This is our Blog…

We are the SororiTEA Sisters!

Jennifer (TeaEqualsBliss) is a 30-something year old with several interests including music, movies, vegetarianism, sports, traveling, collecting Baseball Cards and Unicorns, Radio, Computers, Crafting, and of course…TEA. She started drinking tea at the tender age of 3 thanks to her Grandmother and her love for tea has gotten stronger with each year!  She lives with her husband, 2 dogs, and 2 cats in the eastern snowbelt area of the US.

Anne (LiberTEAS) is a stay-at-home mom living in the Pacific Northwest.  She loves tea and she loves writing – so writing tea reviews enables her to bring these two great loves together.  She is also a mixed media/altered arts artist and occasional ‘zinester (which, similarly, allows her to bring her love of art and her love of writing together in one forum).

And this is our blog…

Our mutual love for tea and writing about it inspired us to start this blog so that we could better share this love with others.  We are not paid to review these teas, and because we do not receive financial compensation for our reviews, we are able to review the teas honestly while being as fair as we possibly can.

That being said, we have recently implemented an affiliate program which does provide some income which is used to help offset the cost of running this site.  However, we will not let this color our reviews.  We will continue to write honestly and with integrity.

We obtain the teas we review several ways:  1.  The good old fashioned way – we buy it!  2.  We receive free samples from tea companies that ask us to review their teas.  3.  We share teas with others – and they share their teas with us (aka swapping)!

One thing I (Anne) learned very early on in my career as a tea artist is that everyone has different preferences, and every single tea tastes differently on every single palate.  So just because one of us doesn’t happen to like a tea, doesn’t mean that YOU (the reader) will not.

We try to be as impartial as we can.  We do have our favorites.  We are human.  But we do our very best to be as fair and as honest about a tea as we can be.

You might not agree with my assessment – or with Jennifer’s assessment – of a tea.  But that’s OK… if we all liked the same exact tea – we’d only need ONE kind of tea and … wow… that sounds really boring, indeed!

What a beautiful world it is that we have so many teas to suit so many tea enthusiasts!

9 Responses to “This is our Blog…”

  1. pickiepixie Says:

    Hey! I’m just getting into this whole blogging thing – which it seems like everyone is doing nowadays. Could we swap links? Jennifer, I’m one of those Adagio custom blenders, although lately I haven’t done much…

    See you on facebook too! 🙂
    -Carolynne Ke/Pickie Pixie/The Tea Slinger

  2. teaequalsbliss Says:

    Carolynne – Sure! We could put you under FRIENDS OF…let us know your thoughts! Thanks for the visit!

  3. Marlena Says:

    Hey! good for you – I have always respected both your reviews when I have read them elsewhere. I wouldn’t object to being a friend, either, we all need to support each other!

  4. Travis Says:

    Hi Ladies!
    Love your site. I was wondering if I could send you some chai tea from Tipu’s Chai, a company I work with? We make authentic Indian chai from organic and fair trade ingredients. Just let me know where to send it if you’re interested. Thanks!

  5. liberteas Says:

    Hello Travis! We’d love to review your products. You can email us directly at for our mailing information. Thanks for stopping by!
    ~Anne aka LiberTEAS

  6. Na-Ha Says:


    This is Na-Ha from Hampstead Tea.

    I saw your blog on the Tea and we are very interested in it. I wonder if you would agree to publish a press release on our new products.

    If you do, please contact me to

    Thank you for your time,
    Best Regards


  7. Julian Fields Says:

    Hi there!
    I was wondering if you guys would be willing to review Sattwa Chai. We are pioneers in the chai category bringing the world Fair Trade, Organic Certified chai concentrate and loose leaf chai mix. Founded in 1994 in Newberg, Oregon, and going strong in 2011.

    Julian Fields
    General Manager

  8. Ainee Says:

    I am happy to have found SororiTea, thank you for sharing this wealth of informational news on tea and of its enjoyment.

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