of course if it’s a quote from Mr. Donald Trump, himself, you know it’s going to be powerful and perfectly worded with every intention to SELL.  And it IS.

I agree!  This is a wonderful tea.  I’m always happy to welcome another tea company to the mix!  The more the merrier!  I am VERY excited that Talbott Teas has a new sister company Trump Tea for Donald Trump himself!  The first 4 teas are incredibly creative and unique and I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with next!  Stay tuned for more reviews from both Trump Tea and Talbott Teas right here on SororiTEA Sisters!

Cranberry Orange Black Tea from Frontier Co-Op

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Frontier Co-Op

Product Description:

Frontier Bulk Cranberry Orange Flavored Black Tea, CERTIFIED ORGANIC 1 lb. package

Indian Assam tea blended with a bountiful melange of cranberry flavor and bits of real orange. Subtly sweet and delicious brew.

Tasters Review:

Last week I decided to visit my local Herb Store…they have a wonderful BULK Section there.  LOTS of Spices and now more Loose Leaf Tea than before!  They buy from Frontier Co-Op.  I noticed a ‘new tea in town’.  It was this Cranberry Orange Black Tea from Frontier Co-Op.  So I decided to buy some of it to try it out.

I have tried several Frontier Co-Op Teas before.  In the past I have found they sometimes lack creativity BUT they offer good quality teas and most of them organic.  I really love the fact I can walk in and say “Can I have a cups-worth” or “a dollars worth” and walk away a happy camper…or in this case a happy tea drinker.

This is what I did this time around…I got about a cups-worth.  I just I should specify…a measuring cup’s worth of a cup not just a teacup size-worth, that is.

This is a solid Black Tea with lovely Cranberry and Orange Flavors.  I would say mostly Cranberry with hints of Orange.  I really appreciate the fact that it’s still a true black tea with those flavors and it’s not all about the flavors and no black tea taste.  So far, to date, this is probably one of my favorite teas from Frontier.  Check them out if you can!

Assam Breakfast from Two Leaves and a Bud

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Two Leaves and a Bud

Company Description:

A best-seller! Assam tea is famous for its lush flavor, amber color, and a smooth, multi-layered “malty” flavor. We have chosen a traditional, orthodox full leaf Assam, which makes for the perfect breakfast tea. Our Assam grows in NE India, where low, rolling hills creating a great environment for rich tea. Hot days and cool nights bring out the fullest flavor!

Taster’s Review:

This is an EXCELLENT Assam tea.

It is surprising to me at how good it really is – given that it is a bagged tea.  If nothing else – this tea is proof that a superior quality leaf can be found in bagged form!  Sometimes, you just have to look for it.  Well, you needn’t look any further … because I have found it!

It is a full-bodied tea – with a nice texture that is almost “chewy.”  This chewiness is further enhanced with the noteworthy maltiness in this Assam – most Assam teas have a malty note to them; with some Assam teas the malty note is quite delicate while in others it is very strong.  Here, it is very strong.

And while it does possess that stout, robust, get-up-and-go quality that the best Assam teas have, it also has a very pleasant smoothness and an almost caramel-y sweetness that hits at the end of the sip.

This is a very delightful cup of Assam tea!

While the suggested brewing parameters for this tea are 5 minutes – I only steeped this cup for 2 ½ minutes.  The result is a full-flavored, malty cup of Assam without any bitterness and minimal astringency.  I fear that brewing it for a full 5 minutes may result in a slightly bitter cup, this stemming from my knowledge and history in working with Assam teas, but not from my specific knowledge and/or history with this particular Assam.  So feel free to experiment and find what works best for you.

I highly recommend this Assam tea to all tea lovers, especially to those who have a fondness for Assam tea.  You may just find a new favorite with this one!  Yes, it really is that good!

Breakfast Blend Tea from LiberTEAS & Contest/Giveaway!

Tea Type: Black Tea & Honeybush

Where To Buy: LiberTEAS

Product Description:

A bold yet smooth blend of black teas (Ceylon, Assam, Yunnan & Nilgiri) and just a touch of vanilla and honeybush. The result is a deliciously rich, robust tea that will get you going and put a spring in your step.

Tasters Review:

This is a brilliant blend of black teas and honeybush called Breakfast Blend from LiberTEAS and I just LOVE it!  Keep reading for a chance to win this tea, too!

The black teas are very bold and are what you seek for a morning tea!  The honeybush gives it the natural sweetness and pairs wonderfully with the hint of vanilla.  The pairing of honeybush and vanilla also gives this blend a great smoothness to the tea as well.

This is NOT your run-of-the-mill Breakfast Blend…it is so much more.   One I would certainly say is on the top of my list of not only Morning Teas or Bold Teas but also Creative Blends and pure joy in a cup!  A great start to any day!



Contest Announcement:  Win a 2 oz Tin of LiberTEAS Breakfast Blend and a 2 oz tin of the tea of your choice from LiberTEAS (limited to stock on hand).  To enter, you simply need to comment on this review post.  That’s it!  We will select the winner via random selection on Saturday, July 24.

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This contest is over – and the Winner is:  Meghann M.!  CONGRATULATIONS MEGHANN!

Organic Mountain High Chai from Two Leaves & a Bud

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Two Leaves & a Bud

Company Description:

Chai is typically made with black tea and a variety of sweet flavors such as cinnamon and orange peel. Two leaves and a bud offers a traditional chai that starts with real Assam tea (not cheap “blending tea”) and adds cinnamon, clove, and cardamom spices. Fabulous with milk and honey! Add some frothed milk and Vanilla Sugar to make an awesome Chai Latte!

Taster’s Review:

OK, I have to admit that I’m a bit biased when it comes to chai.  As a tea artist, I spent about a year creating my own chai blend, and I’m quite proud of it.  But that doesn’t mean that I can’t have an appreciation for other chai blends as well.

This is a fairly simple, straight-forward chai blend – a good, solid Assam tea base with the basic spices:  cinnamon, cardamom and cloves.   However, the simplicity of this blend should in no way indicate that this tea lacks in flavor, because it doesn’t!

The Assam tea is malty and rich, and gives this tea a bit of tooth!  The cloves are very pronounced in this blend.  The spices are not spicy hot, but they do add a pleasant warmth to the cup.

I enjoyed this tea as a latte (and used my handy-dandy Aerolatte Frother – which I also purchased from Two Leaves and a Bud a few months ago!), although I did not steep the tea in milk.  I find this to be a rather messy endeavor, and I’d rather not deal with the clean-up.  Instead, I brewed the tea in water (using a bit less water than I normally would for a sachet) and then zapped a splash of milk in the microwave to get it warm (but not too hot).  I then whipped the milk into a very rich froth with my Aerolatte Frother and poured the brewed tea over the foamy milk and stirred in a drizzle of raw honey.  The result is a cup of creamy goodness:  warm and spiced and delicious.

Angel’s Dream Tea from Metropolitan Tea Company

Tea Type: Black Tea, Green Tea

Where To Buy: Metropolitan Tea Company

Product Description:

Angels Dream is a heavenly tea with maple sweetness, blackberry pungency, juicy Assam’s, and a hint of our mystery green tea. Take wind and fly.

Tasters Review:

I must say this tea surprised me in more ways than one!  I have sipped it on several occasions but it certainly didn’t last long in my tea stash.  I ended up not only drinking it myself but sharing it with many friends!

The aroma is delightful. Mostly a sugary Maple scent with the tea scent to back it up. It’s Medium Brown in color.

This is a bagged tea.  I’m NOT one of those loose-leaf ONLY type tea drinkers…I will try anything once.  There are some REALLY good bagged teas out there – you just have to search for them!  I truly believe this is one of those really good, flavorful bagged teas!

I can taste primarily the Maple but it’s not overwhelming. I can also taste the blueberry a bit as well. It sort of reminds me of blueberry (or blackberry) pancakes with maple syrup minus the pancakes.

The 2nd steep seems the maple taste is a little less and the blueberry a little more.  Sometimes I will resteep a bagged tea if I am in hurry.  When I first sampled this tea…it was ‘one of those days’.

There’s just something about the Maple/Blackberry pair…I didn’t think I would like it – but I really do. This is a great flavored tea/treat in a bag….great for days on the go!!!

Assam Jungle Cabernet from Red Leaf Tea

Leaf Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Red Leaf Tea

Product Description:

Wine Infused Tea***

The Assam region of India is well known for its strong, malty black teas and pungent green teas. To the powerful briskness of these teas we have added the sweet and vivid flavor of a bright cabernet wine. Heavily infused prior to drying, the full-bodied cabernet pervades the deep and dark Assam herbs, brightening a black tea that famously stimulates your afternoons!

Ingredients: Assam black tea, licorice root with cinnamon and cabernet flavoring

Tasters Review:

My mother and I used to sell candles in addition to our full-time “day” jobs.  One of our best sellers was CABERNET.  Yes, Cabernet – the wine!  When I saw this wine infused tea from Red Leaf Tea I was very eager to try it!

If you are a Cabernet fan I don’t think there would be any guessing that this is EXACTLY what this tea smells like prior to infusion! The Grape-Cabernet sweetness really comes thru in the bold aroma of this Assam Jungle Cabernet!

Once the infusion is complete I could smell more of the black tea AND the Cabernet smell with undertones of cinnamon…but not a fireball-candy type cinnamon…more like an Indian Spice – the type like in a traditional Indian Meal/Side Dish. I think the licorice tones down the fruitiness of the Cabernet…but not all that much.  It’s dark brown in color and the taste is MUCH different that I expected based on the outstanding aroma. The black tea – Assam – pulls thru and is flavorful BUT bold and the Cabernet taste seems to be too.

I have found I really like wine infused teas.  I have mostly tasted white teas that have been infused with wine.  I think this is my first black tea that has been infused with wine, tho…and I like it very much!

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