Hu Kwa Tea from Mark T. Wendell

Leaf Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Mark T. Wendell

Product Description:

This is a fairly heavily smoked Lapsong Souchong that smells wonderful and brews up beautifully. Named for a Chinese Tea Merchant.

Tasters Review:

I have been looking for a Lapsong Souchong JUST LIKE THIS! I FINALLY FOUND IT! Yes, it’s true…I have had a strange relationship with Smoky Teas before now.  I confess the very first one was bagged from NUMI and I wasn’t impressed.  So much so that I ALMOST started saying I was not a Smoky Tea Fan.  I’m glad I continued to try additional smoky teas.  BUT…my bad luck didn’t stop there!  I must have tried a dozen smoky teas that I didn’t like or just found mediocre…nothing I was too excited about…UNTIL NOW…

I was looking for something with the strong smokey scent and was smoky to taste but didn’t have a funky after taste or too over the top while actually drinking it. I was also looking for one that didn’t taste like wood and was smooth. This Hu Kwa Tea from Mark T Wendell is it!  It just seems to have EVERYTHING I have been looking for in a smoky tea.

If you are one of those people who are the “more smoky tasting the better” this might not be strong enough in taste for you. At least the way I did it which was 1 to 1 and a half Tablespoons of loose leaf in 12-ounces of 190-200 degree water for 5 minutes.

Or if you are like me and searching for a smoky tea that works for your palate or haven’t had much luck with smoky teas in the past…try this one!  It just might be what you are searching for!


3 Responses to “Hu Kwa Tea from Mark T. Wendell”

  1. Lainie Petersen Says:

    Yep. I consider this to be a near-perfect lapsang souchong myself. So very yummy…but not suited to the current heatwave in my area! I look forward to fall and winter.

  2. Marlena Says:

    Yay! another Hu Kwa fan. I consider this to be THE standard against which all others must compete – and lose. Sadly, it makes terible ice tea.

  3. Julia Ho Says:

    Hello I am a heavy smoky tea fan. Can you please let me know how to get a hold of this tea?
    I got Lapsang Souchong from Twinings tea-bag out of accident, and became so addicted to it. Now I am looking for alternative smoky tea for trials…(my friend says I am crazy)
    Amazingly I asked my other friends to try it out, some people found it so strong, even disgusting in the first place. I myself experienced that when I first drank it too, but amazingly I became addicted to it now. From then on, I became a mad researcher online to see others’ perceptions and in research of how other perceives it…

    Tks – and Cheers, Julia

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