Lemon Drop from California Tea House

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  California Tea House

Company Description:

Chamomile Lemon Drop is a smooth blend of very healthy Sencha green tea with fresh-cut ginger root, lemon myrtle, a few citrus peels, lemon grass, orange preserves and English chamomile.  This is a very refreshing green tea that we like to drink in the early afternoon.

Taster’s Review:

I reviewed this tea previously, but, it’s so good that I feel like writing about it again!

This is a really delicious blend.  The flavors are very well balanced.  Nothing overpowering or competing with anything else.  Just a refreshingly light tea experience that is pleasantly sweet.

The Sencha is light and offers a hint of buttery taste to the cup which is further complimented by the lemongrass.  This tastes lemony, but it isn’t sour.  It is lightly tart, and leaves a citrus-y tingle on the tip of tongue in the finish.

The chamomile is delicate in this blend, as is the ginger.  It is incredibly relaxing to sip, and it is one that I’d recommend for early evening when you’re at that point in your day that you want to wind down but aren’t quite ready to pack it in yet.



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