Jasmine Green from Tea Forté

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Tea Forté

Company Description:

Lightly steamed “sencha-style” then scented with jasmine blossoms, this fragrant blend is clean and floral with grassy overtones.

Taster’s Review:

I adore Jasmine tea.  There is something so luxuriously sumptuous about the flavor – it tastes indulgent and feminine – I feel like royalty when I sip a jasmine tea.

This is a wonderful jasmine green tea from Tea Forté.  The aroma when I first opened the package was a bit more subtle than I expected a jasmine tea to be, and the fragrance of the liquor is even softer.  A bit disappointing, because the bouquet of the jasmine is one of the things I find most enjoyable about drinking jasmine tea.  I love to inhale its essence deeply before I take a sip and this practice greatly enhances the experience of drinking a jasmine tea.

But, I will say that there is something about the scent of the liquor … it’s almost intoxicating, even if it is a bit softer than I’d like it to be.

The flavor of this tea is remarkable.  The fresh Japanese Sencha base is a little grassy, but it is a soft grassy taste and complements the sweet, floral jasmine very nicely.  The tea has a slight edge to it – just barely sharp – that cuts through some of the sweeter notes and gives this jasmine tea a nice dimension.

Overall, a very pleasing jasmine tea.


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