Corsley Estate Nilgiri from Georgia Tea Company

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Georgia Tea Company

Product Description:

An estate team from Assam, India.

Taster’s Review:


I have always been of the opinion that Nilgiri tea is an under-appreciated black tea.  Assam and Ceylon teas tend to be more popular, however, if given a choice, I’d prefer a Nilgiri to either one.  I find that a Nilgiri tea possesses many of the qualities that I find desirable in an Assam, but without the temperamental attitude of an Assam (that is, it tends to grow bitter very quickly when left to steep just a moment or two too long).

This Nilgiri is fantastic.  It has a robust, full flavor with a well-rounded quality to it and a pleasant malty character.  It is a perfect tea to choose as that all-important “first tea of the day” – because it has the strength to get you going!  Even on a Monday (which this happens to be!)

It also has that “chewiness” that is often associated with Assam.  It is a hefty, bold Nilgiri, but with an interesting background of complex flavors that is almost wine-like.  A very pleasant cuppa, indeed!

It has a little bit of astringency but no bitterness to it at all.  Now, I suspect it could become bitter if you left it to brew without setting your timer and then came back eight or ten minutes later, but, after four minutes of steeping in boiling water, I managed to achieve a delightful, full-bodied cup with no bitterness.

An excellent Nilgiri, I highly recommend it!


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