PRODUCT REVIEW: Fresh Brewed Designs Steamy Romance Digital Stamp

Click on photo to be directly linked to the page where this digital stamp can be found. It is located about half-way down the page.


Steamy Romance Digital Stamp


Heather Dennis

Where to Buy:

Fresh Brewed Designs

Artist’s Review:

Well, now that I have tried using digital stamps, I’m really loving it.  They’re not only simple to use and much easier to store than rubber stamps, they’re also quite economical!  This lovely image is just $3.00!

About my project:  This is a very simple card, using some left over scrapbook paper (over the years, I’ve amassed a LOT of paper).  The kraft cardstock is made from recycled paper and I acquired it from my favorite art supply store, Collage!

I printed the image on pink vellum and then colored in the image using colored pencils.  It’s hard to see in the image, but I also added a few tiny heart-shaped rhinestones to embellish the card a little bit.

It’s a pretty simple design but I’m happy with it.  I hope that my SweeTea likes it too!

This was an incredibly fun digital stamp from Freshly Brewed Designs!  Perfect for Valentine’s Day, or for any occasion when you want to celebrate your love of tea (or… coffee, I guess).  Even if you’re an “old-school” artist/crafter like me, I think you’ll find that you can easily incorporate digital stamps into your repertoire.  They’re so versatile and simple to use, once you’ve tried them, you’ll probably wonder “what took me so long?”  I know I did!


7 Responses to “PRODUCT REVIEW: Fresh Brewed Designs Steamy Romance Digital Stamp”

  1. Lynn Says:

    Now that is gorgeous tfs

  2. Cara Says:

    purdy, purdy!!!

  3. Karen Patterson Says:

    Love this image and the way it is showcased in your card. Really pretty….

  4. Heather Dennis Says:

    I am so glad you enjoyed creating with my digital stamps! Your card is so soft and romantic. I love the added bling 🙂 I hope your sweet tea 😀 liked it. HUGS!

  5. Carol Says:

    Love the image! Love the card! Great job. Fresh Brewed has some great images for all occasions.

  6. Tracey Malnofski Says:

    this is beautiful!

  7. teaequalsbliss Says:

    Very pretty, indeed!!!!

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