Dian Hong Tea from Cloudwalker Teas

Tea Type: Pu-erh

Where To Buy: Cloudwalker Teas

Product Description:

Sweet, smooth and sparkling. As with all of our teas at Cloudwalker, three year old Dian Hong is a high level pu erh tea. It combines an aquamarine floral taste with fine up-lifting chi characteristics. Dian Hong is a loose leaf pu erh tea processed similar to that of a black tea. It is already deep and rich with full and complex flavors. It is at once enlivening and cooling. A full, floral and rich tea. This tea is an excellent introduction to pu erh, or to entertain guests who have not yet experienced the earthy nature of these fine Chinese teas.

Tasters Review:

Many of the Pu-erhs I have had from Cloudwalker Teas are making me change my mind about Pu-erhs overall!

Dian Hong is semi-woodsy and semi-malty! There is an ever-so-slight sweetness to it but it’s still fairly masculine.

I agree with the product description that if you are new to Pu-erh or have had not-so-impressive Pu-erh experiences in the past to give this one a try!


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