Blackberry Tea from Bentley’s Finest Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Bentley’s Finest Tea/Boston Tea Company

Company Description:

Dark, bountiful blackberries tartly sweeten our premium high-grown blend of Chinese and Indian black tea. Brew this fruity tart tea and get a taste of nature’s wild blackberries. Keep your tea fresh for many breaks to brew with this beautiful and reusable black tin; that’s portable too! Drink a cup of royalty with Bentley’s Finest Tea!

Taster’s Review:

This tea makes me think of my little girl (who is not so little anymore – she’s 9!) because while she enjoys most types of fruit, blackberries are her favorite.  In the house that we lived in a few years ago, we had a blackberry bush and she would eat them fresh off the vine!

The aroma of this tea is much what I would expect with a blackberry flavored black tea – it smells like blackberries and black tea.  No big surprise there.  That being said, it is a very pleasing fragrance – sweet, fresh and fruity.

The cup possesses a very nice balance of flavors.  The black tea is a medium-bodied tea with a somewhat mellow presence.  It is not overly aggressive and yet it is able to hold it’s own and isn’t overpowered by the fruit.  There is a light-to-medium astringency.  By that I mean that it starts out quite light, to the point of being barely there.  But by mid-cup, the astringency becomes a little more prominent and provides a dry finish.

The berry flavor is sweet but not overly so, with a twinge of tartness that arrives upon the palate in the aftertaste.   It has a very distinct blackberry taste to it; that is to say that it doesn’t taste like “berry”… it tastes like blackberry.  And it tastes good!

There is a wine-like essence to the cup with the berry flavor and the somewhat dry finish.  But I think I’d rather sip on this than a glass of wine!  Especially during chilly days such as this – I am finding it very comforting.  And as delicious as this is hot, it is just as refreshing iced.

Another fine tea from Bentley’s Finest!


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