Selby Select Rooibos Tea from Local Coffee & Tea

Tea Type: Rooibos

Where To Buy: Local Coffee & Tea/

Product Description:

This is our custom blended Rooibos with orange peel and dried yogurt pieces. Created to celebrate the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, this is our perennial best seller. Each sip releases the aroma of sweet ripe oranges, followed by creamy notes on your tongue. You will think you are drinking Florida sunshine in a magnificently serene garden. Savor and enjoy! Naturally caffeine-free

Tasters Review:

The first time I tried Selby Select Rooibos Tea from Local Coffee and Tea was more than a year ago and I was given a small sample of it to try from a friend.  I remember liking it BUT this past month I revisited this little wonder and ended up liking it a whole lot more than I remember!  And I will say this…after the 2nd go-around with this Rooibos I promise I will never let it slip my mind again!

Every flavor is intense and fresh!  I could taste the citrus and it was cheery and bright!  This time around I could pick up on the yogurt MUCH MORE than the first time I tried this tisane and it is a pure delight!

This is a nice Creamy Treat but also orangey, delicious, flavorful, and memorable!


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