Halo Tea from The Persimmon Tree Tea Company

Tea Type:

Flowering Tea/Blooming Tea (White Tea)

Where To Buy:

The Persimmon Tree Tea Company

Direct link to this tea in their store: http://www.persimmontreetea.com/halo-tea.html

Product Description:

A beautifully hand-crafted blooming white tea that displays a ring of jasmine and amaranth flowers, with blueberry and peach essence.

* Characteristics Mild * Flavors Fruity * Steep Temperature 180˚ * Steep Time 3-5 mins

Tasters Review:

Halo from The Persimmon Tree Tea Company is just outstanding and AMAZING!!!
It perfectly opened/bloomed the first time around without any imperfections whatso-ever and smelled of blueberry and peaches and that’s on top of the floral aroma…how awesome is that for a blooming tea!!??

I could taste the blueberry, peach, and flowers and it’s very yummy!

I tried a 2nd infusion on this and it was still very tasty!  The only notable difference was the 2nd infusion was more floral.  It was still an overall wonderful flavor tho!

This is probably one of my favorite blooming teas or flowering teas I have tried  to date!  This is VERY special!


Bird of Paradise from Alice’s Fine Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Blooming/White

Where to Buy:  Alice’s Fine Teas

Product Description:

This bloom unfolds into beautiful birds perched in a golden nest surround by green. Not only is it visually surprising, but the taste is surprisingly spicy and reminds one of autumn, like pumpkin pie!. One of the favorites at Alice’s Fine Teas, a delicious, warm, soothing tea. Ingredients: Marigold (believed to help circulation and ease stomach ache), Lily (said to enhance energy and to have a cooling effect) and Silver Needle Tea.

Taster’s Review:

I enjoy blooming teas, but I don’t really brew them very often.  I blame the gadgetry – I am a self-professed anti-gadgetite (I just made that up) – and when I brew a blooming tea, I have to watch it brew, right?  I guess I am just going to have to promote my glass teacup to the status of essential tool rather than its current status of “gadget” so that I can enjoy the beautiful art of blooming teas!

I steeped this bulb for four minutes in 165° F water and after the four minutes, the bulb had not completely opened.  Only a hint of the orange-y blossoms that would display was showing at the very top of the bulb.  But this is a good thing!  It means additional infusions… which means MORE tea!  Yay!

This really DOES taste like pumpkin!  There are very gentle spice notes in the background, which contributes to the “pumpkin pie” like taste that is mentioned in the above product description from Alice’s Fine Teas.  I wouldn’t say it tastes just like pumpkin pie – but it does have similar characteristics.  The squash flavor is distinct … and quite yummy.

The tea has a very pleasant sweetness to it (I don’t recommend adding sweetener to this tea, it would overwhelm the delicate flavors!) and a light yet smooth mouthfeel.  Very little (almost no) astringency to this cup.  A very pleasant, mild cup of tea that makes for an excellent topic of conversation as well as a refreshing beverage.

For the second infusion, I steeped for five minutes and achieved another delicious cup of tea.  The bulb had not yet fully opened until I infused for the third time (for six minutes), and the tea was still quite lovely, although the pumpkin flavor had subdued a bit by this time.  There were still faint notes of squash and spice, but mostly what I tasted by this time was the soft, fresh notes of silver needle with a delicious buttery finish.

When the bulb finally did completely open, I enjoyed the sight – it looked like two swans dancing (ever go to Disneyland and watch the swans in the pond outside of Sleeping Beauty’s castle?  Every hour when the sounds of a singing Sleeping Beauty can be heard, the swans dance together).

This was an incredibly fun tea to steep and to drink.  The flavor was delicious and surprising, and the colorful display from the bulb made tea time all the more entertaining.

Elixir of Love from Alice’s Fine Teas

Tea Type: Blooming Tea/Flowering Tea

Where To Buy: Alice’s Fine Teas

Product Description:

Sweeping jasmine arch over a bright lily. This tea is mellow, even buttery, with a hint of sweetness from the jasmine. Absolutely delightful! Ingredients: Lily (said to enhance energy and to have a cooling effect), Jasmine (sweet fragrance, said to moisten the skin) and Silver Needle Tea

Tasters Review:

I’ve said it before and I will say it again…I LOVE Blooming Teas/Flowering Teas.  Elixir of Love from Alice’s Fine Teas is no exception.

It’s Relaxing, semi-sweet, mellow, floral, and extremely lovely!

This is a sweeter jasmine than I am used to!  And I really like it!  I mean REALLY like it…I think I would like all my jasmine’s to be sweet or semi-sugary-sweet from now on!

Yup!  Alice’s Fine Teas has raised the bar on Jasmine for me!  This is incredible…the key is the naturally sugary-sweet of this Jasmine that makes it special!



Bird of Paradise Tea from Alice’s Fine Tea

Tea Type: Flowering Tea/Blooming Tea

Where To Buy: Alice’s Fine Tea

Product Description:

This bloom unfolds into beautiful birds perched in a golden nest surround by green. Not only is it visually surprising, but the taste is surprisingly spicy and reminds one of autumn, like pumpkin pie!. One of the favorites at Alice’s Fine Teas, a delicious, warm, soothing tea. Ingredients: Marigold (believed to help circulation and ease stomach ache), Lily (said to enhance energy and to have a cooling effect) and Silver Needle Tea

Tasters Review:

Surprisingly this DOES taste a lot like pumpkin or maybe more of a butternut squash with yummy spice notes underneath!  As it cools at room temperature it does taste more like pumpkin…not really pumpkin pie, but pumpkin.  It’s almost like a flavored silver needle!  It’s very nice – very surprising!  It’s also slightly peppery in the middle of the sip but finishing somewhat soothing and flatter.

The 2nd infusion…is completely different.  It’s floral from start to finish and a little bitter…but floral bitter, not bad bitter.  I would say more marigold, specifically.

I will say this is one of the more perfectly bloomed Flowering Teas I have had…it had no problem blooming whatsoever!  It was very beautiful and it was very aromatic even before infusing.  This is certainly a tea for special occasions and certainly a piece of art!  I enjoyed this quite a bit.

Chrysanthemum Double Trouble from Butiki Teas

Tea Type: Flowering/Blooming Tea

Where To Buy: Butiki Teas

Product Description:

Chrysanthemum Double Trouble
Chrysanthemum Double Trouble is a display tea that consists of a green tea base and has two chrysanthemum flowers, an amaranth globe, and jasmine flowers. This floral tea has a slight marine flavor.

Recommended Brew Time: 6+ minutes
Recommended Amount: 1 Chrysanthemum piece per teapot Recommended Temperature: 170 F

Tasters Review:

I decided to wind down my day with this flowering/blooming tea last night.

It smells like fresh peas and flowers!  I don’t know about you, but I LOVE the aroma of fresh from the garden peas!

This tastes delicate, slightly sweet but floral yet a different floral taste than I am used to or expect from a flowering or blooming tea.  I do like that it is a different floral taste, I might add!  It leaves a half floral – half fresh pea type aftertaste.

Lovely flowering tea! I think this is a goodie!  This tea is certainly for me!



Lotus Tea (He Ye Cha) from In Nature

Tea Type: Flower Tea

Where To Buy: In Nature/innteas.com

Product Description:

It has been recognised as an effective way to treat the body for several centuries across Asia. It is known to affect directly the digestive and diuretic system. This legendary plant has also been associated with purity and serenity in Hinduism and Buddhism.

The Lotus is a native from India and has spread through all the sub continent, South East Asia and China. It is mostly found in ponds and aquatic areas, with its distinctive exquisite blossom flower on the surface. Lotus tea benefits are very well known. For at least two thousand years it has been used by millions of people with very positive results and with absolutely no side effects and indeed all pure and natural.

Pack size: 50g

Servings: 50 cups or more. Full instructions on how to prepare the perfect cup of tea inside each box

Tasters Review:

These leaves are HUGE and look like your basic dried leaf from a tree…a light grey-ish green in color.

This doesn’t really have a scent to it prior to infusion.  Once I started infusing this it start to smell like a cross between asparagus and celery.  The aroma was subtle.  It’s a clear yet vibrant and brilliantly bright yellow in color.

The taste is mellow.  One sip sort of reminds me of a light floral taste and the next sip is a tad reminiscent of a celery or a non-bitter dandelion stem type taste.  Regardless if I am tasting more floral than veggie or more veggie than floral it is mild, mellow, and pleasant and fairly brothy.

I love that this is a new offering from In Nature and a different sort of flower-type tea/tisane.  It’s also said to be a slimming tea!  For a slimming tea it tastes quite pleasant due to it’s mild flavor.

Pretty good, indeed!




Purple Chrysanthemum Wild Flower Tea from JK Tea Shop

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Flower

Where to Buy:  JK Tea Shop

Company Description:

This purple chrysanthemum is an extremely unique variety among the others chrysanthemums. It only grows up in one mountain in China, where it is located in Qiaoban village, Yanjia town, Chunan county, Zhejiang province, and whose altitude is around 1460 meters. This mountain is called Yu San Jian, which means the mountain’s shape is similar to an umbrella shape. So far, there is still no road directly to the tea farmers who make this tea. We need to stop at his village and then climb the mountain road for about 3 kilometers before reaching his house.

This purple chrysanthemum only pluck one time in mid of Oct and have a limited yield per year.

Read more here

Taster’s Review:

This is a truly unique taste unlike any tea that I’ve ever tasted – in fact, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever tasted.  That’s not to say it’s not pleasant, because I am enjoying it.

It brews to a very light color, in fact, the brewed liquor is virtually colorless, with only a hint of a yellowish tint.  Not surprisingly, the aroma is quite floral.

The flavor of the tea is somewhat honey-like… or perhaps pollen-like is a better description?  Is this what bees taste when they fly from flower to flower?  There is a floral note as well as a vegetative quality to it.  I’m also tasting an unusual flavor – it is kind of what I would think that straw or hay would taste like (I’ve never tasted straw nor hay).

It is an interesting taste – and one that I have enjoyed.  It is not something I would drink on a daily basis, but it is something that is nice to drink on occasion when I want something light yet flavorful.

Royal Lily Bloom Tea by thepuriTea

Tea Type: Flowering White

Where To Buy: thepuriTea

Product Description:

Royal Lily Bloom is a hand-tied white tea that blooms into a gorgeous gradation from muted-green white tea buds to delicate, canary-yellow chrysanthemum petals to a vibrant spray of blossoming crimson lily. This regal, sophisticated tea is a classic “flowering tea” or “blossoming tea” in terms of its appearance, but its flavor is no shrinking violet… Surprisingly full flavors of cocoa, malt, flowers, fruit and chestnuts set this tea bloom apart from other flowering teas.

Short infusions of Royal Lily Bloom are perfect with mild breakfast foods, mild Buddhist Chinese foods or mellow desserts. It can also steep longer over meals or at parties for a White-Peony-like aroma and deeper flavors of caramel, malt, apricots and chestnuts

Tasters Review:

I LOVE Flowering teas…the beauty, the art, the tradition…

I’m not the most patient person but flowering or blooming teas are certainly worth the wait!  This one…Royal Lily Bloom Tea from thepuriTea is no exception!  This is a real winner!

I did 3 infusions on this bloom!  Here are my findings…

1st infusion…
It was YUMMY!  It was Sweet but still floral. Weird thing tho…the bloom…bloomed…but upsidedown! I tried to flip it gently several times and it just wouldn’t belly-up! Regardless is was a delight to my palate!

2nd infusion…was still good!  It was Floral-sweet and even juicy. The aftertaste reminded me of Chestnuts…a sweet Chestnut more than a bitter-nutty Chestnut.

3rd infusion was semi-fruity and semi-floral and sweet. A bit sugar-like…and still VERY good!

Take TIME for this BLOOM…it’s WORTH it!

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