Spring Green – Bi Luo Chun (Alpine Tea) from In Nature

Tea Type: Green Tea

Where To Buy: In Nature

Product Description:

The words Bi Lo Chun translate literally to mean ‘spring snail shell’. The leaves are picked in the spring. Then, when you see this tea, you will notice that the leaves are rolled into small balls which resemble snail shells.

When brewed, this green tea produces a yellow-green colour, the fragrance is described as floral and it has a clean and smooth flavour with a sweet after taste.

Tasters Review:

Last week we had our County Fair where I currently reside.  The County Fair is a HUGE this for our area here.  It also is a sign that fall is right around the corner…and shortly after fall is something I always DREAD…winter!  Blah!

I’m a fair-weather (minimum) type of person!  I don’t like being cold.  I would be perfectly fine if it never dropped below the low 70s.  Altho I prefer the upper 80s and lower 90s.  People say I live in the wrong hemisphere…I mean, I live in the snow belt for Pete’s Sake!  I can’t complain tho…it’s been a wonderful summer here!  But I can’t help but want to rewind and go back to spring and start the season all over again!

Well, lucky me, this tea just SCREAMS Spring!!!!! Bi Lo Chun from In Nature IS very clean, crisp, and sweet yet floral or is it floral yet sweet??? You be the judge! Regardless…this is a lovely green!


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