Ancient Forest Black from Shanti Tea

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy:

Shanti Tea

Product Description:

Biodynamically grown black tea from China’s ancient forests.

Cultivated from the ancient protected tea tree forests of Yunan Province, China, this rare and exquisite black tea makes a full-bodied and earthy infusion with a rich and penetrating aroma heavy with age and collective wisdom. The flavor of this deep amber infusion is unlike any other black tea available. Truly exceptional.

Tasters Review:

The Dry Leaves didn’t really smell like much more than an average black tea!  But once infused the aroma becomes much more bold but has almost a creamy finish.   I totally agree with the product description that it is UNLIKE any black tea I have tried!  This is really good…so good that I ended up following it up with a 2nd infusion!

Both infusions were very comforting and tasty!   That’s all I kept thinking while sipping on this!  It’s bold and fairly malty yet smooth.

The 2nd Infusion was just as good as the first and just as dark and bold!   I found it to be even more malty and even a creamier finish…there is a slight roasted aftertaste once the creaminess passes.

This is a great tasting and memorable cup!


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