Bountiful Black Tea from Tea Addiction

Tea Type: Black Tea & Rooibos Blend

Where To Buy: Tea Addiction

Product Description:

Ingredients: Black tea, rooibos, cacao nibs, coconut, apple, and vanilla flavoring. A unique blend of coconut scented black tea, smooth rooibos, cacao nibs, vanilla, and apple make Bountiful Black most pleasing to the palate.

The flavor is rich and sumptuous. Trust us when we say you’ll enjoy every delightful sip.

Tea Fact: Because Bountiful Black contains black tea, it also has caffeine. However, if you like the flavor of both black and rooibos tea you’re going to love these two blended together.

Tasters Review:

First I want to say that the name of this company is pure genius!  With the 2nd most popular (only to water) beverage world-wide being tea – we all know there are TEA ADDICTS out there…and two of them are right here at SororiTEA Sisters!

Bountiful Black Tea from Tea Addiction is nice and sweet and smooth and dessert like!  The Chocolate isn’t overly noticeable but this is darned tasty!

The Coconut and Vanilla as well as the apple bits seems to play more of a part here – but I think this tea is just DANDY!



Elf Help from David’s Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  David’s Tea

Product Description:

Sweet and fruity with a dash of nutty flavour, this green tea is the saviour of elves everywhere. When they’re building to deadline in the workshop, they crave a drink that’s like dessert with a kick of energy. So we made a tea that tastes just like fruitcake in a mug. Add some brandy for the authentic cake experience – those tipsy elves always do.


Sencha green tea, orange peel, apple, papaya, raisins, barberries, freeze-dried cranberries, coconut, natural flavouring.

Taster’s Review:

Yum!!!  This is so tasty.

One quick glance at the ingredient list might lead someone to believe that this is going to be a very fruity tea – and it is – but, it isn’t SO fruity that it overwhelms the flavor of the green tea.

The green tea is light-bodied and light in flavor, but it adds a crisp, fresh taste to the fruit that is distinct.  It isn’t very grassy or vegetative to taste; if you’re one that doesn’t care for green tea because it does come off as too grassy or vegetative, this is an excellent choice for you!

There is a lot of different fruit tastes here.  I can taste hints of each fruit, but the two that stand out the most definitively to me are the orange and the cranberry.  There is also a certain “tropical-y” taste to this, like the Elves on holiday!

It is sweet (almost candy like!) and there is a hint of tartness toward the end of the sip.  Due to the sweetness of this cup, it is one that I recommend tasting before you add additional sweetener – you may find this one to be just right without it.

I can see why David’s Tea decided to make this a holiday-ish blend – it definitely reminds me of Christmas with its delicious flavor.  It does remind me a bit of a fruitcake (which I happen to like although sometimes I think I’m the only one who does!)

It is sweet, fruity and delicious.  A tea that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys flavored green teas – this one is one I could enjoy again and again!  Love it!


Harvest Moon from Souvia Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Souvia Tea

Product Description:

Green tea with a touch of cinnamon and apple makes this a satisfying cup. A great choice over ice in the summer too!.

Ingredients: green tea, apple bits, cinnamon, flavoring

Taster’s Review:

This is a really delicious apple tea.  I like that it has a strong apple flavor, but also a pleasant note of cinnamon that nicely accents the apple without overpowering it.

The green tea base is a smooth, rich tasting tea.  The long spears of green tea (that sort of resemble blades of cut grass!) make me think that this is probably a Sencha tea, and the sweet, faint vegetative flavor of the tea further confirm this for me.  The green tea flavor is not particularly strong in this blend, but it is at an agreeable level that is neither too weak nor is it overpowering or too grassy.  It’s quite nice.

Both the apple and cinnamon flavors are strong here, but they don’t seem to be competing with one another.  It is a pleasant synergy between the two distinct flavors.  The cinnamon does have a nice warmth to it, and while I wouldn’t consider it spicy or hot, it certainly isn’t one of those soft, sweet cinnamon tastes either.  It makes for a very nice autumnal tasting tea.

I found this to be incredibly warming on this cold evening.  As apple flavored green teas are among my favorites to serve as iced tea, I suspect this one would make a very good iced tea too.  It doesn’t need additional sweetener, but, a small drizzle of agave nectar or honey is quite nice in this.

This is my first experience with a tea from Souvia, and I am very pleased with it!

Product Review: Apple Cider from GreenTeaHP/Green Tea Pros


Buy From:  Green Tea Pros

Product Description:

GreenTeaHP is the only green tea made from fresh, not dried, green tea leaves. It uses a patented water extraction process, which provides all the health benefits of green tea. These benefits include polyphenols (flavonoids), vitamins, amino acids, minerals, fibers, and more. The proprietary extraction process-no chemicals, alcohol or organic solvents used. Each pixie serving provides 1000 mg of green tea extract. Great natural fresh taste and color-no artificial colors or preservatives. Sugar-free and low calorie. 100% of the daily value of Vitamin C in each serving. Instant green tea powder tastes great, cold or hot, -just add water. We prefer cold. Most importantly, GreenTeaHP tastes great!

Taster’s Review:

Usually, I add these little pixies of magic Green Tea HP to a bottle of cold water and shake, but today, since I was trying the Apple Cider flavor, I decided that Apple Cider sounded better hot!  And you know what, these do taste great hot or cold!

This has a nice apple cider taste to it.  I can taste pleasing notes of spice along with a crisp apple flavor.

But, make no mistake, this isn’t a typical apple cider!  It does have other ingredients in this, and those ingredients do affect the flavor of the tea.   Like I stated for my review of the Orange Cream Green Tea from the same company, the green tea flavor is not a strong flavor, but it is there.  And I stand by my previous comment of it being a good product for the individual who doesn’t really care for green tea but still wants the benefits of green tea.

It is also a good product for someone who wants a nice energy boost!  That’s what I find tremendously rewarding about this product.  It tastes pleasant, and I feel invigorated after I drink it!   Especially nice for my Wednesday afternoons when I have to trek it up the steep hill to my house after picking my daughter up from choir practice!

If you do choose to drink this cold, all you need to do is open the little pixie and pour it into a bottle of water (I suggest at least 8 ounces of water for this, I prefer 12 – 16 ounces!) and give it a good shake, and keep shaking it as you drink it (or stirring it).   If you choose to have it hot, you needn’t continue to stir it, because it dissolves much better in the hot water.  No sugar needed – it already contains sweetener (sucralose)!

Turkish Green Apple Organic Tea from Red Leaf Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Red Leaf Tea

Product Description:

This Turkish version of green tea, though delicate, features cured apple pieces and safflowers into a delicious tea blend. Our organic growers are able to customize the curing of their harvests and add a wide variety of flavors to their stronger blends. For tea lovers, blends such as Turkish Green Apple Organic Tea is full of great tea taste from the first sip to the very last.

Taster’s Review:

Back when I was actively blending and flavoring teas, I came up with a Green Apple blend that I was really loved.  It is one of the blends that I miss most now that I am not blending any more.  So it is very nice to be able to try other green apple blends.  This one from Red Leaf Tea is very tasty!

The green tea base is smooth and delicious.  No astringency or bitterness, just a fresh, clean taste that supports the apple flavor very well.  There is also an almost creamy note to it – buttery sweet!

The apple flavor is sweet with hints of tart.  Even though this is called “green apple” I am not finding it to be like a tart green apple, it is more like a sweeter red apple, although it is not overly sweet.  Crisp, juicy and delicious!

This is a delightful apple tea.  As a hot tea, it is very comforting on a chilly evening, but it is also quite good when iced!  Very refreshing!

Elf Help Tea from David’s Tea

Tea Type: Green Tea

Where To Buy: David’s Tea

Product Description:

Productively festive
Sweet and fruity with a dash of nutty flavour, this green tea is the saviour of elves everywhere. When they’re building to deadline in the workshop, they crave a drink that’s like dessert with a kick of energy. So we made a tea that tastes just like fruitcake in a mug. Add some brandy for the authentic cake experience – those tipsy elves always do.

Tasters Review:

This is such a FUN tea!  Elf Help Green Tea has VERY colorful ingredients and is highly scented!

I can taste the green tea, sure, but there is a fruit salad type quality to it that I just can’t shake!   I’m SO THANKFUL there isn’t Hibiscus in this!  Thanks for that, DavidsTea!

OH YEAH…and check out these ingredients:
Sencha green tea, orange peel, apple, papaya, raisins, barberries, freeze-dried cranberries, coconut!

The more I drink this the more I enjoy it!  It’s fruity without being TOO fruity on the tongue!   This is a GREAT offering from DavidsTea!  I have this one listed in my mid to upper 90 percentile on my personal rating scale!

Burst (Energizing Sports Tea) from Teaqualibrium

Tea Type:
Yerba Mate

Where To Buy:

Product Description:

Teaquilibrium’s Energizing Sport Tea contains yerba mate, a South American herb known for its plethora of health benefits. A study of yerba mate at The Pasteur Institute and the Paris Scientific society in 1964 concluded that mate contains “practically all of the vitamins necessary to sustain life.” Mate is also a natural source of caffeine, theobromine (dark chocolate’s euphoric stimulant) and theophylline (tea’s soothing stimulant) which stimulate the central nervous system to create calm energy and mental clarity.

Yerba Mate fuels your muscles and nourishes your body with 15 amino acids, 24 vitamins and minerals including Vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, Niacin (B3), B5, B Complex. Natural phytochemicals stimulate your immune system and boost your metabolism.

ingredients: yerba mate, apple, cinnamon, natural apple & cinnamon flavors.

Tasters Review:

BURST is an Energizing Sports Tea from Teaqualibrium that I recently enjoyed!

It smells and tastes like orange citrus but when I saw that it didn’t have orange or citrus in it I was a little surprised, actually.  Perhaps it was word association or because of the label or something that made me think citrus…not sure!  BUT shortly after I started sipping this I did pick up on the apple and cinnamon, too!  Not overly-so on the cinnamon but it is tasty regardless!

This is nice hot or cold.

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