Wuyi Shan Lapsang Tea from Harney & Sons

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Harney & Sons

Product Description:
Mike visited this secret spot on his last trip to China. It was difficult to get in and no, he did not get to see the smoking process. This organic tea is much more subtle and elegant than other Lapsangs.

Tasters Review:

I recently received this from a TEA Friend of mine and enjoyed it VERY MUCH!  Wuyi Shan Lapsang Tea from Harney & Sons DOES smell interesting yet good! It’s a smoky-chewy-honey like smell.

And oddly…it tastes much like it smells!  Maybe not as smoky which is fine with me! There IS a bit of smoke there but there is so much else going on with this tea that the SMOKE isn’t isn’t the flavor that pushes to front of the over all taste!

It’s CHEWY and yummy….it seems I really REALLY like chewy teas! There is a honey-like taste to it and it has a sweeter finish.

I noticed as the tea had time to sit at room temperature – maybe 2 to 3 minutes – the honey tones seems to pop out more.

This is fairly complex and interesting and I like it very much!


One Response to “Wuyi Shan Lapsang Tea from Harney & Sons”

  1. Julia Ho Says:

    Hello there, I am such a Lapsang Souchong Tea fan, I just love the smoky scent so much.
    Can you please tell me where you are, I am interested in finding other options with smoky tea, but Sydney do have limited choices though, except that the supply of Lagsang Souchong is good.

    Cheers, Julia

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