Union Square Tea from Trump Tea

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Trump Tea

Product Description:

Envelop yourself in the warmth of this robust blend of
whole-leaf estate Assam black tea. Genuine Madagascar
Bourbon vanilla bean for smoothness. Notes of cocoa for
richness. The perfect recipe for sheer indulgence. (caffeinated)

Ingredients: Organic black tea, organic vanilla pieces, organic
cocoa pieces, natural organic extracts of vanilla and cocoa.

Tasters Review:

I’m honored and excited to be one of the first people to not only taste but to review this tea!  TRUMP TEA.  Yes, it’s true!  TRUMP as in Donald Trump…THE DONALD…Donald Trump has his own line of teas now!  Trump Tea is a sister company of Talbott Tea.  Any friend of Talbott Tea is a friend of mine!

Over the past few days TRUMP TEA has been popping up all over the internet for their new line of teas and their website!

The blends over at Trump Tea are named after some of Mr. Donald Trumps favorite places including Union Square, Mar-a-Lago, Park Avenue, and Westchester.  The Trump Tea Website is sophisticated, professional,  and user friendly.  These 4 teas are their debut teas and they are available now on their website.

Union Square Trump Tea smells WONDERFUL and the taste is just as good!  The bold Assam Black Tea is the back-bone of this blend and is very tasty.  The vanilla is strong yet creamy and pairs perfect with the cocoa flavors.  Even though I can pick out each of the ingredients individually I wouldn’t say any one flavor is overpowering and that they all work perfectly together.

Donald Trump is quoted on the back of this tea saying…

“Living richly is about enjoying the best of the best.  You won’t find a more lavish tea-drinking experience in the world than with my exclusive collection of premium blends.”

Of course if it’s a quote from Mr. Donald Trump, himself, you know it’s going to be powerful and perfectly worded with every intention to SELL.  And it IS.

I agree!  This is a wonderful tea.  I’m always happy to welcome another tea company to the mix!  The more the merrier!  I am VERY excited that Talbott Teas has a new sister company Trump Tea for Donald Trump himself!  The first 4 teas are incredibly creative and unique and I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with next!  Stay tuned for more reviews from both Trump Tea and Talbott Teas right here on SororiTEA Sisters!


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