Discover Joy – Lemon Vanilla Green Tea from Teamotions

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Teamotions

Product Description:

Flavor Profile Delicate and bright with just a hint of vanilla.

Ingredients Yunwu Green Tea, Green Rooibos, Lemongrass, Ginger, Lemon Myrtle, Oatstraw, Lavender, Ashwagandha, Natural Flavors.

Taster’s Review:

This is truly a joyous tea!

The green tea flavor is light and smooth.  I don’t get a strong “grassy” or “vegetable” taste to this, although there is an overall herbaceous background to this cup.  The green rooibos add just enough “sparkle” and lightness to the cup to keep it from being too overwhelmingly creamy.

As you can probably ascertain from my previous comment, this is a very creamy cup of tea.  The vanilla tones are sweet and undeniably creamy, but I think that the presence of the lemony tones help to cut through some of the sweetness so that it doesn’t come across as cloying.  The result is a flavor that is quite decadent and dessert-like without being too sweet.

The ingredients list ginger as one of the ingredients, but I must tell you that I really don’t taste much from the ginger except for possibly the faintest hint of spice in the distance.  It is barely noticeable, and had I not read the ingredient list, it is not something I would have commented on because it is that faint.  The same is true of the lavender and the ashwagandha (aka Indian Ginsing).

That being said, I can’t say that this blend would taste quite the same with these ingredients omitted from the blend.  Their role in this blend may have a bit more to do with the motto of Teamotions:  “Teas for emotional well-being.”

There is absolutely no bitterness to this tea, and no real sign of astringency either.  It is sweet and luscious and a bit like what I’d imagine it would taste like if I were to put a slice of lemon meringue pie in the blender with some green tea.

I really enjoyed this tea – much more than I thought I would.  It’s one of the better lemon/vanilla or lemon meringue type teas I’ve encountered.  It’s so  yummy, that I’d recommend this tea based on flavor alone … consider the health/emotional wellness benefits a bonus!

Chocolate Mint Rooibos from TeaScapes

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos

Where to Buy:  TeaScapes

Product Description:

This rich full-bodied tea brews to a reddish orange liquor. The chocolate pieces create a creamy taste and the mint is bright and refreshing. This Chocolate Mint Rooibos tea can be consumed both as a hot beverage and as an iced drink.

Taster’s Review:

Yum!  This is good stuff!

The aroma is delicious – very minty, but with a nice chocolate-y scent too.  I can also smell the rooibos … which smells like, well, like rooibos.

I am happy that I can’t really taste the rooibos, though.  Perhaps a faint nutty flavor or woody flavor here and there, but nothing very pronounced or strong.  As I am not particularly fond of the flavor of unflavored, oxidized rooibos, I find the lack of rooibos flavor here to be a good thing.

The strongest flavor is the mint.  The taste is clean and crisp, just like I’d expect from a strong minty taste.

But before it has a chance to be TOO minty, the chocolate notes hit the palate.  Mmm!  Chocolate!  The chocolate is a milk chocolate-y kind of taste.  It is not as strong as I personally would like it to be (but then, I always say that about chocolate), but there is a good amount.  The result is a tisane that tastes a bit like a mint chocolate chip ice cream (well, except for the fact that this is hot!)

The finish is minty fresh with just a whisper of chocolate.  This would be a great low-calorie, low-fat, caffeine-free dessert substitute!  Delicious!

Bountiful Black Tea from Tea Addiction

Tea Type: Black Tea & Rooibos Blend

Where To Buy: Tea Addiction

Product Description:

Ingredients: Black tea, rooibos, cacao nibs, coconut, apple, and vanilla flavoring. A unique blend of coconut scented black tea, smooth rooibos, cacao nibs, vanilla, and apple make Bountiful Black most pleasing to the palate.

The flavor is rich and sumptuous. Trust us when we say you’ll enjoy every delightful sip.

Tea Fact: Because Bountiful Black contains black tea, it also has caffeine. However, if you like the flavor of both black and rooibos tea you’re going to love these two blended together.

Tasters Review:

First I want to say that the name of this company is pure genius!  With the 2nd most popular (only to water) beverage world-wide being tea – we all know there are TEA ADDICTS out there…and two of them are right here at SororiTEA Sisters!

Bountiful Black Tea from Tea Addiction is nice and sweet and smooth and dessert like!  The Chocolate isn’t overly noticeable but this is darned tasty!

The Coconut and Vanilla as well as the apple bits seems to play more of a part here – but I think this tea is just DANDY!



Float My Boat from White August Tea Company

Tea Type: Rooibos Tea

Where To Buy:
White August Tea Company

Product Description:

For the free spirited woman on-the-go, these teas we designed with our founders alter ego in mind, and packaged in a stylish tin with T-sacs.

Red, white and blue, oh how I love you. Hats off to our all American blend of Pomegranates, coconuts, blueberries and yummy rooibos. No caffeine so you can lull yourself to sleep with the ocean waves. 60g Tin.

Tasters Review:

“What Ever Floats Your Boat” has always been one of my favorite cliches so when I saw the name of this Rooibos I HAD to try it!  Then when I saw the “Free Spirited Woman On The Go” description I knew it was for me!  “But Wait!  There’s More!”  THEN when I saw the ingredients I was delighted and REALLY couldn’t wait to try it!  It sounded so plump and juicy and mouth-watering!

When I opened the pouch it not only lived up to the aroma – it lived up to the name!

This is quite aromatic!

It’s a very colorful dry mix!

Post infusion – the coconut gives it a slight oily texture on the top but the actual color of the tisane is a vibrant toned down brown-orange…very nice!

It has a nice strong Rooibos flavor but the blueberry and pom join hands in harmony and the coconut flavor does give it a semi-tropical yet milky-smooth flavor, too!

This is another good one from White August Tea Company and a very tasty flavored rooibos!

Creme Brulee from Tea Oh

Tea Type: Rooibos

Where To Buy: Tea Oh

Product Description:

A sweet symphony of toffee and caramel flavours make this a nice after dinner treat.

Tasters Review:

Years ago I had a candle business on the side.  By that I mean I resold candles…I didn’t make or blend them myself but I was constantly smelling candles looking for the most powerful aroma with closest possible “smell-match” to the description.  This was one of those flavors that was hard to match – at least in candles, that is.  I was able to find all sorts of Creme Brulee Scented Candles but they all smelled different…completely different!  I ended up finding a local crafter nearby that got the smell “Right On”.  That’s what the aroma of this flavored Rooibos reminded me of…that perfectly scented Creme Brulee Candle I found years ago!

Since then I have moved on to other things and no longer sell candles but one thing that stuck with me was smelling everything!  And I mean EVERYTHING!  My mother laughs at me because if we go to the market I smell the fresh made bread…I still smell candles when I come across them…I smell ALL my teas (that’s why I almost always include the aroma of them in my reviews)…and now that we are selling another line of natural foods – I have been smelling everything that is available in our catalog!

Having said all that…the aroma of this Creme Brulee from Tea Oh is amazing!  It’s Creme Brulee to the fullest extent!

The taste is a little lighter than I thought it would be…more subtle.  It’s like this…you have your Rooibos and then you have your flavoring…so…in short, it’s a good flavored rooibos but you can still taste the rooibos.

I really did enjoy my cuppa but the aroma was what got me with this one!  And it sure did stir up some memories!  Thanks Tea Oh!  Nicely Done!

Bertha Palmer Centennial Tea from Local Coffee & Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos

Where to Buy:  Local Coffee & Tea

Product Description:

A soothing herbal rooibos with licorice root, fennel, peppermint and lemon verbena. Naturally caffeine-free.

When Mrs. Potter Palmer (Bertha Honoré Palmer), the well-travelled and powerful Chicago socialite, first set eyes on Sarasota in 1910, she proclaimed ‘Here is heaven at last’.

She soon owned 80,000 acres of what is now Sarasota County, operated a successful ranch, and made her graceful winter home and gardens at The Oaks on Historic Spanish Point.

Sarasota County celebrates the 2010 centennial of her arrival and honors the significant impact Mrs. Palmer made on our culturally rich and prosperous community. Please join us in raising a cuppa Bertha Palmer Centennial Tea to this incredible woman!

For more information about events throughout the year, visit

Taster’s Review:

I love licorice and I like peppermint, but I don’t always like the two flavors together.  Sometimes it works for me while others it does not.  With this tisane, it works very nicely!

The rooibos base offers a hint of nutty/woody flavor, but, it iss barely distinguishable  in the midst of the stronger flavors of licorice, fennel and peppermint.  The lemon verbena is a soft citrus-y flavor that sits in the background and softens some of the sharper qualities of the other ingredients.

The licorice, fennel and peppermint are the dominant flavors here, but as I said before the lemon verbena softens them somewhat, making this combination very palatable.  It starts off with a sweet licorice-y taste, followed by the taste of crisp peppermint.  The bright, lemony note arrives right before the finish and leaves a cool minty/citrus-y aftertaste.

I like this best when served hot with a drizzle of agave nectar, but it’s not bad iced either.  This is a tasty, soothing and very relaxing tisane.  Nice!

Savanna Vanilla African Rooibos from Domo

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos

Where to Buy:  Domo

Product Description:

For hundreds of years the Khoisan people of South Africa have enjoyed rooibos tea, not just for its sweet, delicate taste but for its medicinal value. Now Domo has captured the spirit of the wild with a subtle blend of red rooibos and natural vanilla. Domo Flavour-Infused Rooibos is a whole new way to enjoy tea, and thanks to a high antioxidant count and no caffeine, it’s also one of the healthiest teas you can buy. Try Domo Vanilla-Enhanced Rooibos and rediscover the spirit of Africa.

Taster’s Review:

This is completely and utterly YUM!  Like dessert-treat yum!

This rooibos comes as a powder similar to green tea Matcha (only it is a reddish-terra-cotta color).  I prepared it the same way I would green tea Matcha except that I used hotter water (almost boiling) as rooibos tends to respond better to hotter water, but I used the same Matcha tools to prepare the Savanna Vanilla African Rooibos.

The result is a rich and creamy chawan full of sweet goodness!  But, be warned, this IS sweet.  And it tastes so creamy and vanilla-y that I almost feel like I should be eating it (like eating ice cream) rather than sipping on it.

The rooibos is not extraordinarily distinct in this – I can taste notes of nut and wood but not a lot of rooibos aftertaste (which is good!)  The dominate flavor is the vanilla – and it tastes like it was sweetened with vanilla sugar!  Yes, it is that sweet … if you don’t care for sweet drinks, this may not be the ideal beverage for you.  But for the rest of us – this is so deliciously decadent that it will help curb any sweet craving you might have!

I love this!

Kind of Blue from Teaquilibrium

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong / Honeybush / Rooibos

Where to Buy:  Teaquilibrium

Product Description:

Take five to enjoy Kind of Blue, an irresistible blueberry Oolong jazzed up with fennel.  Rooibos and Honeybush give blend a smooth finish while the Oolong gives the energizing boost.  Improvise this tea with any meal or have it solo for an out of this world jam!

Taster’s Review:

This is really tasty.  I was a little unsure about it, because I can’t recall trying an Oolong/Rooibos/Honeybush blend before, and I wasn’t sure how the three leaves would work together – but together they create one groovy vibe!

This blend is unusual, but in a very good way.  The Oolong lends its rich flavor to the cup as well as a smooth texture.  The rooibos adds a little nutty flavor to the cup, as does the honeybush, plus there is an underlying note of honey-esque sweetness to the cup which melds very well with the blueberry flavoring.  And every once in a while, just at the start of the sip, I’ll note a very slight hint of smoke.  Just a hint – ever so slight – and one that can be missed when not paying attention.

The blueberry flavor is not terribly strong here, and I really wouldn’t want it to be.  I think it’s perfectly flavored, because a stronger blueberry essence would overwhelm the interesting balance that exists between Oolong, honeybush and rooibos, and I’m really enjoying the flavor and body of the cup just the way it is.  Similarly, the fennel doesn’t add a lot of flavor to the cup – just a kiss of licorice-like taste that rests in the background – but any stronger and it would overpower the blueberry.

This is a sweet tasting tea, but it is a pleasant sweetness – not at all cloying.  It’s really delicious, and very different!  In fact, this is one of the more difficult teas to describe that I’ve tasted, simply because it is so different.  It has so many interesting flavors and textures throughout the sip that it is one that you need to try yourself to fully comprehend what I’m trying to express.  And you really should try it – if for no other reason than it’s unique approach … but I think it’s worth a try because it’s really good!

Also makes an awesome ICED tea!

Green Caramel Tea from The Persimmon Tree Tea Company

Tea Type:
Green Tea/Rooibos Blend

Where To Buy:
The Persimmon Tree Tea Company
Click here for this tea in their store

Product Description:

Ingredients Organic Green Tea, Organic Rooibos Tea, Caramel Pieces * Characteristics Bold, Organic * Flavors Sweet, Grassy * Caffeine Content Low * Steep Temperature 175˚ * Steep Time 1-3 mins

Tasters Review:

The Persimmon Tree Tea Company is one of those companies that has really grabbed my attention lately.  Their flavor selection is really wonderful and I love their little tin/tubes, too!  I also really like their website and labels.  I just think they are an all-around good company!  If you have the opportunity to check them out – please do!

As far as this specific tea goes…

Prior to infusing…the aroma of this reminded me of my Grandfather because it smelled like his Almond Pistacho Ice Cream he used to eat!  As I infused this it morphed to mostly Caramel scented with a little green tea scent underneath.

I did sip this right away after my infusion was complete and thought it it was pretty good…a nice combo of green tea and caramel.  But as the liquid cooled at room temperature for a little bit I noticed the magic happen!   The Caramel Flavor doubles!  It was very yummy!  The Caramel is genuine and helps cut the craving for sweets, at least for me, it did!

This is really terrific!

The caramel is center of attention here but the green tea flavor is noticeable in the background, too, and there is a little Rooibos sweetness coming thru but not very much but that’s ok because I wouldn’t change a thing about this Persimmon Tree Tea offering!!


Mint Chocolate Chip from The Persimmon Tree Tea Company

Tea Type: Rooibos

Where To Buy:
The Persimmon Tree Tea Company

Direct Link to the product at their store…CLICK HERE.

Product Description:

Ingredients Organic Rooibos, Vanilla, Mint, Chocolate Pieces * Characteristics Energizing, Organic, Caffeine-Free * Flavors Sweet, Minty * Caffeine Content None * Steep Temperature 200˚ * Steep Time 3-5 mins

Tasters Review:

I’m always interested in Mint Chocolate Chip Flavored stuff!  I have to admit…I just think chocolate and mint are genius together…generally speaking!

BUT…when it comes to this flavored rooibos…it doesn’t let me down!  It’s intensely flavored and smells AWESOMELY AWESOME! I know that is redundant and not the most creative phrasing for an official tea/tisane review but it DOES fit the bill…trust me!

I can see all of the ingredients and something that looks like dried apple but I don’t see that in the list of ingredients so maybe what I am seeing is a vanilla bean or something.

The taste is a nice, bold, strong Chocolate and Mint Mix.  It does hide quite a bit of the Rooibos taste but paired with the vanilla makes for a milky-smooth ending and aftertaste.

This is very good!  I like this a lot!  And I mean A LOT!

As it cools the chocolate becomes more malty…almost like a chocolate milk shake type malty…this aspect of the taste interests me as I don’t recall having that happen to me in other tea/tisanes.

This without a doubt made it to my mid 90 percentile of favorites!



Red Matcha from Pure Matcha

Tea Type: Matcha
(Rooibos Base)

Where To Buy: Pure Matcha

Product Description:

Rooibos, which is grown deep in the heart of South Africa, is a deeply rich, aromatic, and flavorful tea. Naturally caffeine free and full of anti-oxidants and vitamins. 47% more than any green tea. Our Rooibos is stone ground into the finest powder. Allowing you to consume the whole leaf, just like traditional Matcha. By consuming the leaf, you absorb almost 10 times more anti-oxidants and vitamins than the regular method of drinking Rooibos, where the leaves are removed after brewing. This results in a stronger, richer, and naturally sweet flavor you will never forget. Our 100% Rooibos Powder will leave your body and mind completely revitalized and rejuvinated.

Tasters Review:

Red Matcha is a plain rooibos base made into a powder so there is no flavoring to really comment on other than it DOES smell and taste exactly like Rooibos and what you think it would and should smell and taste like.

Having said that…

The real notable thing to mention here is the QUALITY.  It’s top-notch as far as Rooibos quality goes…in matcha form the rooibos is very clean tasting but semi-murky in the water…it looks like a latte, however, and that makes sense!

It’s smooth and sweet and I think it’s very good as-is (plain) but I am sure you can get creative with it just as easy!  If you are into Matcha Powders – give this a whirl!


The S. S. Blueberry from Compass Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos

Where to Buy:  Compass Teas

Product Description:

This Ship is Good!  This naturally Caffeine Free blend is sure to be a favorite!  Amazing hot or iced, it is highly recommended.  We suggest trying it with our Amber Sugar Gems.


Green Rooibos Aid in digestion, high in antioxidants, rich in vitamins and minerals, Naturally Caffeine Free

Blueberry LeavesContains antioxidants

Natural Flavoring – Enhances the natural goodness of the tea

Taster’s Review:

Mmm!  Blueberry!

The taste of this tisane reminds me of warm blueberry pie filling!  It is sweet and loaded with blueberry flavor!

For those who may be wondering what the difference is between red rooibos and green:  green rooibos is the raw version of rooibos, while red rooibos have been oxidized.  Kind of like the difference between black tea and white tea.  As far as taste goes, the green rooibos has more of a fruit-like quality to it, while I find that the red rooibos has sort of a nutty/woody kind of taste.  I personally prefer the green rooibos, especially for fruit blends such as The S. S. Blueberry.

The green rooibos base provides a very crisp and unmuddled taste to the warm blueberry flavoring.  It is sweet and juicy and there is very little tartness to the overall cup (just a bit of tartness at the finish).

I prefer this tisane warm (probably because it tastes more like warm blueberry pie filling when its actually warm).  I steep it in my Libre Mug!  I put the rooibos directly into the mug before screwing on the filter cap, and I allow the tisane to continue to steep as I sip!  The tisane never gets bitter, the flavor just gets better and better!

This is also quite tasty chilled too.  This is a tisane that kids would LOVE – and because it’s naturally caffeine free and loaded with antioxidants, it is one that you’ll feel good giving them.

An awesome rooibos blend from Compass Teas!

Country Red from Pluff Iced Tea

Tea Type: Rooibos

Where To Buy: Pluff Iced Tea

Product Description:

Country Red Gift Size- Case $19.50
12 tea packages, Brews 24 Quarts

$5.99 flat rate shipping
Free shipping $50 Order

Ingredients: Pure Red Tea (South African Red Tea)
Batch Notes: Caffeine Free. Smooth and aromatic, with a lightly citric sweetness and rich character. Blends well with light sugar for the ultimate red iced tea. Geography: Harvested from the rugged Western Cape Province- windswept and mountainous, a diverse land that
produces the world’s finest red tea. South Africa.

Tasters Review:

I have been pondering this review for quite some time.  I wasn’t sure which direction to go with it…I still don’t so I will just start typing, I guess.

First, I want to say that when I received the package from Pluff Iced Tea I was VERY impressed with the presentation because they wrapped a bunch of Iced Tea Samplers in see-thru plastic and tied it with twine.  Also in this package was a long handled wooden spoon that I plan on reviewing separately down the road!  It was very ‘homey’ and reminded me of sitting on the front porch in a rocking chair sipping on iced tea.  And that’s just the feeling I got when I opened my box!

I made two quarts of this by adding 1/3 C of sugar.  Normally I wouldn’t add anything to my tea – even iced teas – but since this is a Country Red Tea and many of my southern friends tell me how much they LOVE their sweet tea with ‘the more sugar the better’ I figured I would try it with more sugar – just to live life on the wild side!  One of the suggestions or tips from Pluff Tea was to “sweeten up to 1/3 C, sweeten to taste”.  Again, I wanted to try this sweeter right from the start!  I did sneak 2 sips prior to adding the sugar and thought it was sweet as-is with no additional sugar yet added.  I believe this to be tasty with or without sugar!

If you are into sweet tea and even sweeter rooibos you would probably LOVE this.  I must admit it really surprised me at how sweet it was but after my taste buds got used to the sweetness I really enjoyed it especially with meals – mostly my dinners!

At first sip – it reminded me of a bottle of sweetened iced tea that you would buy at the store, again, mostly because of all of the sugar I added.  But with an extra something and that something was a great tasting rooibos.  It’s not every day I find a good quality iced rooibos tea but this is certainly IT.  It’s what makes it stand above the rest!

Before adding the sugar it smelled like a very strong plain rooibos…very pleasant.  After adding the sugar it smelled of Rooibos and sugar!

This was pretty good and I am VERY glad I got to try it!  I must say I haven’t found an offering quite like this from any other company and that in itself scores extra points with me!  I mean…a good ole sweet tea made of rooibos in a bag that is easy to make at home or on the run…SCORE!!!!  And it’s very versatile and easy to reach various levels of sweetness without losing the tasty quality of the Rooibos!  If you have the chance to try this…please do!

Rooibos Rainbow from Georgia Tea Company

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos

Where to Buy:  Georgia Tea Company

Product Description:

Fruity with sweet notes, a secret flavoring gives this Rooibos a sweet amaretto like taste.

Caffeine free.

Taster’s Review:

I love the flavor of amaretto.  Well, actually, I’ve never actually tasted amaretto liqueur (at least not to my knowledge), but what I have tasted was an amaretto flavored sugar that was sent to me by a friend some years ago.  It quickly became one of my favorite sweeteners, and I used it to sweeten (and flavor) many cups of tea.  I loved the delicate, sweet taste of almond and the hint of apricot and how well they complimented my favorite teas.  Since that time, I’ve tried – and enjoyed! – a few amaretto teas whenever I could find them.

So I was very happy when I received this rooibos blend.  The delicious almond flavor mixes well with the naturally nutty flavor of the rooibos.  But fortunately, the nutty flavor is the only flavor that I get from the rooibos – it doesn’t taste very woody, nor does the amaretto taste very much like a liqueur (that is, it doesn’t taste like alcohol).   The flavor is sweet and nutty, with a lovely apricot like flavor in the distance.

This tisane is tasty hot, and I suspect it is equally as tasty iced (or perhaps even better) – but for a real treat, I recommend making yourself a latte with this tisane!  Brew it extra strong (double the amount of dry leaf when you steep it) and add some steamed, frothed milk.  Sweet, creamy goodness!  YUM!

Choco-Mate Tea from White August Tea Company

Tea Type: Yerba Mate/Rooibos Blend

Where To Buy: White August Tea Company

Product Description:

This energizing combination of sweet chocolate and south American mate is sure to stimulate your senses.

Tasters Review:

Over the last couple of months anything marked Choco & Mate I have been interested in trying!  When I saw this one from White August Tea Company I was equally if not MORE excited to try it!  All of the teas I have tried from this company I have enjoyed – as was the case with this specific offering!

Prior to infusing this smells like Chocolate Milk… Sweet Chocolate Milk!
After infusing it does lose a lot of the sweet aroma but you can still smell cocoa or chocolate just not as sweet and not nearly as strong as before infusing.

The taste is primarily Yerba Mate.  The Sweet Chocolate flavor comes thru nicely but I would LOVE to try it with even more Chocolate flavor!  There seems to be a little Rooibos Flavor coming thru, too. I have yet to put this to the test but I’m considering increasing the amount of loose leaf but infusing for a little less time to see if the chocolate comes thru more.

Regardless…this is tasty…a very good flavored Yerba Mate!  I would suggest this to anyone looking for a flavored Yerba Mate, a flavored Rooibos, or a Chocolate or Cocoa Flavored Tisane!

Foreign Affair from East Pacific Tea Co.

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos

Where to Buy:  East Pacific Tea Co.

Product Description:

Our Foreign Affair blend features buds from flowers of the Provence region in France. This rooibos tea is the most deliciously aromatic combination currently offered.

Taster’s Review:

This rooibos blend is beautifully fragrant.  The dry leaf beacons me to brew it, while the brewed liquor beacons me to sip.  The lavender and rose perfume the tea so pleasantly, while the fruit notes come through to cut through some of the floral notes just enough so that the tea doesn’t become all about the flowers.

What I like best about this blend is that the flavor of the rooibos is quite subtle.  I can taste the rooibos, but only mere hints of a nutty, woodsy taste, and none of that weird sweetness that often comes from rooibos.  The rooibos here seems quite content to let the fruit and flowers do all the work – and that’s quite alright with me.

The lavender and rose are a delightful pairing.  Together, these two flowers give a slightly sweet, decidedly feminine taste to the cup.  It is not unpleasantly sharp or bitter.  The fruit flavors of blueberry, raisin, black currant and red currant offer a light tartness and just enough sweetness to the cup without going overboard.

The tea finishes soft and slightly tangy.  It is a pleasing contrast of flavors:  sweet and tart; fruit and flower.  And it makes for a refreshing, restorative tisane that is delicious any time of the day, but especially in the evening when you want to succumb to the relaxation it offers.


Ginger Rooibos from Butiki Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos

Where to Buy:  Butiki Teas

Product Description:

Ginger Rooibos is a smooth and spicy tisane that originates from South Africa. The light ginger flavor of this tisane finishes sweet and smooth. Rooibos is naturally decaffeinated.

Taster’s Review:

I chose this as an upset stomach remedy this evening, and it seems to be working.  And it tastes really good!  Much better than that over-the-counter pink stuff, that’s for sure!

The description above suggests that the ginger flavor here is light, and I agree … to a point.  The ginger is the dominant flavor in this blend – so in that context, I would say that the flavor of the ginger is strong – but, it isn’t an overwhelmingly potent or peppery ginger.  So, I guess I would say that the ginger is light yet prominent.

There is a spicy edge to the ginger, but, it is more of a gentle nudge than a swift kick, if you know what I mean.  And it has a very pleasant sweetness to it that is wonderful!

The flavor of the rooibos is not strong, I can taste a subtle nutty taste of the rooibos, but, it’s more of an afterthought than an assertive voice. But, since I’m not particularly fond of the flavor of rooibos, I like that the rooibos is not a forceful presence in this cup.

This is a tea would make a great treat for after a particularly large or spicy meal, because it does have stomach settling properties.  It also seems to instill a sense of calm.

A surprisingly delicious rooibos blend!

Don’t Call Me Pumpkin! from WhiteAugust Tea Company

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos

Where to Buy:  WhiteAugust Tea Company

Product Description:

A yummy blend of South African Rooibos, toasted pumpkin, ginger and cinnamon sprinkled with candy treats. Tea comes in a stylish tin and includes T-sacs, so you can enjoy your Tea on the Go.

Taster’s Review:

This is a whimsical looking tea.  The little pumpkin candies that you can see in the photo above are so tiny (much tinier than the photo might suggest!) and give this yummy pumpkin flavored rooibos a really fun attitude.

Not surprisingly, this tisane tastes very autumnal.  The pumpkin flavor is not as strong as I thought it would be, edged significantly by the flavors of cinnamon and ginger.  These are not spicy-hot tasting spices and they only a gentle warmth to the overall cup.  These spices taste more like accents in pumpkin pie rather than the sometimes super hot or peppery spices they can be.

The toasted pumpkin does not come across as a overwhelming flavor, but it does nicely disguise the rooibos taste – of which I can only taste a slight nutty hint of flavor.  As I continue to make my way down to the bottom of the cup, I find that the pumpkin flavor develops a bit more, but never really becomes extraordinarily strong here.  That being said, I think this cup presents itself as a very well-balanced set of flavors and is lightly sweet, warm, and comforting, and leaves a faint note of spice in the aftertaste.

I enjoyed my cup with a tiny drizzle of agave nectar and I found that this gave a little definition to the spices without making the cup too sweet.  Do taste it before you sweeten it though, because it does have a little bit of sweetness to the cup already (the little candy bits melt in the hot water!)

A lovely cup of pumpkin pie that you can enjoy all year round!

Achieve Mint from Teaquilibrium

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos

Where to Buy:  Teaquilibrium

Product Description:

What do you seek to achieve? Better health? Deeper relaxation? Pure bliss? Or simply a cup of tea that delights your taste buds and makes you smile? This Teaquilibrium customer favorite combines antioxidant rich rooibos, refreshing peppermint and pure cacao reminiscent of a minty chocolate dessert.

Try Achieve Mint tea after a meal– it is very satisfying to your sweet tooth without the calories. With raw cacao, one of the highest natural sources of antioxidants you can enjoy this tasty tea guilt-free!

organically grown ingredients: rooibos, peppermint, cacao nibs, natural chocolate flavor

benefits: antioxidant rich, relaxing, promotes bliss

Taster’s Review:

This is a delicious treat.  It tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream!  YUM!

The mint is the strongest flavor in this cup but it is not so strong that it infringes upon the chocolate.  The two flavors seem perfectly willing to play nicely together.  The chocolate is rich and gives the cup a creamy flavor that smooths out some of the crisp minty tones.  The rooibos flavor imparts very little flavor to the cup – just a hint of nutty notes here – but I’m not complaining.

The overall flavor is sweet making this an ideal choice as a dessert substitution.  Imagine getting all the delicious flavor of a chocolate-y mint without the calories!  This tea makes that possible!

Bravo, Teaquilibrium! What an Achieve-Mint!

Mango Chili Raw Green Bush Tea from The Republic of Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green Rooibos

Where to Buy:  The Republic of Tea

Product Description:

This exotic blend combines herbaceous Raw Green Rooibos and fragrant, luscious mango finished with a little kick of chili.
This sweet and spicy tea is low in tannins, will cool the body and wake up the senses – hot or iced.

Taster’s Review:

I really like this tisane, and I’m very happy to see that more tea companies are exploring “raw” or green rooibos.  I personally prefer green rooibos to the oxidized red rooibos.  The green tends to have a crisper, fruitier profile vs. the woody, somewhat nutty flavor of the red.  And that crisp, bubbly flavor of the green rooibos melds deliciously with the flavors of mango and chili in this blend.

The mango flavor is beautifully represented here.  It is sweet, but not too sweet – thanks to the addition of the chili.  I think that a little more chili flavor would be nice here, but as it is, I do like the way the chili cuts through some of that sweet mango taste.  The chili also comes through a little bit at the tail of the sip, giving mere hints of a tingly spice.

Despite the name of this tea, it is NOT a spicy tea.  It is gently spiced, with just enough mild warmth to make it interesting without an overpowering sense of heat.  For those who have a taste for the spicier things in life, you might find this blend a little disappointing.  I happen to be one who has a flair for spicy foods and beverages… and while I would like a little more chili taste here, I still find this to be a very enjoyable cup.   It is PERFECT for a late-night tisane, and also makes for a refreshingly different iced tea!

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