White Peony Tea from Frontier Co-Op

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  Frontier Co-Op

Product Description:

This tea takes its name from its silvery, unopened buds. It has a delicate, ethereal flavor that builds on the palette with each sip.

Taster’s Review:

It amazes me how different white tea can taste from tea company to tea company, even when dealing with the same type (White Peony or Bai Mu Dan) of white tea.

This White Peony from Frontier Co-Op possesses a surprisingly earthy scent that reminds me of a the smell of a damp, musty wood with hints of moss and earth.

The taste is fresh and sweet.  It is a delicate flavor but it is one that develops as I make my way down the cup.  At the start, I found it to be quite delicate but now as I am near the end of the cup, I’m finding it to be really flavorful.  There are pleasant fruit-like flavors and a slight vegetative quality to the cup.

And like the scent suggests, there are also interesting woodsy tones to the flavor, as well as a slight earthy taste.  It isn’t overwhelming and it adds to the intrigue of the cup.

An enchanting cup of white tea, this White Peony from Frontier Co-Op!


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