Earl Grey from Bigelow Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Bigelow Tea

Company Description:

A really fine cup of tea is one of life’s true pleasures. We heartily recommend Earl Grey for the enjoyment it will bring to your tea drinking. This delicately scented, aristocratic blend is an international favorite.

Taster’s Review:

To be honest, I wasn’t really excited to try this Earl Grey.  This is weird, because I love most Earl Grey teas that I’ve tasted with a few exceptions.  What I guess scared me a little was that this might be one of those exceptions.

You see, as fond as I am of Earl Grey tea, every once in a while I encounter one that just isn’t good.  We’re talking … bad … like nasty bad.  Soapy, perfume-y tasting tea that has no business calling itself tea, much less does it deserve the honor of being called an Earl Grey tea.

Fortunately, this tea is not one of those exceptions – this is REALLY good!  Surprisingly good, even.  It has a strong bergamot scent upon opening the pouch, but this aroma softens significantly when it is brewed, although I can still smell that delightful bergamot fragrance when I lift the cup to take a sip.  That moment of experiencing the aroma of the brewed Earl Grey is a euphoric one, and one I don’t want to miss so I’m grateful it was there.

The flavor is very smooth… quite a bit smoother than some Earl Grey teas that I’ve tasted.  It doesn’t possess that usual sharp, floral edge to it – this is neither good nor bad, it is just … different and makes for a smoother cup of Earl Grey.  The black tea is also smooth and very even tasting – a very pleasant cuppa.

The bergamot here is fruitier than it is floral, and I can taste a pleasant citrus sweetness.  There are hints of flower in the cup as well; they just aren’t as strong as the notes of fruit.

I have really enjoyed my cup of Earl Grey from Bigelow, and I found that this is really delightful as an iced tea – adding just a pinch of sugar to make those flavors pop with the cold tea.  This is one that would also one (as a hot tea) that would take milk well too.

A delicious tea – even though it’s bagged!  One that I can see myself buying again, it’s nice to have a bagged black tea for those mornings that I need tea but I don’t have time for loose leaf!  Nice!


One Response to “Earl Grey from Bigelow Tea”

  1. Bigelow Tea Blog Says:

    What a thorough (and thoroughly delightful) description of Bigelow’s Earl Grey tea! I almost felt like I was drinking a cup myself. Thank you for giving it a try, and we couldn’t be happier to hear how much you enjoyed it. All the best!
    -Deb for Bigelow Tea

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